Debunking Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

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<ul><li> 1. Debunking Cosmetic DentistryMyths</li></ul> <p> 2. OverviewHere are some of the most common myths about cosmeticdentistry.It is done only for aesthetic purposes.It is painful.Any dentist can perform cosmeticdentistry.It is impossibly expensive 3. #1. It is done only for aesthetic purposes.Cosmetic dentistry, as the name implies, does helpimprove dental aesthetics but it does not mean that itis its only purpose. 4. #2. It is painful.In reality, it is a myth associated with dentistry in general. Overthe years, cosmetic dentistry (and dentistry) has made greatstrides in technology making it less invasive, safer, and easierfor both patient and service provider. 5. #3. Any dentist can performcosmetic dentistry.Cosmetic dentistryis a specializedfield that requiresextra years ofstudy, training andpractice. Beforeundergoing aprocedure, it isalways prudent todo some researchon the practitionersbackground 6. #4. It is impossibly expensive.While cosmetic dentistrycan be prohibitive in cost,it does not mean that onlycelebrities or rich peoplecan actually afford it. 7. Cosmetic Dentistry LoansUnited MedicalCredit evenaccommodatesapplications forcosmetic dentistryloans from peoplewith bad creditscores. 8. Patient FinancingUnited Medical Creditcoordinates with bothpatient and serviceprovider so that the formercan get an affordablepayment plan and receivethe dental care that theyneed, while the latter getsbusiness support throughpatient financing. 9. Cosmetic dentistry loans apply to -United Medical Credits cosmetic dentistry loansapply to traditionally high-cost procedures such asdental implants, gum surgery, braces and rootcanal, and others. 10. For more informationFor more information about cosmetic dentistryloans,visit :</p>