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  1. 1. Since 2002
  2. 2. Digital Connection Co. ltd. Digital Connection Co. Ltd. (DCL) was created in 2002 by Mr. Abdullah Akbar Natheer, a Saudi Aramco retiree, who had spent his career in Outside Plant Construction (OSP). DCL undertook short form contracts in the beginning in the field of Telecommunication OSP. During the first long form contract awarded by Saudi Aramco (Microwave Replacement, BI 10-3988), DCL introduced the idea of converting all road and utility crossings from open cut method to Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). The proposal was implemented and execution time was reduced to 1/3 of the scheduled duration planned for the construction of road crossings. This was the start of a journey which has evolved into creation of the most comprehensive Trenchless Technology service provider in Saudi Arabia. DCL The Beginning
  3. 3. DCL provides Telecommunication/Power, HDD/ThrustBoring and Tunneling construction services for the largest market in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. We recently completed the world's longest tunneling contract in Abu Ali, Saudi Arabia for Saudi Aramco. DCL was purchased by Saudi Consolidated Contracting Company, SCCC in early 2013. We continue to place engineering solutions to difficult problems at the forefront of our strategic plan to differentiate us from the competition. When you face challenges requiring an engineered solution, contact DCL. Digital Connection Co. ltd. DCL Specialties
  4. 4. TELECOMMUNICATION Survey. Design Engineering. MW Tower Installation Telecom Construction. Foc splicing & Testing Rock Trenching. Rock Breaking FOC Blowing Digital Connection Co. ltd. Our Business TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGIES Directional Drilling (HDD) Micro tunneling & Pipe Jacking Pipe Ramming Drill Path Designing Drilling Calculations
  5. 5. DCL has completed more than 100,000 meters of utility crossings using various trenchless technologies, HDD, micro tunneling and pipe ramming. DCL has constructed pipeline crossings up to 48 inch dia pipes using HDD. DCL is credited with construction of worlds longest in length (3,045 meters) and largest in pipe dia (30 inch) crossing using HDD, at the time of execution back in 2008. DCL has the most successful record of construction of pipeline crossings under the sand dunes in Shaybah. Digital Connection Co. ltd. DCL Achivments
  6. 6. Telecom Projects Saudi Aramco-BI-10-03988 Microwave Replacement of Backbone Saudi Aramco-BI-10-8289 Haradh 101 Well Connectivity Saudi Aramco-NDE-489100 Telecom Room Grounding system Upgrade(Western & Northern Area) Saudi Aramco-BI-10-00637 FOC Connectivity Betwn Qurayyah SWTP To Shaybah-101 Saudi Aramco-BI-10-00635 Microwave Conectivity Betwn Qurayyah SWTP To Al-Uqair Beach SWCC- FOC Connectivity RWTS PS2 & SWCC PLANT Marafiq-Relocation of Existing STC Copper Cable to Jubail-2(Project Number#7200006604) Marafiq- Engi,Proc & Construction of FOC Btwn Swc-1 to Jub-2 (Project Number#700008200) Trenchless Project Construction of Berry Causeway Pipeline 24 & 30 Micro Tunneling Pipe Jacking at Water Injection Plant Tanajib Sand Dune Crossing in Shaybah Digital Connection Co. ltd.