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  • deborah julene owenVISUAL MEDIA PORTFOLIO

  • deborah julene owenVISUAL MEDIA PORTFOLIO

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  • table of contentsMagazine CoverPrezi PresentationPhotodesignMontageBusiness IdentityInfographicHTML & CSS CodingWeb DesignBrochure

  • magazine coverI had a couple of ideas in my head, both of real

    magazines and made up ones. I knew which photo I wanted, and ultimately in the process of

    brainstorming titles, I wound up picking the New Era.

    I sketched out some basic layouts that would work with a couple pictures I have. I put together

    my shape map in InDesign on an 8.5x11 page quickly, making sure that the different items all aligned.

    I put in my picture and titles but knew I needed to do something with the background, which was a bunch of

    grass. I opened up the picture in Photoshop and got to work removing the background. I tried to keep

    things clean and smooth, removing the grass and hair frizz. I updated the file in Photoshop and

    decided to add a subtle gradient background.

    I finalized the layout of the items and exported it as a 150 dpi JPG from InDesign.

  • New EraN OT A M AGA Z I N E O F T H E C H U R C H O F J E S U S C H R I S T O F L AT T E R - DAY S A I N T S


    SEPTEMBER 2017







  • preziI had no clue what I wanted to do for my how-

    to Prezi initially. Gradually, I started thinking about doing some sort of recipe, since that follows

    a pretty methodical process (usually), plus food makes for a great visual. I knew I didnt want to

    include photos, and I didnt have the time to create a really intricate vector, so eventually that lead me to an

    ice cream sundae. Its easy to follow, fun, and wouldnt take hours in Illustrator (though I did, admittedly, spend

    several hours creating and tweaking this illustration).

    I got it all sketched out, including the general flow I wanted. I envisioned a sort of Magic School Bus experience of

    zooming super close and being immersed in it. Then I went into Illustrator. I stuck with a flat design, adding

    each element on a new layer. Originally I exported each individual element as a .png file, but that

    both took a lot of time, and looked grainy when zoomed in a couple thousand percent. I added

    my text, and while I wasnt super happy with the fonts, there were only so many options.

  • photodesignWhen I was taking my picture, I loved the

    contrast of the blue flowers amid the green and brown. Right away I thought about the phrase

    bloom where you are planted and got to work at home. I used Adobe Color to pick out a good

    color scheme for my photo, and then started playing around with things. I created a new 8.511 document in

    Photoshop and imported the photo. I adjusted the levels and saturation on the photo, and especially sharpened and

    brightened the blue flowers so they would really stand out.

    I knew I wanted to keep things really clean, but also a little unpredictable. I placed each word in front of its

    own block and intentionally misaligned them while keeping nice flow. The text blocks went on top

    of a blue rectangle on the left third that helped organize the flow of the content. I made the

    key words stand out in a bold cursive font and paired it was a neutral sans serif for balance.

    Overall I thought my design was really well balanced, but I knew it needed more finesse.

  • montageI found the quote I wanted to use for this

    project, and right away drew inspiration from it.

    The first layer was the rainbow photo. One patch of sky was a lot brighter than the rest, so I filled it

    with the gray sky around it and blended really well. . The next layer was the city. I masked out the sky and

    decided to gradually blend out the tops of the buildings to make sure the montage was kept sort of dreamlike.

    On the umbrella I increased the brightness a little bit more to compensate for the fact that it was taken at nighttime.

    Last, I found a grayscale image of rain against a window and then used a screen mask to make it transparent.

    For the text, I knew I wanted to use a sans serif with a thick script font. I found a great pair to use and

    decided to stagger the alignment of each line of text for some variation. I added a soft glow

    behind it to help it stand out on the background. I aligned the text box in the left two-thirds.

  • business identityRight away I knew what I wanted to do, I just

    didnt have a clear vision of it. I started sketching logos like crazy, but nothing seemed to work. I knew

    that I wanted something minimalistic and abstract.

    After a lot of sketching, I still hadnt come up with anything I really loved, and so I opened up Illustrator

    and started playing around with shapes. I figured if I have the shape of a saxophone and the shape of a piano, Id be

    able to play around with it more freely. Pretty quickly I was able to come up with a concept design that I loved.

    I then incorporated my logo into a letterhead and business card design. In addition to the logo, I used

    repeating elements of piano keys and bold lines.

  • infographicI had a couple ideas for the layout, including using

    the framework of a house, a desk in Santas workshop, a Christmas tree, or the North Pole as the setting on

    my infographic. Ultimately I settled on a Christmas tree. I sketched out different basic illustrations to use as

    inspiration based off of the statistics I had gathered. Then I played around with the layout some more, with placing

    different graphs in different layouts I could use. While sketching usually helps me out a lot, in this case it really wasnt helpful.

    I got started in Illustrator once Id finished sketching. I was able to quickly figure out my layout once I was in the

    software, and from there I was able to quickly figure out the flow of everything. I knew I wanted it to be

    pretty flat and minimal, but still playful. I used a lot of different shades of red and green for contrast

    I also wanted to play with different ways to use the illustration to demonstrate the statistics

    instead of just bar graphs, so I used a cookie pie chart, and stacked presents of different sizes.

  • the


    what people actually believe about

    Santa Claus







    are you on


    Not sure





    do you believe in the

    WAR ONChristmas?

    not sure














    what is your holiday greeting of choice?








    Source: "Polling the Holidays." Public Policy Polling.'December 19, 2013.

    Created by Deborah Julene

  • html codingBefore even starting the coding, I wrote all the

    content for the webpage. From there, I glanced through the premade files and got to work in

    Notepad++. I decided I wanted to challenge myself and actually code the entire site without the premade files,

    and then check my files against the premade once and reconciled a couple differences for the sake of continuity. It

    was more challenging than just going through the template, but Im glad I did it. I was able to leave out some things I

    didnt want in the first place (like the rounded corners on the body) and add in some new things that I may not have

    thought of including otherwise (like the link colors).

    As far as the design goes, I stuck to the monochromatic scheme of the logo, incorporating different shades

    of the same hue. I wanted to make sure there was plenty of white space in the margins, and

    good leading between lines to make it easy on the eyes. And as much as I love system

    fonts (not really), I opted to use Google Fonts to make the design stand out.

  • web designIve created website mockups before in Illustrator,

    but never in Photoshop before, so this was a new, exciting challenge for me. I went into this without a

    clear idea of what I wanted to do beyond the brand itself. I found some photos which would work, and

    that gave me a better idea of where I was going with it.

    I sketched out a couple potential layouts, but there was only one I really wanted to pursue further. I opened up

    the grid template in Photoshop and started arranging elements like on my sketch. I ended up adjust things a

    little bit, but the concept was still mostly the same.

    From there, I started adding to the elements. In general, I was pretty happy with the final

    layout. I did several different layer comps to demonstrate how things would change

    when youd hover, but kept it pretty basic.

  • brochureI wanted to take this opportunity to do

    something creative and create a fake brochure that could serve as publicity material for the event.

    I wanted to go beyond a traditio