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Lighting Design/Stage Management: Mike Van Dreser
This project is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts. Danceworks is a proud member of the United
Performing Arts Fund.
Welcome, and thank you for joining us for Writing About Music/Dancing About Architecture. Danceworks Performance Company (DPC) continually focuses on collaboration, fusion of forms, current trends in the field, and includes educational components to encourage artist-to-audience dialogue and participation. The concert you are seeing today not only fully embraces these elements, it celebrates them.
Danceworks is celebrating many things this year from our enthralling DPC concerts, to the hundreds of students inspired weekly to be healthy and creative in our studio, to our outreach programs impacting a record number of community members and so much more. Each day we find new ways to celebrate!
Did you know that dance, music, language and architecture describe, inform, correlate, abstract and redefine one another? I didn’t, until I participated in this unique interactive concert experience. Today you will first hand celebrate how structures rise from solid foundation through art. Since Danceworks’ inception, we have been building that solid foundation that is now enabling us to stretch to meet growing needs in our community. We have been called to rise, and we are ready for the challenge.
This year celebrates a particularly special milestone for our signature outreach program–Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap program (Mad Hot). Mad Hot provides 15 weeks of ballroom and tap dance instruction at 44 Milwaukee-area schools. The program has touched more than 21,000 Milwaukee children from the central city.
Mad Hot is a piece of our structure that is being allowed to rise because it has been laid on the solid foundation of our organization. We are so proud and delighted to celebrate 10 years of Mad Hot this spring and we invite you to join us. This year’s 10th Anniversary Celebration will take place Thursday, March 10th at the BMO Harris Bradley Center and features delicious food, exciting music, inspiring entertainment from 10 years of Mad Hot students and all of our Danceworks family! I can’t wait to celebrate—how about you? And the party doesn’t end there. Join us again on Saturday, May 21 for our Mad Hot Competition (free to the public) to see nearly 9,000 people in our community come together to witness the culmination of this year’s special program.
Danceworks has laid a solid foundation. May the lines, shapes and structures we continue to build on top of that foundation, maintain many reasons to celebrate!
Danielle Bly | President, Danceworks Board of Directors
FroM DAncEworkS PrESIDEnT Board of Directors
FroM DPc’S Artistic Director
The concert idea for Writing About Music/Dancing About Architecture was inspired by the famous quote of unknown origin, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” The concept was inspired by Jason Powell. He actually sent me the quote and said, “Wouldn’t this be a cool dance concert idea?” Yep. I stole his idea and ran with it (with permission).
Jason has become a strong creative collaborator of Danceworks Performance Company—in part because he knows very little about dance! Why would I want to steal ideas from and collaborate with someone who knows very little about dance? Because I’m interested in making work that speaks to all kinds of people, and I’m interested in his outsider’s perspective. Let me be fair and upfront… it’s not as though he is an uninformed party. Jason is a trained actor and skilled writer, musician and songwriter, and has an excellent understanding of nuance, hilarity, complexity and timing. From Jason’s instigation and understanding that writing, music, dance and architecture all have things in common and can inspire one another, this concert has taken shape.
This concert is about collaboration and inspiration drawn from writing, music, dance and architecture. What are similar concepts in all of these forms? Theme and variation, positive space and negative space, angularity and circularity, shape and flow, staccato and legato, etc. How does the structure of choreography correlate to architecture? The structure of music is a kind of architecture, too. How can words and sound inform a choreographer’s choices? These concepts can be heady and hard to decipher from the outside.
In curating this complex concert, I asked myself: If it is our intention for DPC to make work that speaks to a diverse audience, then how will the audience have a window to see in plain view the correlating structures of this concert? How can we make the concert’s give and take between art forms more tangible for our viewers and listeners?
AHA! The audience will become collaborators! Haiku poems submitted by DPC audience members have inspired dances onstage. Our guests will be invited to design sculptures and dance in their seats during the performance. Writing About Music/Dancing About Architecture is an interactive event, with the aspiration of empowering audiences to make correlations and be an important part of the collaboration.
Thank you for supporting the Milwaukee arts community. We can’t do what we do without you!
Dani Kuepper | Artistic Director, DPC
Danceworks Performance Company: Melissa Anderson, Alberto Cambra, Kim Johnson, Dani Kuepper, Gina Laurenzi, Liz Licht, Christal Wagner, Joëlle Worm, Andrew Zanoni.
*University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee (UWM) Dance Department Interns: Caroline Seigworth, Melissa Gross.
ConstruCtion site speCifiC Choreography: Andrew Zanoni and Dancers scenic Design: Posy Knight, Kirk Thomas Music: “Places” by Shlohmo, “Business Building Lobby Ambience” by Finnolia Sound Effects Dancers: Alberto Cambra, Dani Kuepper, Gina Laurenzi, Christal Wagner
playbaCk (1984) Richard Bull Dance Theatre | Performed by Joëlle Worm and Jason Powell Playback features an improvising dancer responding to an audio that she has never heard before. Created by the Richard Bull Dance Theatre (RBDT), it was performed primarily by Richard Bull and Peentz Dubble. This version of Playback was made possible through participation in The Field Milwaukee’s Fieldwork Fall 2015 workshop and generous feedback and information sharing from original RBDT members (Peentz Dubble and George Russell) and RBDT/De Facto Dance (Kelly Donovan, Meg Frye, Aggie Postman).
Haiku fiCtion #1 (see insert) Choreography: Christal Wagner in collaboration with Dancers Music: “Sekstur from Vendsyssel (The Peat Dance)” performed by The Danish String Quartet Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Alberto Cambra, Kim Johnson, Gina Laurenzi, Liz Licht, Andrew Zanoni projection: Christal Wagner
Haiku fiCtion #2 (see insert) Choreography: Christal Wagner in collaboration with dancers Music: “With the Dark Hug of Time” by Colin Stetson, Sarah Neufeld Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Gina Laurenzi, Liz Licht, Kim Johnson, Andrew Zanoni projection: Christal Wagner
Haiku fiCtion #3 (see insert) Choreography: Christal Wagner in collaboration with Gina Laurenzi sound score: Christal Wagner Dancer: Gina Laurenzi
Haiku fiCtion #4 (see insert) Choreography: Christal Wagner in collaboration with Dani Kuepper Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Kim Johnson, Dani Kuepper
~INTERMISSION~ Haiku fiCtion #5 (see insert) Choreography: Christal Wagner in collaboration with the dancers Music: “Piano Trio: III. Moderato” by Germaine Tailleferre Musicians: Jiwon Lee, Piano; Ernest Brusubardis, Violin; Jichen Li, Violoncello Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Kim Johnson, Dani Kuepper, Liz Licht, Andrew Zanoni
DanCe fiCtion (see insert) Choreography: Christal Wagner in collaboration with the dancers Music: “Spiegel im Spiegel” by Arvo Pärt projection: Christal Wagner Musicians: Jiwon Lee, Piano; Iuliia Mykolyk, Violin Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Kim Johnson, Dani Kuepper, Liz Licht, Andrew Zanoni
sCHubertiaDe Choreography: Dani Kuepper in collaboration with the dancers Music: “Piano Trio No. 1 in B-Flat Major, Op. 99, D. 898: I. Allegro moderato, II. Andante un poco mosso” by Franz Schubert Musicians: Jiwon Lee, Piano; Ernest Brusubardis, Violin; Jichen Li, Violoncello Dancers: Melissa Anderson, Alberto Cambra, *Melissa Gross, Kim Johnson, Gina Laurenzi, Liz Licht, *Caroline Seigworth, Christal Wagner, Andrew Zanoni This dance is offered as an expression of gratitude to Ruth Knoll for teaching me to listen well.
DAncEworkS STAFF Deborah Farris, Executive Director Dani Kuepper, Artistic Director, Danceworks Performance Company (DPC) Kerry Bergin, Studio Manager Amy Brinkman-Sustache, Education Director; Artistic Director, Danceworks on Tap (DOT) Ryan Cappelman, Jolie Collins, Customer Satisfaction Manager/Registrar Kelly Drake, DYPC Manager Sammy Goodrich, Box Office Manager Rachel Howell, Mad Hot Executive Assistant Kim Johnson, Artistic Manager Posy Knight, Mad Hot Project Manager Linnéa Koeppel, Director of Development and Marketing Gina Laurenzi, DYPC Artistic Director Jacqui Lefebvre, MHBT Lead Ballroom Teacher Bryan Michaels, Operations Director Izetta Rees, Development and Marketing Assistant Roberta Rideout, Showcase Assistant Lisa Wenzler, Design and Advertising Manager Susan Wiedmeyer, Development and Marketing Manager Janet Lew Carr, Emerita
Betsy Corry Mario Costantini Karyn Elliott Deborah Gonzalez
Olivia Hare Christine Harris Betsy Hoylman Frank Krejci
Jeff McClellan Sue Northey Clare Reardon Elaine Sweet
Danielle Bly, President; Kilby Williamson, Vice President; Rick A. Krueger, CPA, Treasurer; Lindsay Olson, Secretary
DAncEworkS 2015-16 boArD oF DIrEcTorS
special thanks: uWM Dance Department, rebecca ottman, uWM leonard sorkin institute of Chamber Music, bernard Zinck, posy knight, Jason powell, sandy Wallisch, Catey ott and karen estrada.
Deborah farris, executive Director, has led Danceworks since 2002. During her tenure, Danceworks has experienced significant growth in both programming and budget, with the launch of Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap in 2006 and annual revenue increasing from $300,000 to $1,200,000. During this exciting time, Danceworks has received the UPAF Management Excellence Award (2005, 2006, 2011) the UPAF Education/Outreach Award (2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013); and a Business Journal Eureka Award (2013). Prior to coming to Danceworks, Deborah worked with Milwaukee Ballet as Director of Education and Outreach and was on the Milwaukee Ballet School faculty. Before returning to Milwaukee in 1999, she was Assistant Director for Business and Finance of the North Carolina Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1995-1999), where within her tenure revenues increased more than 400%. She has served on the Department of Dance and Theatre faculties of Tulane University, University of NC at Chapel Hill and UW-Milwaukee, where she is currently an adjunct faculty member. Originally from Milwaukee, she received her BFA and MFA from UWM. Deborah received a Business Journal Woman of Influence Award for Nonprofit Leadership in 2007.
Dani kuepper, artistic Director, DpC, received both her BFA and MFA from UW- Milwaukee, where she has been a faculty member of the UWM dance department
since 1999. She is the artistic director of Danceworks Performance Company (DPC), the resident contemporary dance company of Danceworks. Dani joined DPC in 1998 and has since choreographed more than 30 dances for the company. She has choreographed extensively in the Milwaukee community; and as DPC’s artistic director, she has enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra, Florentine Opera Company, Present Music, First Stage and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.
kim Johnson, Danceworks artistic Manager, joined DPC in 2000, shortly after graduating from UW-Milwaukee with high honors with a BFA in dance. A native “Yooper,” Kim served as DPC’s associate artistic director from 2009- 2012 before taking on the role of artistic manager of both performance and studio. She has created works for DPC as well as Milwaukee Ballet II. Kim has helped write curriculum for both Danceworks Studio and Milwaukee Ballet School. She has also enjoyed growing Danceworks’ dance fitness program, Danceworks Youth Performance Company and other facets including DanceLAB. Kim is on faculty at Danceworks and at UWM.
DAncEworkS PErForMAncE coMPAnY
Melissa anderson joined DPC in 2002 and has previously performed with Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Teatro Municipal
Danceworks performance Company (DpC) is the resident contemporary dance company of Danceworks, inc. founded in 1997, DpC presents powerful original dance works that inspire and entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
the leonard sorkin international institute of Chamber Music (iCM) offers a concentration in chamber music performance for advanced level graduate students and young professional musicians.
de San Juan of Puerto Rico, Southern Ballet Theater (now Orlando Ballet) and Islenski Dansflokkurinn (Icelandic Ballet). Melissa teaches ballet at all levels at Danceworks, as well as at Nancy Dianne Studio and UW-Milwaukee. She frequently choreographs and teaches for dance organizations such as Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, Dance Masters of Wisconsin and Texas Association of Dance Teachers.
alberto Cambra graduated in Dance and Fine Arts from UW-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts in 2010. After living in Los Angeles for a year doing small projects, he came back to Milwaukee’s modern dance/theatre environment. In addition to DPC he has danced with Wild Space Dance Company locally, Fenn and Company in NYC and has done freelance work in Chicago. Alberto is in his fourth season with DPC.
Gina laurenzi is a graduate of UW- Milwaukee and is in her third season with DPC. Gina trained as a Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago scholarship student, under Elements Contemporary Ballet’s Artistic Director Michael Gosney, and performed with Giordano II and Inaside Chicago Dance. In addition to DPC, Gina currently performs with Maria Gillespie’s Oni Dance and Hyperlocal, an improvisational series. A resident choreographer with DPC, her recent work has been shown at Next Act Theatre and Danceworks, where she debuted The Gina Laurenzi Dance Project’s Vagabondare: Wander, Roam, Stroll… Gina also teaches and creates new work for youth dancers of Momentum Dance Project, Danceworks Youth Performance Company and the Makaroff Youth Ballet.
liz Zastrow licht is in her fifth season with DPC and has also performed with Joel Valentín-Martínez, the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Wild Space Dance
Company, Your Mother Dances, Skylight Music Theatre and Li Chiao-Ping Dance. Her Dean’s Honors Award, Dance BFA, Journalism Minor, and Honors College Degree are from UW-Milwaukee (2010), where she currently tutors writers across disciplines in the UWM Writing Center. Liz completed her yoga certification from YogaOne Studio and teaches in Sheboygan.
Christal Wagner is back for her ninth season with DPC. She holds a BFA in dance from UW-Milwaukee. Wagner has performed with Your Mother Dances and Edwin Olvera, and she has been a featured performer with Present Music. She is also a co-founder of the Milwaukee music and dance trio Cadance Collective. Christal choreographs musical theatre for Divine Savior Holy Angels High School and Community Theatre Works, and she has won three Tommy Awards for outstanding choreography 2013-2015.
Jöelle Worm holds a BFA in Dance summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and an MPA in Public Administration from Baruch College-City University of NY. Jöelle has spent time dancing and administering education/arts education programming in Minneapolis, New York City and Milwaukee. Worm has danced with Your Mother Dances (Milwaukee), Colleen Hooper Dance Projects (Philadelphia, New York), and De Facto Dance (New York).
andrew Zanoni is thrilled to be dancing his second full season with Danceworks this year. After receiving his BFA in Dance from UW-Milwaukee in 2010, Andrew spent two years dancing in NYC with The Bang Group as well as Boink! Dance. Lots of love and appreciation to his family who has supported him on his many life adventures. Other dance experience: Your Mother Dances, Garth Fagan Summer Institute, The Gina Laurenzi Dance Project.
ernest brusubardis began his violin studies at age 7 with Mary Ellen Meyer. In 2013, he received a BFA degree from UWM under Dr. Bernard Zinck. Brusubardis has participated in the Latvian Song Festival Orchestra in Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Hamilton, Canada. He is currently the concertmaster of the UWM Symphony Orchestra and the principal second violinist of the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra. Brusubardis also enjoys non-classical music and plays throughout the Midwest in bluegrass, gypsy swing and jazz groups. He won 1st place in the 2007 and 2008 East Troy Bluegrass Festival Fiddle Competition. Brusubardis is currently pursuing a graduate degree at UWM and resides in Milwaukee with his wife, Stephanie and their two children, Ernest V and Violet.
Melissa Gross is a senior at UWM earning a double major in Dance and Spanish. She graduates in May of 2016. This is Gross’ first year interning with Danceworks Performance Company and teaching for the Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program. She also teaches for Milwaukee Recreation and has performed with Wild Space Dance Company. She plans to move to Spain in the fall! Olé!
posy knight holds a MFA in Scenic Design from University of Connecticut (2014) and a BFA in Dance from The Julliard School (2002). From New York City to Buenos Aires; Colorado to Milwaukee, Knight has continued to meld a career as a performer, choreographer, designer, director, scenic painter and arts educator. She recently stepped up as the Outreach Project Manager for Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year.
Jiwon lee started private piano lessons at the age of 7 and received a BM and MM in piano performance from Keimyung University in Daegu, Korea. Jiwon won the Varna International Piano Concerto Competition in Bulgaria; the Bronze prize in the 11th National Music Contest in Seoul, Korea; 1st place in the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education Music Competition and she was a participant in the 21st Piano Symposium hosted by the Piano Society of Korea. In addition, Jiwon has played in master classes with Vladimir Shakin, Joseph Banowetz and Adam Wodnicki. Jiwon has extensive teaching experience—having served on the faculty of Seonghwa Girl’s High School in Daegu, Dalseong County Youth Center Happy Music, Donggok Elementary School and Keimyung University. At UWM, Jiwon is pursuing a master’s degree in music—Piano Performance.
Jichen li was born in 1988 in the People’s Republic of China. He was a semifinalist in the Fifth Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music in 2005 and a semifinalist in the Fourth Tchaikovsky International Youth Music Contest in 2012. He studied cello at the Tianjin Conservatory of Music and the China Conservatory of Music before continuing his graduate studies at UWM. Jichen has served as the principal cellist in various orchestras including those of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music and China Conservatory of Music, and is currently the principal cellist of the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra. He currently is pursuing a graduate degree in cello performance at UWM, and in 2015, he won the UWM Concerto Competition.
iuliia Mykolyk was born in Ukraine and has been playing the violin since she was 8 years old. After graduating from the Lviv National Music Academy where she received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Mykolyk performed with the Lviv International Symphony Orchestra (INSO). She played at numerous festivals
in Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Spain and Poland. Two years ago, Mykolyk began to pursue her musical training in the United States and received a certificate in Violin Performance from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She is currently earning a certificate degree in Chamber Music from UWM.
Jason powell is the author of the full- length musical Invader? I Hardly Know Her—which premiered at the Alchemist Theatre in Bay View, Wisconsin and went on to participate in the Fringe Festival in New York City in 2010. His comic opera, Fortuna the Time-Bender vs. The Schoolgirls of Doom, commissioned by Milwaukee Opera Theatre, premiered at the Alchemist in 2012. He enjoyed critical acclaim in his reinvention of the narration of The Soldier’s Tale and portrayal of the Narrator/Devil in the Danceworks Performance Company/Present Music collaboration of Temptation’s Snare in March of 2014.
Caroline seigworth’s passion for dance developed at a young age. Seigworth is currently attending UWM and will be graduating with her BFA in Dance and a Somatic Minor in May. She has had the opportunity to dance with Dani Kuepper and Simone Ferro in a restaging of Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset, and to intern with Deb Loewen (Wild Space Dance Company) and Maria Gillespie (Oni Dance). Recently, she choreographed for UWM’s New Dancemakers and her piece was selected to be shown at the American College Dance Association Conference.
kirk thomsen enjoys creating theater in Milwaukee…