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    Deans Weekly Significant Activities Report 17 August 2017

    The Deans Weekly Significant Activities Report is an internal report on all activities conducted within the Departments, Centers & Staff. The Report is provided to the Dean for situation awareness, throughout the organization for shared situation awareness, and to select external organizations for outreach and communication. POC for the report is Mr. Besim Hoxha at 845-938-6318.

    Picture of the Week

    LTC Eslinger and MAJ Kent at the summit of Pikes Peak during their free time at the ASMCUE conference.

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    Office of the Dean

    Completed events: On August 16, 2017, Ms. Safire Pena, a Financial Technician in the Plans, Resources Division (PRD) of the Deans Office, was inducted as Vice President of the West Point Chapter. Mr Leslie Brehm, West Points G8 Comptroller officiated the induction into the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC). ASMC is the non-profit educational and professional organization for persons, military and civilian, involved in the overall field of military comptrollership. ASMC promotes the education and training of its members, and supports the development and advancement of the profession of military comptrollership. The society provides professional programs to keep members abreast of current issues and encourages the exchange of information, techniques and approaches.

    Left: Mr. Leslie Brehm, Second on the right: Ms. Safire Pena Upcoming events: Robotics Research Center Opening. The Institute for Innovation and Development is pleased to announce the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the Robotics Research Center (RRC) on August 25th at 1600 in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The Dean of the Academic Board, BG Cindy Jebb, and the Armys Chief Roboticist, Dr. Robert Sadowski, will provide remarks and facilitate the ribbon cutting for West Points newest center. The RRC will be the premier resource for expertise and academic scholarship in the field of robotics that enables interdisciplinary cooperation and concentrates Academy-wide research efforts in robotic systems. The center will support margin-of-excellence educational, scholarship and extracurricular activities focused on autonomous systems to educate and inspire leaders of character who are prepared to think critically, innovate and apply robotic systems in the Army. Point of contact is LTC Christopher Korpela,

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    Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

    Professors Morten Ender and Mike Matthews are co-editors with Dr. David Rohall at Missouri State University of a new book that is released this week. The full reference is: Rohall, David E., Morten G. Ender, Michael D. Matthews (eds.). (2017). Inclusion in the American Military: A Force for Diversity. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books). Info at: The volume features chapters on trans military service and religion in the American armed forces. POC: Dr. Morten Ender,

    Dr. Marjorie Carroll and Dr. Lisa Korenman presented a paper titled "Comparison of male and female rape scripts" at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Washington D.C., August 3-6. POC: Dr. Marjorie Carroll, Marjorie. Marjorie. Professors Morten G. Ender and Michael D. Matthews with their longtime collaborator David E. Rohall at Missouri State University presented a paper titled "Narratives of Non-Enlistment: Why People Who May Have Wanted to Join the Military Chose Not To" on a session on Military Sociology at the 113th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Montreal, Canada, August 12th. POC: Dr. Michael Matthews,

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    COL Tood Woodruff, CPT Dave Feltner, CPT John Borland, COL Everett Spain, CPT Steve Fennessy and LTC Andy Farina participated in the Class of 2021 March Back on 14 Aug.

    MAJ Eljdid represented the BS&L Department on an African Military Education Program (AMEP) trip to Niger from 24-28 July to visit Niger's officer commissioning school - Ecole de Formation des Officers des Forces Armees Nigeriennes (EFOFAN). The trip was led by Dr. Bruce Keith and also included a representative from the DPE. During the trip, MAJ Eljdid presented an overview of the USMA military leadership curriculum (PL300) and led a discussion on the United States Corps of Cadets (USCC) leadership structure and its evaluation/assessment mechanisms. At the conclusion of his presentation, EFOFAN officials requested USMAs assistance with the development of four (4) sequential leadership modules rooted in the behavioral sciences. Maj Eljdid will work with Dr. Keith on a proposal to support this request. We are also exploring the possible funding/inclusion of other faculty/cadets as a potential AIAD. POC: LTC Jordon Swain,

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    Department of Chemistry and Life Science

    Life Science Faculty Present Biology Education Research

    LTC Melissa Eslinger and MAJ Elizabeth Kent traveled to Denver 25-30 July, 2017 to present their work as part of the Life Science Biology Education Research Group (BERG). The team won an Institutional Travel Award sponsored by the National Science Foundation Grant to Emory University and Research Experiences in Introductory Laboratory Biology (REIL-Biology). The faculty attended a workshop where they generated a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) for the upcoming academic year. This year REIL-Biology was held in conjunction with the 24th Annual American Society for Microbiologists Conference for Undergraduate Educators (ASMCUE). LTC Eslinger and MAJ Kent were selected for both a poster presentation and Microbrew presentation for ASMCUE, which gathers 350 scientists and educators to share the latest in biological sciences and educational research.

    LTC Eslinger presented Implementation of a Biology Concept Assessment Tool (BCAT) for Non-Majors Biology. This effort includes education research from the first year of core biology. Her team of LTC Timothy Hill and CPT Ryan Rodriguez analyzed predictive performance data against individual events and demographics. The team recently submitted a manuscript of these data to the Journal of Microbiology and Biological Education (JMBE).

    MAJ Kent presented a talk entitled A Guided Exercise to Improve Scientific Literacy and Critical Analysis Skills to the audience. She discussed a capstone project within core biology whereas cadets deliberately dissect primary literature in a topic of their choosing. This also concurrently supports the West Point Writing-in-the-Core initiative. This project was also recently submitted to JMBE for consideration. Together, these conferences promoted further collaborative efforts and initiatives with several universities and organizations beginning in AY18.

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    (Top Left) LTC Eslinger presents her research poster during the ASMCUE conference; (Top Right) MAJ Elizabeth Kent presents a CURE poster during the REIL-Biology Workshop; (Bottom Center) LTC Eslinger and MAJ Kent at the summit of Pikes Peak during their free time at the ASMCUE conference.

    Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

    Follow-on Work for Cadet Capstone Project: 2LT Charlie Christianson and 2LT Matthew Schmitt, creators of the Muzzle Obstacle and Obstruction Sensor Enhancement (MOOSE) device, traveled to Fort Carson, CO 10-12 August 2017 to conduct familiarization training with armor Soldiers from 3d Armor Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. The lieutenants, both mechanical engineering majors from the class of 2017, provided critical assistance with final preparation for a Limited User Test (LUT) with 1-68 AR. During maneuver and live fire, gun tube obstacles and obstructions can present a risk to both the crew and to those operating in the vicinity of the tank. The MOOSE combines proximity sensors as well as pressure-activated switches with a crew alert interface that reports local information encompassing the tank muzzle area. The MOOSE was recently upgraded by the Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC). 2LTs Christianson and Schmitt met with SSG Lunebach, an Abrams main battle tank Master Gunner (MG), to explain the installation procedures and demonstrate the function of the device. The MOOSE will be transported to Europe for LUT activities with 1-68 AR. POC is LTC Joshua Keena at or 845.938.8898.

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    2LT Schmitt (17), 2LT Christianson (17) explain the MOOSE to 1LT McGill and SSG Lunebach.

    2LT Schmitt, 2LT Christianson, and SGM Williams hold the MOOSE. Of note, SGM Williams provided the original problem statement that led to the capstone project. He also served as a te


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