decoding digital week 6: supporting your customers online

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We discuss ways the modern business can add value to customers through online support, including social media, live chat, and great culture.


  • 1. Decoding Digital Week Six: How to support your customers online
  • 2. How to engage with us by webinar Chat box Polls Twitter We will be answering questions during the session on Twitter. Contact us directly at @Symphony3Think and/or use the hashtag #DigitalVic 2
  • 3. Where to contact us - #DigitalVic We will be answering questions every Friday via YouTube/Twitter/Google Hangouts Tweet us directly @symphony3think or use #digitalvic in your tweet Post questions on Facebook: LinkedIn: Fergal Coleman Ryan Smith 3
  • 4. Webinar Schedule Week One: Digital Leadership (May 7) Week Two: Building the right digital foundations (May 14) Week Three: Understanding your customer (May 21) Week Four: How to generate brand awareness and position your products and services evaluation (May 28) Week Five: Ecommerce making it easy for your customers to buy online (June 4) Week Six: How to support your customers online (June 11) Week Seven: How to engage your customers and create loyal advocates (June 18) Week Eight: Tying it all together Developing your digital strategy(June 25) 4
  • 5. Todays Session - Support The importance of support in the customer journey The benefits of delivering service online The importance of culture The different types of online support: Email Live Chat Forum Social Media LinkedIn 5
  • 6. Supporting your customers online is vital! 6
  • 7. Remember our customers What makes them loyal? How do they want to receive support? How can we use digital technology to solve their problems and provide seamless service? 7
  • 8. Importance of Support Online Support costs less $7.40 face to face $2.90 by telephone $0.30 on the web LivePerson 2013 Connecting With Customers report (data taken across Australia, US, UK, France, Germany and Italy) : 83% of recipients said they consistently needed some type of support during their online journey 71% expect assistance within five minutes. 31% expect assistance immediately 48% of those who dont receive online support within their specified time will abort the website 8
  • 9. Benefits of online support for business An answer for one customer may be an answer for many (e.g. YouTube support video) Its efficient Its mobile respond from anywhere, no need to be in the office Many of the tools required are free The potential to allow customers to self-serve Positive support outcomes are easily advocated by customers (next week) It costs 67 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one Bain & Company. A customer is 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related than price- or product-related Bain & Company 9
  • 10. Support Create a Culture of Support Zappos Importance of Culture Repeat business 10
  • 11. Poll What kind of online support channels have you used? a) FAQs b) Email c) Forums d) Live Chat e) Social media 11
  • 12. Why do your customers want online support? Theyre time poor Theyre on the run Ask now, answer later Mobile service Its free Their question may already have been answered Trend toward self-service (just look at your supermarket!) 12
  • 13. Live Chat Live chat provides instant support to customers who are browsing on your website at that exact moment Live Person research shows that Live Chat provides greater customer satisfaction than Email and Call Centres 13
  • 14. Zopim 14
  • 15. Live Chat 15
  • 16. Self-Support 16
  • 17. Self-support 17
  • 18. Online consultation 18
  • 19. Screencast-o-matic 19
  • 20. Twitter and Facebook Being embraced by many Australian organisations 20
  • 21. Listening Posts A listening post is a tool that aggregates your interactions from multiple social profiles 21
  • 22. Reviews Every time I have engaged in a dialogue with a negative review customer after a negative review, with one or two notable exceptions, their review has gone from a 2 or 3 star review up to a 5 star review. 22
  • 23. Dont do this International (bad) press for Sydney caf owner who loses his cool 23
  • 24. Youtube You Tube is a hugely valuable support channel Stand alone channel Use it in blogs Use it to live stream answers Develop channels private and public 24
  • 25. LinkedIn Most important social media tool for B2B professionals What would you like to know 25
  • 26. Summary Customer Service Matters Create the right culture Identify the right tools Trial them with customers Seek to engage customers in providing solutions Seek feedback from your customers as to how happy they are with each channel. 26
  • 27. See you on Friday via YouTube/Twitter/Google Hangouts Tweet us directly @symphony3think or use #digitalvic in your tweet Post questions on Facebook: LinkedIn: Fergal Coleman Ryan Smith 27

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