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An increasing number of applications, such as smart cities, mobile-health and smart grids, require to ubiquitously distribute and access real-time information from, and across, a vast variety of devices, ranging from embedded sensors to mobile devices. While the problem of ubiquity is solved at a computing and network connectivity level, it is by no means solved with respect to (1) real-time, and (2) resource efficient (e.g. battery life and network), data distribution. This webcast will unveil PrismTechs DDS Everywhere product strategy and will introduces a series of Innovations that have extended the OpenSplice ecosystem to seamlessly share data between embedded devices, traditional IT infrastructures, cloud applications and mobile devices.


<ul><li>1.OpenSplice DDS EverywhereOpenSplice DDSAngelo CORSARO, Ph.D.Chief Technology OcerOMG DDS Sig Co-Chair</li></ul> <p>2. DDS Everywhere PlatformA DDS-based, interoperable Copyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved.product family addressing OpenSplice OpenSplicesystems needs from Embedded Cloud Communityand Mobile to Enterprise andCloudOpenSpliceOpenSplice DDS An Open Source core providingfree access to the OpenSplice OpenSpliceOpenSpliceEcosystem, security of supply and Enterprise Embeddeda vibrant, innovative community 3. DDS Everywhere Platform Consumer Platforms Browser / HTML5 Copyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved. iOSOpenSplice OpenSplice Android CloudCloud Community No-SQL Mobile/WiFi IP Transp.OpenSpliceOpenSplice DDS RTOS (VxWorks, QNX, OS (Linux, Windows, etc)etc.) Cloud FPGAOpenSpliceOpenSplice DBMS BSP / No-OS No-SQL Enterprise Embedded IP + Exotic InniBand + IPTransports Transports Industrial IT Platforms Platforms 4. DDS Everywhere Platform Mobility Elasticity Cloud Copyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved. IntegrationOpenSplice OpenSpliceCloud CommunityOpenSpliceOpenSplice DDS Fault-Tolerance OpenSpliceOpenSplice ThroughputEnterprise Embedded Scalability Latency Determinism Latency Security Footprint Integration 5. OpenSplice EnterpriseOpenSplice DDS 6. Key Highlights The best middlewareOpenSplice OpenSpliceCopyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved. Cloud Communityinfrastructure to SimplifyDistributed SystemDevelopment OpenSplice Reduce complexity ofOpenSplice DDSbuilding, testing, integrating, OpenSplice OpenSpliceOpenSpliceand deploying high- Tools Enterprise Embeddedperformance, scalable, andfault-tolerant distributedsystemsOpenSplice DDS 7. OpenSplice DDS New in v6.3 8. OpenSplice DDSI2EEnhanced version of the Interoperable wireCopyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved.protocol DDSI v2.1Discovery Standardized discovery (locators) Dynamic unicast/multicast selection Optional static discoveryOpenSplice DDSReal-Time independently scheduled priority-lanes Support for Logical and Physical Partitioning Traffic-ShapingSecurity Encrypted network-Partitions 9. Record and Replay Dynamic recording of any topic-Copyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights in a DDS system Selective replay with variable RnRRnR RnRspeedService Service(s) Manager Distributed control by topic-basedRecord/Replay command Record/Replay command Any topicAPI (command &amp; status topics)OpenSplice DDS&amp; status topics &amp; status topicsOpenSplice DDS Seamless integration withOpenSplice Tester (topic-based API) Dedicated RnR-Manager graphicalGUI for scenario-definition and dataimport/analysis 10. OpenSplice DDSRecord and Replay Tool Copyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved. 11. New DDS APIsCopyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved. The original DDS API introduces some unnecessary accidentalcomplexityOpenSplice DDS Weve been working hard to standardize new C++/Java API forDDS that makes using it as simple as possible 12. Statistics Simple DataWriter with default QoS DDS v1.2 C++ APIISO C++ API Copyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved.15 The new API reduces thenumber of lines of code 11from 3x to 5x whencompared to the originalOpenSplice DDS 8DDS API! Less code means less bugs4 0SLOC 13. struct ShapeType { ISO C++ DDS API string color; long x; long y; long shapesize;};#pragma keylist ShapeType colorint main(int argc, char* argv[]) {try {Copyright 2011, PrismTech All Rights Reserved. Simple, Compact and ! ! // Create DomainParticipantDomainParticipant dp = DomainParticipant(0);Elegant ! ! // Create TopicTopic topic(dp, "Circle"); // Create Publisher! ! Publisher pub(dp); Type-safe// Create DataWriter QoS DataWriterQos dwqos =pub.default_datawriter_qos()</p>