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R u LEPLAYING GAME CORE RULESJames Wyatt Bill Slavicsek - Robin D. Laws


ROLEPLAYING GAME SUPPLEMENTJames Wyatt Bill Slavicsek Robin D. Laws

CREDITSDesign James Wyatt ileac!). Bill Slavicsek, Mike Mearic, Robin D. Laws Additional Design Andy Collins. Rob Donoghue, Johnn Four, Greg Gorden. Yacinr "fax" Merzouk, Stephen Rad ney , MarTarland. Stephen Schubert. Matthew Sernett Development Stephen Schubert lead), Andy Collins, Stephen Radney-Macfarland Editing Michele Carter [lead'},Kara


Art Director Marl Koikowsky Graphic Designer Sae Ilemmi Cover 1 Ito% t ra t ion Wayne Reynolds interior Illustrations Stew Argyle, Ryan Barger, Kerem Beyit, Zoltan Borns & Gabor Szikszai, Nicole Ashley Cardiff, Chippy, Julie Dillon, Vincent Du trait, Jason A. Engle, Randy Gallegos, Tomas Giorello, Ralph Horsley. Howard Lyon, Raven Mini u ra, Ludo ParrIllo, Georgi Si meonov "Calader,' Amelia Stoner, Eva Widermann Car tographer Jason A. Engle D&D Brand Team Liz Schuh, Scott Rouse, Kierin Chase, Sara Girard, Martin Durham

Hamilton, Miranda Horner, Cal Moore Additional Editing Greg Bilsland, Torah Cottrill Managing Fditing Kim Mohan Test Review George Strayton

Publishing Production Specialist Erin Dorries

Director of D&D R&D and Book Publishing Bill Slavicsek C reat ive Manager Christopher Perkins D&D Design Manager Imaging Technician Carmen Cheungprcpress Manager

Jefferson Dunlap

James WyattD&D Development and Editing Manager Andy Collins D&D Senior Art Director jon Schindelveite

Production Manager Cynda Callaway Game rules based on the original Di/war/No. s. DitAcoNs' . rule s created by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and the later editions by David "Zeit' Cook I Ind Edition; Jonathan Tweet. Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Richard Baker, jnd Peter Adkison Ord Fdition:r; and Rob Ileinsoo, Andy Collins, and James Wyatt Pith Wition i.

ikslicainf ro die memory of Dan. r rit$on

620 24206000.001 Lit 98 76 5 4 3 2 1 I irst Printing September 2009 ISSN: 973.0.7869-5244-1

U S.. CANADA, ASLA. PACO-K. & LATIN A.61E RIC A Wt.r.srds of the Coast 11C P.O. Orn. TO/ Racer WA 9805.7.0707 +1-800-374 ,4.496

fUROPf AN HEADQUARTERS Hasbro UX Caswell Way Hemmer, t-rnem NP9 0tH (ALAI MIMI/4firr.t Ion* dab areas fes yaw moral.

WIZARDS OF T HIE COAS LOPLGiti Itu!usterahan 1 1702 Gm*: &warden Bek0.00 111x733,177


mown. Mama Adventirsrt's ivotor Power, Danjern Deter. morototrko.: Ctreeruric [Driving, MarGoi Po WI% Open Crow Secrets of the Uftircd. Pntral Power, ell *thew Wizards of the toast product 15.1,11111 OF the Coast tit:in the U.S.A. and other countries. All WItards charac tees and ear rinstrettrolkennses thereof Or none' and their respet nye logos arc tr.16EfTlif pros-rrery of WHarris it thr Coast I IC. MP. .nintrciall as prow/tea under thr copyright laws of the United States of ArrierKA. Any rep tthiction or insatOscrtrert use of the mater al or tots...EA.. contained herein is prohitked without the fatness written permission of Maar Is of the Coast III. Any sim Deity to JetvAl peuFge. crgaritatiorts. places. Of erents Indibled herein is po.ciy 1.011r1Crjental. Pr wired in the US-A- 01009 Wiaerels of doe Coast LIX.:1),"1.1ann R Dancoss, DA D.4170, .110 Syttreo, IA44arcns ur roar Corsi, fan awn. Foannr Ism fir Ai wt. Playa's fkrodisrob. Ourgeon Master's Gacie.




INTRODUCTION I: GROUP STORYTELLING. Story Structure Branching Cooperative Arcs Your Cast of Character's Cooperative World Building Roleplaying Hooks Vignettes Drama Rewards What Your Players Want Companion Characters Making Things Level ADVANCED ENCOUNTERS Encounter as Story Player Motivations Encounters for Large Groups Encounters for Small Groups Encounters and Attrition Pacing. Drawing Characters Onward Creating Movement Terrain More Fantastic Terrain Terrain Powers. Designing Traps Die arid Solo Traps Sample Traps Kissing Maiden Falling Iron Portcullis WateeFilling Chamber Crushing Walls Room Giant Rolling Boulder . Death Strangler Statue Elemental Tiles Phantom Hunter Pain Vault Life Eater Hare Far Realm Star Trap Maddening Mural Pulling It All Together 3: SKILL CHALLENGES Skill Challenge Basics The Skill Challenge Framework Example of Play Ground Rules Skill Challenges in Depth Time Frame Allow a Variety of Options Prepare for Failure Progressive Challenges Branching Challenges

4 6 8 9 12 13 16 20 22 25 26 27 34 36 38 42 50 51 52 52 54 56 58 58 62 64 66 66 66 67 67 68 69 70 71 72 72 73 74 74 75 78 80 80 80 82 84 84 85 86 88 89

Skill Challenge Examples Closing the Portal Opening the Ninth Ward Hunting the Mastermind Chasing the Bandits Traveling Through Gorginwith The Restless Dead The Rushing River War by Other Means Moving Through Suderham 4: CUSTOMIZING MONSTERS Monster Themes Using Themes Thorned Groups Demogorgon Cultist Teywild Denizen Goblin Auks Legion of Avernus Loitls's Chosen Orcus Blood Cultist Snaketongue Cultist. Those Who Hear Tiamat's Red Hand Templates Applying a Template Functional Templates. Beast of Demogorgon Champion of Bane Chaos Warrior Cursed Guardian Dragontouched Destroyer Grizzled Veteran liellbound Sokber Mad Alchemist Slithering Idol Spectral Assassin Spiderblessed Spinner Terrifying Haunt Victim of the Mad Dance Class Templates Creating Monsters S: ADVENTURES Alternative Rewards Reward Types How Rewards Work Creating a Reward Divine Boons Legendary Boons. Grandmaster Training Item Consponents Artifacts Ada rnantiee Horse of Xarn.. Amulet of Passage Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar

89 89 90 90 91 92 93 94 96 98 102 104 104 105 106 108 110 112 114 116 118 120 122 124 124 125 125 125 125 126 126 127 127 128 129 130 130 130 131 131 133 134 136 136 137 137 139 142 144 146 147 148

Emblem of Ossandrya Rash and Reckless Rod of Seven Parts Standard of Eternal Bank Organizations Recurring Villainy Political Complications Rivalry Belonging to an Organization Shifting Relationships . Power Struggles Organization Elements Examples Campaign Arcs Breach Smashers. Pillars of the State. Blood and Treasure The Mobius Trippers Dungeoncraft: The Campaign Arc 6: PARAGON CAMPAIGNS Paragon Status Reaching Paragon Tier Crowns and Thrones Masters of War Down to the Depths Darkness in the Light World Hopping Masters of Reality Masters of Tine.. Std. The City of Doors Origin Stories The Impossible Place Portals The lady of Pain Rules and Governance Sigirs Businesses and Services The Wards of Sigtl Faces of Sigii Typical Street Encounter Typical Sewer Encounter Gate-Towns A Conspiracy of Doors Starting the Adventure Encounter Dl: Doorway to Danger Encounter D2: Tradegate Encounter 03: The Night Market Encounter D4: The Demon Caves Encounter DS: The Warehouse Ending the Adventure INDEX

154 1SS 157 159 161 161 162 162 I63 163 164 165 165 168 168 169 171 172 174 176 178 178 178 180 IS]

183184 185 185 186 186 186 188 190 191 193 194 202 204 206 208 210 211 212 214 216 118 220 222 223


NTRODUCT1ONPLAYER'S HANDBOOK 2 introduced eightnew classes and five new races to the D&D' game. It presented racial paragon paths, character backgrounds. and new feats and rituals for every character. Monster Manual* 2 presented over 300 new monsters to the game. covering every level and role. From the bumble ankheg broodling to the mighty Prince of Demons. Demogorgon. its full of monsters to challenge your players and add new Ilk to your dungeons. So what's in Dungeon Master's Guide* 2 that will make your game better? Juicy ride with your player characters. That chapter also includes handy rules for altering a character on the fly so he or she can fit in with a party of characters of much higher or lower level.

EXPERT ADVICEA Dungeon Master's Guide isn't just about rules. it's about helping you be a better Dungeon Master. Whether you're a veteran DM or a first-tinier. ibis book has ample expert advice to improve your game. Chapter 1, "Group Storytelling: focuses on the cooperative experience ofcreating a dramatic narrative. Whether you're looking to inject a little more drama into your game or you want a group-created story to drive your campaign. you'll find advice that will help you bring the characters at your table to life. Chapter 2, 'Advanced Encounters," extends that advice to the level of the individual encounters that make up your adventures. offering advice to help make each encounter an important part of the plot. This chapter also includes advice on how to tailor encounters for different player motivations, bow to deal with large and small groups, how to encourage movement in combat, and how to pace encounters to build dramatic tension. If you've wondered how to encourage characters to press on without taking an extended rest, or how to handle a long fight with wave after wave of onrushing enemies and no time for a short rest, this chapter has the advice you nerd. Chapter 2 ends with a sample encounter that pulls many of the elements discussed in the chapter together into a single. dynamic fight. Chapter 3. -Skill Challenges." focuses on using skill challenges in your game, combining extensive. detailed advice with lots of examples. it sums up the basic rules of skill challenges (as already expanded and clarified in rules updates found on wwwwizards. corn). moves on to discuss live key elements of skill challenges. and wraps up with a series of examples. In among the rewards and artifacts in Chapter S. "Adventures." you'll also find plenty of advice to help you build your campaign. Sample campaign arcs, including a hands-on example of how to build a campaign arc, help you form the skeleton of your campaign, and information about using artifacts and organizations can help you flesh out the details. If the characters In your campaign have advanced to paragon level, be sure to take a look at Chapter 6, "Paragon Campaigns." This chapter offers tips and


Lees start with the juicy rules bits you can drop in your game right away-like the eight pages of new traps in Chapter 2. You also get solid guidelines for creating your own traps. covering everything from getting the numbers right to making sure your trap threatens the characters-not the fun of you r game. Chapter 2 also includes new types of fantastic terrain you can add to your encounters. as well as introducing the concept orterrain powers"-attack powers built in to an encounter's environment. Chapter 4 is about tweaking and adjusting I11041. sters. h rounds out the rules presented in the first 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide with additional rules for making minions and refined guidelines for elite and solo monsters. It presents new templates. including class templates for the classes in Player's Handbook' 2. and introduces monster themes-a great way to tweak the flavor and powers of a monster to make it fit whatever kind ofad enture you want to rim. You'll find new artifacts in Chapter 5. including old favorites such as the Rod of Seven Parts and the Cup and Talisman of ArAkbar (both of which appeared in the original Dungeon Master's Guide back in 1979) as well as all-new artifacts designed to appeal to pairs or whole groups of characters. Chapter 5 also sets out a new system of rewards you can use instead of (or as a supplement to) magic items. Divine boons represent gifts from the gods or their agents, legendary boons express the accomplishment of great deeds of power, and grandmaster training reflects what happens when a player character learns from a legendary master. Near the end of Chapter I. you'll find rules for companion characters-a great way to round out a small party or bring an important NPC along for theINTRODUCTION

D&D INSIDER'throughout this book, you'll find excerpts of material from the pages of 1) un eonTM magazine, particularly. Stephen Radneyr-MacFarland's 'Save My Game" column and James iAryatt's - Dungeoncraft" column. Sonic other material in this book originally appeared in the "Ruling Skill Challenges" column by Mike Meads or in feature articles in Dragon"' magazine. These columns and features are part ofD&D Insiderni. an online subscription-based scrvke designed to bring new life and new ideas to your D&D game. D&D Insider is a suite of content and tools for better gamin. including: + Dragon magazine, which features new material and expanded content to help make your characters and campaigns more fun and more compelling: character options, powers, feats. magic items, paragon paths. epic destinies. monsters. campaign setting source material, and more. Dragon magazine also regularly features material slated for Inclusion in future print products. giving you the opptirtu. 1,0 to share your feedback with the Wizards of the 1,ast design and development teams..

lArizords of the Coast is working constantly to expand

and Improve the tools and content available on D&D Insider, so be sure to check www.dndinsider.com for the latest updates. And i fru like the excerpts from D&D Insider you find within these pages. become a subscriber and check out what you've been mis s ing!

PUTTING IT ALL TO USESince the release of the Dungeon Muster's Guide in 2008, the Will-) game has grown. Besides Player's Handbook 2 and Monster Manual 2, you and your players might own Mania/ Power'. Droconornicon -: Chromatic Dragons. Open Grave'. Adventurer's Vault", the FORGOT MN Resumes" or EMPACTe* Campaign Guide and Player's Guide, and any number of other supplements and adventures. How do you put it all to work for your game? Start by knowing when to say no- If a player brings a new option to your table that doesn't fit in your gamr. It's okay to tell the player to hold on to that idea until this campaign wraps up and you for someone else in your group) starts something new Balance this, of course, with the advice to say yes as much as possible (See page /8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). but know the limits you want in your game and don't be afraid to enforce them. if your players are eager to try a new class or build they found in Player's Handbook or a power source hook such The D&D Compendium, part of the D&D Insider suite of tools, is a great way to keep track of information that appears in multiple books. If you're trying to find the caller in darkness, the Compendium can tell you qui< kly that it appears in Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead and that it's a level 19 elite soldier). Using the Compendium to build encounters keeps all the information from your books at your fingertips. Loot freely. For instance. you don't have to be running a

game set in tile world of fberron to find something worth using in the anticoN Campaign Guide. Maybe the idea ofkarat tern with dr:sprint:irks tied to a mysterious prophecy fits in with the ideas you have for your own campaign. Letting your characters take dragonmark feats-- and then pitting them against agents of the Chamber and the Lords

of Dust-makes everyone at the table happy. Del...