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<ol><li> 1. Decoration Ideas of Wedding Hall Decoration and lighting plays a significant role in any wedding. Any lady, who is about to get married, will think about a perfect wedding hall with perfect decoration and lighting. If you are that lady, this article is for you, as I am going to discuss with you some ideas of the wedding venue decoration, ideas which are currently in trend, and help you get your dream wedding. First of all, lets decide the theme. Now this depends on your test; however, let me share with you theme which are currently in trend. 1920s 1950s Butterflies &amp; Birds Garden Floral Vintage Seaside Here, some themes require lighting, which will define it perfectly. And, some themes are actually outdoor themes. If you are planning a day wedding, you will not require lighting in Seaside and Garden Themes. If you have chosen a wedding hall already, you need to go with 1920s, 1950s, butterflies &amp; birds and vintage themes. Lets say, you are going with Seaside theme. The Requirements for this theme is just a nice plot on the beach and nice, sunny weather, after all it is an outdoor theme. The next thing you need to take care of </li><li> 2. is, which color you wish to use as a major color in the Seaside theme. For now, I will select the white color to get you an idea of decoration. White color symbolizes peace and it gives us the feeling of warmth. Stage decorated with white silk drapes and white roses, or white tuberose will look just elegant. Chairs will also be covered in white drapes and there will be a white rose bouquets for every guest. White silk carpet will be used on aisle. You can select a color of the theme as per your choice. You can give the theme a little hint of red (color of love), which will stand out with white and will make the venue much more beautiful. If you are photographing the full event, the color white will give the photographer a perfect opportunity to take pictures with perfect colors and lighting. You can add much more in the theme. Play with the theme. Happy Wedding! </li></ol>