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An arbor is constructed entirely out of appearance grade cedar and built to your specifications. Based in Sachse Texas, Decathlon Construction is your #1 source if you are looking for arbors in Dallas, arbors in Lewisville, arbors in Highland Park or arbor building contractors across the DFW Metroplex.


  • 1. Decorate Your Outdoor With Arbors

2. Go in for arbors that block out 70% of the sunlight to make your outdoor garden and rest space shady and welcome. 3. Remember arbors are for shade 4. If you have a front walk and a front garden, put and arbor across it to give your house an attractive and inviting entrance. 5. Have plants all around the arbor and a nice seating arrangement admire your handy work and relax in peace and be one with nature. 6. Opt for arbors that does not require too much of maintenance 7. Arbors are long standing structures. Opt for appearance grade cedar beams and rafters for construction of your arbors. They are know for their stable and durable quality in exterior climates. 8. CONTACT US AT - o Address: Decathlon Construction 4900 Getha Lane, Sachse, TX 75048 o Phone: 972-530-3884 o Fax: 972-530-3800 o Email: o Website: