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  1. 1. Decorate Your Home- Office With Beautiful Blinds Blinds and curtains are the indispensable accessories for your home. They not only cover windows but they also enhance the beauty of the entire space. Curtains are the conventional ways to cover windows. They are economical as well as user friendly.But blinds are more flexible and easy to use than curtains. Merits of blinds over curtains: They can control the amount of light entering the room whereas curtains cant control the light according to the requirement. Either one has to remove them completely or draw them. Blinds give rooms a more elegant and clutter free look whereas curtains look heavy. Blinds come in various materials, styles and colors to choose from whereas curtains have the same monotonous fabrics and styles. The windowblinds are able to reduce the heat and brings coolness in the room as compared to curtains that doesnt helps in maintaining the coolness. Blinds are adjustable accordingto ones requirement.Curtains are not customizable. Blinds are easy to clean as compared to curtains that are required to be washed with lots of efforts. Blinds sustain for long, around 10-15 years as compared to curtains that do not.
  2. 2. There are plethora ofblinds available in the market to opt from. The options are many. In order to not confuse self it is advisable to first look for the type of place for where the blinds are required for example, whether it is office, school,hospital,home or any other kind of place. After the place is looked, the size and type of the window matters a lot in selecting the type of blind that will be most suitable and will enhance the room. The room setting, color of the walls matters a lot in selecting the right kind of blinds for the place.
  3. 3. Types of blinds: Pleated: These types of shades are made from the pleated fabrics that are designed in such a way that they can be drawn upwards and can be pulled downwards.Theycome with an array of liftingoptions.Theycan be used for windows of any shape or size. The cleaning of pleated plates is easy. One can use the duster or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. They are not expensive and can be custom ordered.
  4. 4. Venetian: They are the horizontal slats with one over the other. They hang by usingchords, cloth or any hanging strip. They overlap together. They are usually of plastic or metal. Roller: They are the affordable and easy to install blinds. They are made of single fabric and are rolled up in to a tube at the top of the window panel. Vertical: They havevertical rotatingslats.Theyare best for the sliding doors and spaces that are voluminous. They are user friendly and light weight. There are other types of window shades available. Such as Roman, Woodweave, panel, perfect fit, Wood Venetian and a lot more types and styles. There are many firms that offer great designs of blinds. Blinds of Biggleswade are creative, attractive and functional. CONTACT US : Tel: 01223 364001 email: Website :