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Decca straight line wipers - for all ship categories: OFFSHORE VESSELS COASTAL VESSELS TANKERS CRUISE SHIPS RESCUE/PILOT VESSELS NAVAL VESSELS FERRIES Modern shipbuilding design takes full account of visibility requirements. Larger wheelhouses, with an omni-directional view, are part of this trend. The result is a lot of window space to be kept clear in all weather conditions. Decca heavy-duty straight line wipers are designed to meet these demands with safe and efficient operation in heavy rain, storms and snow. Slide 2 KEY FEATURES Few moving parts ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions Up to 90 % of the window can be wiped Designed to operate in temperatures from -40C to 50C Twin wiper option with or without overlap Operating voltage 230/115VAC single phase and 24VDC Adjustable arm length, angle and preload against the window Tailor-made at any length from 500mm to 5000mm Easy installation 2 year limited warranty on all Decca equipment Slide 3 NORWEGIAN DESIGN The wiper has external engine integrated within the wiper housing. This gives smooth lines and a modern design. Developed by the acknowledged Norwegian industry designer Terje Meyer (Meyer Design AS). Slide 4 DESIGNED FOR RELIABLE OPERATION All materials used in the manufacturing of the Decca wiper are the very best available: Self- adjusting polyamide track rollers Sealed stainless steel bearings Roller tracks in stainless steel Housing in seawater resistant aluminum with powder coated surface for maximum weather resistance Unique carriage assembly that does not weaken the drive belt Slide 5 FIXING BRACKETS FOR WIPER The fixing brackets are welded or bolted to the bulkhead, and the wiper housing is then easily fastened onto the brackets using four M8 bolts. After installation, the wiper can quickly and easily be removed for inspection or maintenance. This service friendly design is highly valued by shipyard workers responsible for wiper system installation and maintenance. Slide 6 WATER SPRAY The Water Spray System consists of 12mm pipes, a T-coupling and a wide angle nozzle. It is recommended that this system is integrated with an air purge system to prevent ice damage in cold conditions. The Water Spray System can be supplied with brackets for installation onto the wiper, or for installation directly onto the bulkhead. Nozzles are available in several versions, depending on variables such as water pressure and feeding pipe dimensions. Slide 7 THE MOTOR The Decca Straightline wiper includes a powerful DC motor that offers consistent torque from the lowest to the highest speed setting. Compared to the equivalent 3-phase AC motor, the DC is smaller and operates more quietly. The motor is installed directly onto the wiper, eliminating the need for a drive shaft hole through the bulkhead. The wiper housing protects the motor from seawater splashes. Additionally, the motor is rated IP class 66. This ensures problem free operation even in the toughest weather conditions. Slide 8 ELECTRONICS Since 1996, Decca Wipers has been supplied with analogue control systems based on large components such as manual rheostats, resistors and relays. In 2009, this system was replaced by an advanced digital platform with the latest features in electronics. This new platform enables features such as soft touch control panels with multiple water spray zones, LED displays, diodes and dimmer. This system allows for controlling an infinite number of wipers. Several features are adjustable, such as max and min speed setting and air purge timing. All circuit boards are protected against faulty wiring, overload and overheating. EMC cables, cabinets and bushings are available on request. The system is fully assembled and tested before delivery, ensuring a very straight forward plug and play installation. Slide 9 CONTROL PANEL High quality electronic design with the following features: Variable speed control Variable interval control Visual LED confirmation on heater function and speed/interval setting Night mode (dimmer) ON/OFF Heater switch ON/OFF Master switch (all wipers OFF) with auto-resume function Water spray with fully adjustable air purge control Industrial grade soft touch keys for convenience and reliability Slide 10 For detailed information on specific technical issues, please contact our Decca representative in Spain Contact information: CONAVI S.L TOMAS ALONSO N 148 BAJO 36208 VIGO SPAIN TEL 00.34.886.124.607 FAX 00.34.886.124.609