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<ul><li>1.Craft tips, tricks,</li></ul><p>2. Craft Ideas Decor:Beaded Frost Luminaries Tutorial ............................................................ 3Craft Ideas Decor:Candles using a kitchen staple Tutorial .................................................. 11Craft Ideas Decor:String Bowl ............................................................................................. 15Craft Ideas Decor:Zen garden ............................................................................................. 24Craft Ideas Decor:Rubiks Cube Tissue Box ........................................................................ 29Craft Ideas Decor:Simple hanging vase ............................................................................... 35Craft Ideas Decor:Perpetual Calendar With Blackboard Paint ............................................ 39Craft Ideas Decor:Crocheted Paper Chain Heart Wreath..................................................... 52Craft tips, tricks, tutorials.2 3. Craft Ideas Decor: Beaded Frost Luminaries TutorialI really love the look of luminaries, especially in the garden. I have an herbgarden that has plenty of green, but really no color to speak of. Ive planted afew flowers in there each year to pretty it up, but it never seems to be quiteenough. These soft colored luminaries add just the right amount of soft color andlight and, since my herb garden is near the front door, double as a lovely way towelcome people to my home.All of these luminaries are made from recycled jars. I keep just about every jaronce the contents have been used up. Therefore, with Earth Day right around thecorner, and the weather getting warmer, I thought it would be a great time toshare these with you.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 4. I used Martha Stewart Frost glass paint for this project. The colors I used are inthe instructions below.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 5. After painting the jars, fold you wire in half to find the center.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials.5 6. Using the center of the wire as your starting point, hold the wire against the jarrim, wrap around and twist together in front to hold it in place.Wrap it several times around the jar rim. You should have a few inches ofexcess wire to add beads onto.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 6 7. Bend the wire upward so that when you add the beads they wont fall off.Heres where your round nose plier comes in. Use it to curl the ends of the wire.This serves as a decorative end and keeps the beads in place.Craft tips, tricks, 8. Here are the variations that I used to give you an idea. You can certainly dowhatever designs you like!Craft tips, tricks, 9. Then, simply light them up. You can use regular tea light candles or use theLED tea lights that dont require a flame.These are safe to stay outside, but you may want to wipe them down once aweek, and if you know its going to rain, bring them in so they dont fill up withwater. Enjoy!Craft tips, tricks, tutorials.9 10. What you do:1. Wash and remove any labels and glue residue from jars. Be sure they are completely dry.2. Paint the outside of the jars with the frost paint. it will appear streaky at first, but as you work your paintbrush over the glass, smoothing the surface out as you go, the paint will become more uniform. Allow it to dry for one hour.3. Spray the painted jars with sealer and let dry.4. Snip wire into 2-foot lengths. Find the center of your length of wire and hold it against the rim of the jar. Wrap both ends of wire around the rim and twist together to hold in place.5. Continue wrapping the wire, leaving a few inches at each end to add beads. Twist wire together again to keep it from unraveling.6. Bend wire upward so that when you thread your beads on they wont fall off.7. After adding your beads, use the round nose plier to curl the end of the wire to prevent your beads from falling off, and to add a decorative touch.8. Try variations by adding some beads to the wire that wraps around the jar rim.9. These are very pretty lit up at night as well! Use tea light candles or LED tea lights inside the jars.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 11. Craft Ideas Decor: Candles using a kitchen staple TutorialIve mentioned before that I live kind of out in the boonies making a "trip totown" sort of a big deal. So when Ive made the drive and I dont need any craftsupplies, I still take the opportunity to stroll the aisles to see if any new mediumis screaming out "Try me!" and "Youve got a 40% off coupon so just buy mealready!"I had been previously pondered that perhaps I should get into making candles.There was a very sweet realtor that I used to work with who one day wasdiagnosed with cancer. While this is always tragic news, it was even worsebecause as an independently employed person, she had no health insurance. Inorder to pay her medical bills, she began making and selling candles. I alwaysadmired her spirit and never considered making my own while she was stillselling them. By the by, I hear that nowadays shes in remission and back sellinghomes instead of little pots of linen scented wax!Now while going through the aisles I remembered something else. OneChristmas Momma bought my sister, a heavily pregnant family friend andmyself a soap making kit to occupy some idle time over the holidays. We werereally excited about it and it wound up being tragic with burned eyes andwhatnot. Im not even sure what went wrong, but when dealing with that sort ofcraft I kind of have some issues to work through and Im not quite there, yet,which makes me a bit nervous to make candles though I really want to.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 12. So I found these little snippings of wick that said something akin to "put me invegetable oil!" I liked the idea but decided to go traditional in appearance ratherthan having little floating flames.For this project you need:Vegetable or olive oilCandle ScentGlass jar with a lidWickHot glue gunScissorsFirst youll need a nice little glass jar. I went small so that I wouldnt use tonsand tons of oil. I also spent a good deal of time removing and replacing the lidson these jars (the lady stocking the shelves looked at me like I was such an idiotamused by lids of things!).Remember that this thing is going to be filled with OIL. Which will be nastybusiness if it gets knocked over or your cat decides go all detective on you to batat it. Also remember that liquids slosh around. If you have to really work andturn the jar all around to open it, youre going to have another problem on yourhands.Now I understand what density means, but have no idea what kind of role theviscosity or density or whatever of the oil would play with the wick. Would itfloat or stay where I put it? I decided to bet on float which is why I hot glued themetal portion of the wick onto the bottom of the jar.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 13. Mix some candle scent into your oil to get it all lovely smelling. I used amantastic cologne type of scent because I adore the scent (although Ive neveractually dated a cologne wearer, hmmm). I went ahead and put quite a bit in andgave it a bit of a stir.I used some olive oil I got from Dollar General because I had gotten it to do thisthing called oil pulling which I did only once and for 5 minutes rather than thefull 15. So basically I had a considerable amount of this stuff on hand and it isntthe olive oil I like to cook with so it needed a use, anyway.Pour your oil into your jar and trim the wick to be just a bit taller than the levelof the oil.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 13 14. To light, I used a wood skewer I set fire to because I couldnt figure out how tolight it with a traditional lighter. Remember that oil is flammable so take carewhen lighting and allowing to burn in your home.The neatest thing about this little candle is that it casts some very interestinghalos of light around as the light from the flame goes through the oil. It truly isvery nifty. Now, I cant say how well it scents your home because I alsomanaged to scent myself when I accidentally got some on my hands andapparently, this stuff doesnt wash away so well!Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 15. Craft Ideas Decor: String BowlIn this tutorial youll learn how to make a sculptural string bowl for your home.This is the kind of satisfying DIY project that is not only extremely straight-forward to make, it also only requires just a few basic supplies. And the endresult is nothing short of hand-crafted heaven! Lets get started.Supplies250ml bottle of fabric stiffener.Ball of string.Cling film.Scissors.Small bowl for fabric stiffener.Large bowl to use as a mould.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials.15 16. Step 1: Prepare the MaterialsCover the outside of your bowl with cling film, making sure the ends of the filmwrap over into the inside of the bowl.Cover your work surface.Pour some fabric stiffener into the other bowl.Cut 12 lengths of string measuring about 110cm (42 in) each.Craft tips, tricks, 17. Step 2: Soak the StringWind the lengths of string around your fingers to form a neat roll.Place the string in the bowl with the fabric stiffener. Push the string down intothe fabric stiffener and pour more over the top so the string is covered. Kneadthe fabric stiffener into the string so its completely soaked through.Craft tips, tricks, 18. Step 3: Make the String BowlStart wrapping the string randomly around the bowl. For this bowl I wrapped thestring over the bowl from one side to the other, rather than around and around.When the string reaches the rim just turn back creating a U turn. Keep addingnew pieces of string, making sure the ends of each piece are towards the base ofthe bowl.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 18 19. Use eight or nine pieces of string and the bowl should be pretty well covered.Wrap the remaining three or four pieces of string over the rest, going around andaround the bowl in a spiral.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 20. Step 4: Strengthen the OverlapsStrengthen the overlapping string by dabbing more fabric stiffener on with yourfinger. There are a lot of overlapping areas, so do it methodically, making surethat the joins are wet with fabric stiffener and the string is pushed together. Thisstep is very important as it ensures that your bowl will stay together.Step 5: Leave to DryPut the bowl aside to dry place it outside in the sun if you can. Otherwise, anairy spot in your home near a window will do the job. (If its particularly cold inyour home, a radiator will help aid the drying process.)Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 21. Step 6: Consolidate the MouldAs the bowl starts to dry, press over the entire mould with your fingers andpalms periodically. Start doing this when the string has dried out enough so thatyou dont get fabric stiffener all over your hands when you press on it. As thestring dries out you can press harder and the form will become consolidated andstrong.Allow the bowl to dry at least overnight.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 22. Step 7: Remove the BowlWhen the string feels dry, remove the bowl and the cling film. Your string bowlmight feel a bit pliable, but it will continue to dry over the next day or so. Makesure you allow it to dry completely before putting anything in it.Step 8: Clean Up the Fabric StiffenerWith a pair of scissors (or your fingernails), remove any dried pieces of fabricstiffener from between the string. This is slightly fussy and time-consuming butthe end result is worth the effort.Craft tips, tricks, 23. Fill Your Bowl and DisplayWell done, youve now made a totally unique and beautifully sculptural hand-crafted piece for your home. Fill it with fruit, nuts, pods or even crafty supplies just make sure not to overload it.You might like to make a set of three bowls in different sizes for a beautifultableau display. You could also try experimenting with the way you place yourstring, or you could also consider dip-dyeing the bottom of the bowls in whitepaint.Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 24. Craft Ideas Decor: Zen gardenI have some issues that I deal with all of the time. The best thing for me isbasically keeping busy (which is why you see 5-6 craft projects a week comingout of me), but some things come to a head. One of the non-pharmaceuticalways I have of bringing things back down where they need to be on any randomday is doodling. Ill sit and doodle on my desk, a receipt, my sketchbook orwhatever is handy and Ive always found it soothing. Plus it is something I caneasily concentrate on no matter what is happening around me.This whole project came about when I saw a movie that someone else waswatching from the 80s where a guy was raking his little zen garden and it lookedso peaceful. Then I saw colored sand at the hobby store. Lightbulb!For this project you will need:glass dishlittle succulent or cactuspanty hose or tightscactus &amp; succulent potting soil (optional)colored sand (I used 3 pounds)Craft tips, tricks, tutorials. 24 25. They sell these awesome little squat vases at Wal-Mart in the decor part of thecrafts area. I purchased the smaller of the two sizes they carried and it cost me$4.I went to Lowes to find a baby succulent but the ones they carried were allpretty big and cost $5. I found this strawberry pot on clearance for $10. I tookone fella out of the pot and turned the blank spot against a wall. This was agood option but I cant count on you finding a clearance item.So, I asked around and was told that your best shot of finding little cactuses orsucculents are at bonafide plant nurseries or online through websites like Etsy(which I am taking word on and havent actually looked into myself).Craft tips, tricks, 26. Carefully remove your plant. In this situation, getting the soil out with the guywasnt an option. If your plant is in a little pot, remove it and break up the shapeof the pot to free the roots a bit.Take the toe of a pair of hose and snip it off so that it is a few inches long.Craft tips, tricks, 27. Place the dirt end of your plant into the hose, or if you dont have the soil, putyour cactus or potting soil into the hose and then isnert the plant. Use a smallstretch thing to tie the bag of soil onto the base of the plant (I used a cut hair tie).FYI as your plant grows youll need to accomodate its roots and increased girth.Place your plant wherever you like and then pour your sand in around it. Filluntil you full...</p>