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  • 1.Decorate your own Condo-Space by Interior Designer Christine I. Manalo, PIID

2. Chapter 1: Start Decorating 3. Questions and Guidelines What are my specific rental guidelines and limitations? How long do you plan to stay in your present home? What activities do you do each room? Is there enough sleeping space for everyone and any guest? 4. Questions and Guidelines Do you have enough storage? Write down the furniture you currently own, what you like and what you dislike. List color any pieces of furniture, fabrics or finds that would be a good start to develop a color scheme. 5. Steps to success 1. Create a file clippings and samples that how the style and colors you would like to use in your home. 6. 2. Draw a floor plan of the room you will be decorating.MAIN FLOORLOFT FLOOR 7. 3. Evaluate your existing environment. What type of lifestyle do you lead? Do you have children or are you planning to start a family? What are their ages and needs? How much space do you need for leisure? 8. 4. Create a budget that works within your financial situation. EXAMPLE: Kitchen = P 150, 000.00 Living Area = P 200, 500.00 Master Bedroom = P 250, 000.00 5. Plan a schedule of WHAT you will be doing and WHEN. 9. Chapter 2: How to use mirrors to open up spaces 10. 1. Place mirrors on the narrow hallways to make them less claustrophobic 11. 2. A mirror can be a great feature as well, so consider investing in a really classy mirror and frame that stands out and complements the rest of the home decor 12. 3. Mirrors in bathroom 13. 4. Make sure you place mirrors in usable height. It can be quite frustrating and cumbersome if you are forced to bend or jump just to use a mirror. 14. 5. Mirror as furniture detail and finish. 15. Chapter 3: Ten tips for small spaces 16. Chapter 4: Studio Unit How to make them work for you 17. 1. Invest in storage system. 2. Create specific living areas. 3. Double duty. 4. Small spaces and Storage 5. Feng Shui 6. Thin Out! 7. Enjoy your space! 18. Studio Unit How to make them work for you 19. End of Presentation


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