deciphering fashion trends among youth

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Deciphering Fashion Deciphering Fashion Trends among Youth Trends among Youth

Survey on Influence of Fashion on Youth Project


decipher the Fashion Pulse of the Youth. Understanding the source of inspiration for Fashion Trends among with youth.

Understanding Fashion Fashion

is a style that is popular in the

present. It

is a set of trends that have been accepted by a wide audience.


is a complex phenomenon: psychological, sociological, cultural or commercial points of view Trickle Down Theory Trickle Up theory Trickle across theory

Trends Can It

be emerging, building or declining

has identifiable similarities across information sources. (styles, details, etc)


by a building awareness

among consumers Eg

Leggings with Tunics

Fads Short

Trend (a trend with a short duration) among a relatively small


contingent of consumers Fades

quickly because it isnt supported the

corresponding lifestyle changes.

Classics Long Any


item or style that gains visibility,

generates multiple purchases, and reaches a plateau level of widespread acceptance that persists over a long period of time. Classics

implement core attributes desirable

while avoiding extreme styling Eg

Little Black Dress, Denims

Survey Information Sample

size - 20 11 9

Female Male


-25 Age group


of collection of data

Observation Interviewing

Survey Information Areas

coveredCauseway Hind college, Churchgate College, Churchgate Road, Bandra Mills, Lower Parel

Colaba Jai KC


Phoenix Caf

Mocha, Churchgate

Gauging the Fashion Pulse Where do our TG shop from? Who are they inspired from? Who is their Fashion Idol? What is their current style for the followingParty Everyday Work What

does Being in Fashion mean to


Where do they shop from?

Inference Retail

chains like Pantaloons, Shopper Stop

are the most popular shopping destinations among TG. Youth

are more keen on owning a Brand /

Label and based on their buying power shop from various destination. For

regular casual / everyday look Retail

chain For

special Occasion - Boutiques / Fashion


Who are they inspired from?

Inference Although

majority claim to develop their own style it is in fact inspired from either* Movie Celebrity Look Rock, Bohemian, etc Image The Rugged, The Corporate, etc Fashion Magazine / Designers

*Uncovered when probed further during conversation.

Magazines CelebsFemale

Kareena Katrina

Kapoor 4

Vogue Elle Marie Claire Seventeen Cosmopolitian

Kaif - 3 Khan 2

Shahrukh Hip

Hop Culture / 50

cents 2 Shahid Kevin


Kapoor 1

GQ Mens Health

Pieterson 1 Schumi -1


Celeb Category that influences the youth

*Mostly for Males

Resourceful insights Females-1

Womens clothes are vents their individuality Very particular about their look Eg. This season leggings are in vogue so prefer leggings over denims. Like to maintain their Signature look with minor changes according to the latest trend.

Resourceful insights-2


Mens clothes are generally occupational. Prefer to wear Black during parties. Bright Tshirts with Shorts / Denims are in. Comfort is more important than looks

Resourceful Insights-3


get inspired by the Look in a movie

than the actual celebrity look. Female

get inspired from actor, models and

magazines unlike Males They select and coordinate looks from catalogs, print ads, and commercials Males

prefer the sports / casual look.

Resourceful Insights-4


Stylist have tremendous artistic

clout in todays image driven fashion world Classics

(long trends) have the most recall

and retention index. Followed

by the Trend that also has high

retention score.

Fashion Cycle



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