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2. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING THE TEAMINTERN TEAMCaroline Mayberry New Business & CopywritingJoe Li InsightsEmily Merlin Client ServicesTom Schrank Marketing & PromotionsAlex Zubak DigitalDave Curtis Creative 3. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING OVERVIEWOVERVIEWPositioning The ProposalInsights The Wedding Planner Creative Picking the Dress Presale Strategy The Invitation Media Partners Reception Hall Marketing & Partnerships The Wedding Party Digital The Wedding Album 4. POSITIONING THE PROPOSAL 5. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING POSITIONINGPOSITIONING MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING THE MUSICAL is about taking the right chance at the wrong time. Its hiding your true feelings, then wearing your heart on your sleeve. Its chasing your best friend to the altar, only to find hes beaten you there with another bride. Its a fluffy white wedding cake sprinkled with jealousy. Most importantly, its finding the love of your life and deciding what to do about it. 6. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING TAGLINESTAGLINES A toast to life, love, and the pursuit of your best friend Untie the knot with us this September Something borrowed, something blue, with a friendship this old, could love be true? 7. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING POSITIONING 8. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING CAMPAIGN IMPERATIVESKEY SELLING POINTS POPULAR MOVIE-TURNED-MUSICAL Evokes nostalgia, strong film following PREMIUM MUSICAL Strong creative team FUN & SARCASTIC ROMANTIC COMEDY Reach your audience with relatable themes JUKE BOX SPECTACLE High energy, large ensemble A CELEBRATION, WITH A TWIST Not your average wedding 9. INSIGHTS THE WEDDING PLANNER 10. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSWHAT WE SEE Broadway Season Competitive Landscape Price Strategy Earn more for the ups and save for the downs Current Sales Status Wraps Report Gross Report Advance Sales Report All Through the Run Inventory Management Sales Analysis Groups Sales Strategy 11. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSWHO WE SELL TO Profile of Typical Broadway Audience Female43.6 Years Old Attended 5 Broadway Performances in the Past Year Has Annual Household Income of $179,100Completed College Caucasian 12. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSWHO WE SELL TO Geographic Composition of Musical Audience 15.2% NYC 20.2% NYC Suburbs 45.4% Other U.S. 19.4% Other Country 13. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSWHO WE SELL TO Motivating Factors for Show Selection: Musical50.80% 34.10% 25.40% 14.10% 13.60% 11.90%7.40% 6.60% 14. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTS 15. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSTARGET FOR SUCCESS PRE OPENING Traditional Musical Theater Goers Song Lovers Musical will feature classic songs including Say a Little Prayer for You, Wishin and Hopin, The Way You Look Tonight, etcMovie Lovers Attendees of new and long running Broadway Musicals Premium Big Show AttendeesEnsure that My Best Friends Wedding sits alongside the roster of premium theatre shows Well-Educated Caucasian women in their 40s Younger Audience in their 20s-30s, a group the story tells about. Let the story speak to them and interact with them Spread the word about Chicago try-outOriginal Movie Lovers Romantic Comedy LoversFans of Burt Bacharach Fans of Joe Mantello 16. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSTARGET FOR SUCCESS IN PERFORMANCE New York Event Seekers Suburbanites and Drive Market Critics reviews, word-of-mouth and campaign exposure along with the Chicago run heighten interest Critics reviews and targeted advertisements will create further interest for this sector.Couples/Friends Position as the new romantic hit on Broadway, in comparison to older, known love stories such as The Phantom of the Opera 17. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSTARGET FOR SUCCESS HOLIDAY SEASON Holiday Event Planner Position as a holiday blockbuster where everyone can get happiness and blessingDomestic Tourist Leverage the peak tourist season immediately following opening5.6 million Broadway theatregoers reported to be domestic tourists. 18. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSTARGET FOR SUCCESS AWARD CAMPAIGN Tony Nominators and Voters Push to get the largest number of Tony voters into early performances30% of Broadway theatregoers reported having watched the Tony Awards. 19. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INSIGHTSTARGET FOR SUCCESS LONG TERM Organized Large Groups Position as the brand new MUST SEE musical of Fall 2014-broad appeal of the musical from students to grandparents make it a perfect group show with something for everyone-promoting the shows classic appeal to group organizers who need to cater for all tastes International Tourists Define the show as the Broadway attraction-working with partners/additional PR to position My Best Friends Wedding alongside the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and other NYC attractions as the iconographic Broadway must-see 20. CREATIVE PICKING THE DRESS 21. PRESALE STRATEGY: THE INVITATION 22. Other wedsites aspire to be The Knot - NEWSWEEK 23. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING PRESALE STRATEGYPRESALE STRATEGY Create a Broadway-first presale exclusively with THE KNOT media company With THE KNOTs 1.7 million unique annual members, promote a presale offer to all subscribers Achieve cross-channel exposure for the pre-sale through THE KNOTs ranging network of brands 24. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING PRESALE STRATEGYCROSS-CHANNEL PRESALE PROMOTION 25. MEDIA PARTNERS: THE RECEPTION HALL 26. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MEDIA PARTNERSMEDIA PARTNERS: PRINT Cond Nast is our proposed media partner for print media This would provide us access to all of the above publications (and more) as well as access to any additional assets and promotionsCombined Monthly Impressions: Over 57 Million 27. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MEDIA PARTNERSMEDIA PARTNERS: BROADCAST For broadcast, we see three main channels that would benefit our campaign most: TLC and Style Network: To reach the female demographic watching shows such as Say Yes to the Dress and other lifestyle reality programs TBS Frequently plays movies of the same classic comedic genre and would reach movie watchers of all ages 28. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MEDIA PARTNERSMEDIA PARTNERS: ONLINE Reach out to popular online channels for display:We propose using Hulu to show online media in video broadcast form, seeing as it is one of the most watched online media sources. Advertising on Hulu would expose My Best Friends Wedding to more than four million viewers on 350 million electronic devices around the world 29. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MEDIA PARTNERSMEDIA PARTNERS: OUTDOOR In order to reach our target audience, we propose additional geo-targeted outdoor media placement in both New York City and surrounding suburban boroughs: Times Square Billboards TKTS MTA Subway Placement Penn Station/Grand Central Suburban Mall Takeover Bus Wraps Taxi Tops 30. MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPS: THE WEDDING PARTY FORMAT LIKE CREATIVE 31. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPSDAVIDS BRIDAL PARTNERSHIP Davids Bridal is Americas largest bridal store chain. For over 60 years, the companys mission has been to make wedding dreams come true Their collection of wedding dresses, formal wear, invitations, favors, and all wedding-related merchandise make them a one-stop shop for any wedding planner As the exclusive Broadway partner of Davids Bridal, MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING would gain mass national exposure as well as access to Davids Bridals related assets 32. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPSDAVIDS BRIDAL PARTNERSHIP Invitations by Davids Bridal to provide print and mailing services for a direct mail campaign announcing a partnership between Davids Bridal & MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING Promotion across all channels of Davids Bridal brand In-store promotion Promotion in Davids Bridal catalog Social media promotion Participation in Davids Bridal BRIDAL REWARDS program Provide sweepstakes & ticket giveaways Specialty branding on Davids Bridal credit card 33. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPSDAVIDS BRIDAL PARTNERSHIP Davids Bridal will provide all bridal costumes for the show Davids Bridal will be featured as the wedding dress designer for the in-show wedding Create a Get the Look campaign by introducing a specialty MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING bridal line MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING window takeover of Davids Bridals in Manhattan 34. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPSBRIDAL EXPO TAKEOVER MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING and Davids Bridal will have presence at largescale wedding expos, including two of the largest in Manhattan and Chicago This presence will include: Specialty booth with Davids Bridal at New York Citys Great Bridal Expo Cast members will model Davids Bridal costume line in fashion show & perform a musical number before the fashion show Inclusion in all branding for the expos Sweepstakes & giveaways for attendeesManhattan: The Great Bridal ExpoChicago: National Bridal Market 35. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPSCOMPLETING OUR WEDDING PARTY 36. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING MARKETING & PARTNERSHIPSSECURING PARTNERSHIPS In order to secure industry-first partnerships for MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING, we propose inviting all partners to be part of the shows Wedding Party With all marketing proposals, prospective partners will receive a specialty gift bag invitation. This will include a variety of wedding themed takeaways as well as exclusive content and branded merchandise about the show 37. DIGITAL EXECUTION: THE WEDDING ALBUM 38. DIGITAL DELIVERABLES 39. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING DIGITAL EXECUTIONCREATE A SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT We know how to get people talking and keep conversations building its engagement and exclusive information We will build a virtual world for My Best Friends Wedding to engage fans primarily through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter In the virtual space fans will be able to gain access to information, sneak peaks and share their own stories We will leverage partners to build our social presence and spread the word 40. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING DIGITAL EXECUTIONCase Study completed by 41. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING DIGITAL EXECUTIONHOW WE EXECUTE THIS Facebook: Share content from contests across other social platforms (i.e. Instavideo) Best Friends of the week Users can explore all current My Best Friends Wedding news, music, video content, contests, imagery and user generated content Twitter: Where everything comes together Up to date information in real time: breaking news, casting news, last minute ticket offers We will use twitter advertising to promote tweets and help your account to gain exposure Cross social mentions with partners and promote other social channels 42. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING DIGITAL EXECUTIONHOW WE EXECUTE THIS Pinterest: Wedding Plans and Best Friends We will utilize this site and create boards to help plan the perfect wedding Comedy pulled in through best friend boards There will be a secret board that will reveal exclusive content leading up to openingInstagram: We will create custom filters to create a cohesive and fun look Host contests through Instavideo Incentivize people to share their photos on Instagram with the hashtag #BFWeddingBwy in order to enter for a chance to win tickets 43. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING DIGITALKARAOKE MASHUP Online contest and promotion utilizing the music from My Best Friends Wedding Engage fans: Say A Little Prayer for You Incentive: Win a pair of tickets Video compilation share across all social platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) 44. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING DIGITALKARAOKE MASHUP Interactive Digital Advertisements Digital interactive billboards Say a Little Prayer for You Share interactions through social 45. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INTEGRATED PROMOTIONMAKE SURE EVERYONE IS LISTENING Sirius XM Music Partnership Utilize the Burt Bacharach fan following to get people excited about the show Target music lovers and negotiate an exclusive weekend takeover on Sirius XM, Americas satellite radio station of 20.6 million subscribers Specific takeover of Channel 30 The Loft Adventurous Music for Grownups Takeover would include: Interviews with the cast & creative team, music from the show and Burt Bacharach originals 46. MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING INTEGRATED PROMOTIONBURT ON STAGE: Concert Series Concert Series to promote the shows music as well as a key member of the creative team Concert series promoted in partnership with Sirius XM to gain partner exposure and added value Exposure on all social media platforms and website Suggested Venues & Timing: PRE-OPENING: Session at 54 Below Concert to create buzz in target market WINTER: Winter concert in the American Songbook Series at Lincoln Center to drive winter sales post-opening 47. THANK YOU! WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED OUR VISION OF THIS AMAZING SHOW