dealing with bankruptcy without hiring a bankruptcy attorney

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Dealing With Bankruptcy Without Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

No matter whichever legal hassle you are involved in, a good attorney can bring about a huge change. This becomes more applicable when you are hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to fight your case. But what do you do, if you do not have money left to hire an attorney as well? Hiring a lawyer is not free of cost. In fact different Bankruptcy lawyers have different fee structures depending on their experience and success rate.

There Are Certain Things That You Can Do:

But before you go ahead and opt for any of these measures, find out whether it will be in your best interest.This depends on a lot of factors like:

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is it really easy?

Chapter 7 means that you have no income or very little and there are hardly any assets this is a simple case that you can file all by yourself. But in order to make sure that the verdict goes in your favor, you need to do thorough research, otherwise you will end up losing the case and will have to pay the amount which you so wanted to avoid.

Natasha V. Rossbach, Esquire

Natasha V. Rossbach, Esquire

What About Chapter 13?Compared to chapter 7, chapter 13 is quite difficult. It requires extensive knowledge of bankruptcy. For an inexperienced individual it is not a good idea to file the case on their own. Hence it is best to hire a lawyer. In case you cannot afford the fees, at least have a discussion with the lawyer. There are many lawyers who offer free consultation.Natasha V. Rossbach, Esquire

Natasha V. Rossbach, Esquire

Negotiate a Reduced Fee AmountIf you cannot afford the fee, tell the lawyer about it. There is nothing to feel shy about. You can negotiate with the lawyer. Tell him the amount that you can afford and see if the lawyer is willing to slash his fee structure for you.It is always advisable to do a survey so that you can compare the fee structure of the other lawyers to find out the one that you can afford.

Natasha V. Rossbach, Esquire

Talk to a Free Legal Clinic or Legal Aid SocietyThere are many legal aids and clinics that offer legal advice for free. In fact there are many bankruptcy courts that have special clinics to help all those individuals who are fighting the case on their own.

Natasha V. Rossbach, Esquire

Find a Pro Bono AttorneyThere are many Bankruptcy lawyers out there who take a certain number of cases as pro bono. If you do not find a lawyer who will slash his/her fee to fight your case, search for a lawyer who will take up the case as pro-bono.

Natasha V. Rossbach, Esquire

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