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Summer of 2009 Updates


  • 1. Setting the Stage with Discovery Streaming Erik Wittmer

2. What are your experiences with using video and other digital mediain the classroom? Creating Handouts and Building WebQuests Worksheets Using Clip Art and Images Designing Learning Centers Embedding Video in PowerPoint Producing and Editing Videos Creating Hyperlinks to VideoSegments 3. Objectives & AgendaTodays Objectives Agenda By the end of todays training, participants will be able to: 1. Welcome & Introductions Describe the tools and features 2. Discovery Education available through Discoverystreaming Tools & Features Education streaming Identify opportunities for 3. Play classroom integration 4. Integration Ideas 5. Professional DevelopmentOpportunities 6. Closure 4. Technology InformationWhere will we store our downloaded video segments?DeviceStorage # of Video # of Full-lengthCapacitySegmentsVideos CD-ROM 650 MB50 2-5Computer Hard1 GB75 3-7 Drive Computer Hard20 GB1,500 75-100 Drive Dedicated Server 600 GB40,000 4,000 5. Getting Started 6. Interface of Discovery Streaming 7. The ToolbarMy Services Other The Meat and Potatoes 8. Conducting a Search 9. Standards Search 10. DE Streaming has Access to Songs close to 466 elementary school DE Streaming has songsto 466 site. close on the To find them click elementary school inside the the site. songs on search box, choose click To find them songs the search inside within the Media box, and box, choose click on the the songs within Search button Media box, and click on the Search button 11. Search Results! 12. Thank You, Amazon! 13. Because we have DE streaming Plus We have a multitude of games to choose from a You have including one multitude of on Nouns 3 games to choose from including one on HomophonesWe also have access to 3000 math explorations. 14. The Meat and Potatoes Section Create classesMy ContentUsed to be in theTeacher Center 15. My Content 16. Take 10 Take 10 minutes to explore the newest features of Discovery Streaming When we come back, be prepared to share what you will try this year that you never tried before in your classroom 17. Reviewing Basics Downloading Streaming Planet Earth Discovery Education Atlas CalendarTeacher Thematic FocusCenter Lesson Plan 18. Now for Something Cool!Embedding with all the bells and whistles! PC ONLY 1. Go to your tool bar and click on the word View 6 2. Click on Toolbars and then Control Tool BoxThis will bring up a box that looks like this: 19. Really Embedding Continued3. Click on the Hammer And Wrench Icon 6 Scroll down and choose Windows Media PlayerThis will change your cursor to a + symbol Giving you the ability to draw a box 20. Really Embedding Continued5 Draw a box and then right-click on the box and chooseProperties 6 21. Almost there 6 Click inside the blank box next to the box titled (Custom)and then click on the three little dots 6 22. Finding the video 7. Click on the Browse button to find the video that you want toembed, then check the Stretch to fit button and then click onthe OK button 6 23. Voila! You have now embedded a video with controls like fast forward, rewind, pause, etc 6 play your PPT to see the video 24. Summarizer 3 things I learned2 connections I made1 idea I will try right away