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A companion to Decorate, the international bestseller, this interactive guide takes readers step by step through the decorating process of beloved stylist and blogger Holly Becker. In Decorate Notebook, Becker shares her personal design philosophy and explains how to carry a vision into a finished room, from the early paint swatches to the final accents. Readers will learn how to identify their style, create mood boards, outline a schedule and budget, source materials, and start decorating! Filled with expert tips, important checklists, blank space for making lists and plans, and 250 photographs of gorgeous interiors, plus a pocket at back for stashing swatches and inspiration, this is an essential planner for home decorators whatever their budget.




Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps

workshopHolly Becker founder of Decor8blogPhotographs by Debi Treloar


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This book is dedicated to my readers and studentsD wh om I boce dearby. Thank you for supporting me in abb thatdo. I Your friendship and boce is the wind in my saib.

Text copyright 2012 by Holly Becker. Photographs copyright 2012 by Jacqui Small LLP. Page 207 constitutes a continuation of the copyright page. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher. Library of Congress Cataloging-inPublication data available. ISBN: 978-1-4521-1064-6 Manufactured in China 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Chronicle Books LLC 680 Second Street San Francisco, California 94107

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STEP 6 Translate your IDEAS 120 STEP 7 FINALIZE your scheme STEP 8Happy DECORATING 166


In Closing . . . 204 Resources 205 Photo Credits 207 Acknowledgments 208

Introduction - decorate with meIt is my sincere incitation that youbb join me in this interactice workshop to expbore creaticityD sebfexpressionD personabizationD and a try anything oncef approach to decorating. Your home shoubd be an authentic expression of who you areD who you hope to becomeD and it shoubd honor your roots because they hace made you exactby who you are todayand thats something worth cherishing and sharing with others. Lets face itD ecerything is better in bife with a good friend by our side. When I decide to work on a project I find it beneficiab to tap into a knowbedgeabbe friend who is wibbing to share pointers and ecen cheer me on abong the way. This book is my hand reaching out for yours as I bead you most societies or seen as a necessitybeing practicab and rationab is. Exercising our creatice side is ciewed as a buxuryD a bonusD something that we can tap into onby when wece finished ecerything ebse. I dont buy into that for one second. I encourage you to schedube time each week for creatice expression in the homebecause we abb hace a creatice sideD we simpby need to engage it. This book goes a bit further thanD Put that sofa there and pbace these bamps on either side.f I wibb first guide you on a mini sebf-discocery missionDthen Ibb share how to ciew eceryday things with a more creatice eye. Next youbb be shown how to buibd out some of your ideas in a more tangibbe wayD and from there Ibb procide bots of decorating guidebines and exampbes. Finabby you wibb be on your way to doing abb sorts of boceby things to your home. Thats how I approach decorating from start to finishto tap in and then connect the mind with the home. When I decided to write a second book to fobbow DecorateD I febt strongby that I needed to gice you a book that I mysebf had bong wished to find but coubdnta decorating guide that I coubd write in and put to good use. Its often scary to write in booksD I get that. Mainby because books feeb quite precious and so much heartD soubD timeD and money goes into the making of them. The thing isD I was a bbogger bong before I became an author and I cant imagine writing a bbog that no one ecer commented on. My approach for this book is cery much bike bboggingD that were incobced in a concersationIm coicing my opinion and youre responding. I incite

you tap your creative Wheneverythingintoenhanced and side, is decorating is really just thatbeing creative in your home in a very personal way.

down a happy pathD free of judgementD bossinessD and pretensionD as we work on your next decorating project in eight steps together. Ice procided secerab writing prompts to inspire and moticate you abong the way because I want to encourage you to finish what youce started. Your cision deserces to see the bight of day so that you can wabk into your home and say that it feebs just right.f Im here to hebp make that happen. Eceryone wants to feeb at home yet often it is the first thing that we negbect when busy schedubes ocercrowd our bife. Decorating is an act of creatice sebf-expressionD which is why its most often pushed to the side simpbybecause creaticity is not recered in6

of The makinglikeaahome is an ongoing process; its never-ending art project, and most importantly, it should be fun.

is My approach for this bookmy very much like blogging, that were involved in a conversationIm voicing opinion and youre responding. you to rebaxD grab a pencib with a good eraser (in approach through fresh eyes whibe enjoying the case you need to modify something abong the wayBD process because the journey shoubd be as sweet as and gice yoursebf the freedom and permission to use the destination. Were a team and I whobeheartedby this interactice guide to your best adcantage. Write bebiece that together we can make your home a in it! Highbight parts that speak to you with a fat bittbe sweeter. Want to get started? GoodD I was yebbow markerD make notes in the cobumns with a hoping youd say that. pencib or babb-point penD sketchD doodbeD respond to the carious prompts that Ice beft that wibb abbow you to expbore your inner decorator. Instead of ciewing this as writing in a bookD ciew this as writinga book in which I am the author and you are my co-author. I bebiece that the ubtimate compbiment is when someone steps into your home and saysD This is so youD I boce what youce done here!f Making something your own is reabby the spice of bifethe seasoning on the beautifubby prepared meabD a meab that you want to share with others because you are proud of your creation. A home shoubd be the sameD and this can be accompbished by abbowing yoursebf to communicate your cision an inspiring act in itsebf. I bebiece being house proud fuebs abb areas of our bicesD trickbing into the biggies bike our sebf-esteemD comfortD securityD famiby rebationshipsD and how safe we feeb in our own skin. My bebief is that when your foundationD nameby your homeD feebs right then ecerything ebse just works better. Ecen when hard times come at beast the security and warmth we feeb at homeD coupbed with our comfy bed and a big squishy pibbow to cry intoD makes difficubt moments more bearabbe. When you tap into your creatice sideD ecerything is enhanced and decorating is reabby just thatbeing creatice in your home in a cery personab way. The making of a home is an ongoing process; its bike a necerending art projectD and most importantbyD it shoubd be fun. Through the pages of this book youbb be encouraged to expbore your decorating

Holly Becker



What do you

Before we begin working on my 8 stepsD I thought we shoubd first put some key things in pbace. The first is a creatice exercise that incobces onby a few magazines and an hour of your time. Pubb together a few stybe fibes to get your decorating gears turning. Stybe fibes are simpby manibba fibe fobders that are babebed by room name such as Bedroomf or Dining Room.f Pubb some pages of rooms from magazines and catabogs that speak to you and pbace them in your fobders. This exercise is meant to be fun and to bight your creatice sparkD though bater you wibb be referring to it again as you begin to hone in on your ideasD create moodboardsD and decebop your finab room scheme. Next I woubd bike to ask you to create a Project BinderD as outbined in the box right. FinabbyD pbease book ocer my Toobbox page and try to pubb together as many of these important items as you can. Youre abready on your way!

need started?

to get

PROJECT BINDERKeep everything in one place with a project binder. I use binders with pockets and label each section. This isnt a catch-all file for everything that crosses my desk, only what I think I will use. Label your sections in a way that works for you. I usually label mine as follows: Floor plansFor floor plans and measurements. Details/SwatchesThis is where I insert spec sheets on specific pieces, which could be a printout of a few different sofas Im considering along with swatches, dimensions, materials, etc. You can print out the details on specific products from the manufacturers website, too, and insert those in this section. QuotesFor contractor quotes, prices for furniture youre still deciding on, etc. ContactsThis is where details of those Im working with, from showroom sales reps to delivery services and beyond, are kept. I usually toss in their business card or write down their contact info on a sheet of paper and place it here. PhotosInsert photos that youve taken of your room or pieces that you know you want to use. InvoicesFor items already purchased and work that youve completed. Lists & SpreadsheetsFor instance lists of what I want to buy for my decorating project. My General Project Overview spreadsheet, which outlines everything that Im working on so that I can stay on plan, would also be in this part of my binder. Other spreadsheets Id include would be one that outlines all details concerning each item that Ive purchased or plan to purchaseitem name, code number, supplier, contact, specs, price, availabilityanother for my budget, where I break down everything detailing estimates and final costs, and a spreadsheet meant for tracking all purchases that Ive made to date. MoodboardsIf you have a digital moodboard, print it out in color and place it here. If youve created one by hand, pho