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<ul><li> 1. Design Portolio Derric Capteina </li> <li> 2. NG NARY MreseNIVO A nts hionably Event Flyers p fas AS LOUD LOUD UMMER OF MU SIC AND STYLE -9PM ECA GRAND 6 IB UNE 18TH TR THURSDAY J on orange the vangu ard the aviati 40s dj jesse marco NTS.COM INFO@NMEVE NARY MANIVONG FALL/WINTER 2009 FASHION SHOW SHORT NORTH COLUMBUS OH 6:30PM-8:00PM WWW.NARYMANIVONG.COM </li> <li> 3. Postcards Wbe fabulous ake up and Rescue BIRD Delaythe 529 West 20th Street, 9E New York info@jonathanlevinegallery.com Pleasure </li> <li> 4. Photo Editing &amp; Alteration </li> <li> 5. Brand Layout </li> <li> 6. Full &amp; Partial Page Advertising You can never have to much help. Disaster Relief Volunteer American Red Cross in Greater New York Register at www.nyredcross.org </li> <li> 7. Digital Illustration </li> <li> 8. Blog &amp; Email Blast Content </li> <li> 9. Print Promotions </li> <li> 10. Promotional Products </li> <li> 11. Brochure Layout &amp; Design Home Dcor Furniture Eclectic Gifts &amp; Collectibles We are proud and honoured to be your exclusive NYC TM based retailer of Tropical Salvage furniture. Truly functional Y r... Furn our hometown shop fo e Dcor works of art, the artisans of Tropical Salvage newly craft iture, Ec these wonderful pieces in Indonesia from multiple, and le c tic Gif ts a nd Hom varying, aged Indonesian hardwoods. These hardwoods have been salvaged as whole trees which were felled due to landslides, volcanic eruptions, as well as salvaging plantation trees and boards recycled from building salvage. We are your new neighborhood source Come create your Space at Bazaar de La Paz! pieces are nished with 3 coats of a natural nish which for innovative gift giving. allows the color variation inherent in the use of di erent We o er a growing line of products to help you organize Weddings. La Chamba ceramic cookware makes the and energize your home. We o er a vast array of ... species of tree to shine through. perfect gift . Use with stove tops, ovens &amp; microwaves. The perfect solution for cooking, serving &amp; food storage. andwoven storage baskets; Births. Celebrate the birth of a new, wee one with one of our new line of soft toys and mobiles; Birthdays. Choose from our magni cent pottery selection, games, Putumayo music, &amp; instrument collection. Or, try our hand bags, carrying cases, wallets , &amp; a growing collection of jewelry o erings. Anniversaries. We carry magni cent faux vintage luggage to store all your photographic memories. Or create your own keepsake with our tree free card/paper making kits or journals. Collectibles. Bugs crafted from old bicycle chains or small animals crafted from the palm leaves. Daily indulgences. Pamper yourself with our collection of shea butter and olive oil soap skin care products. Or, simply sit back and relax in one of our Tropical Salvage chairs and delight your taste buds with our assortment of 2nd) And of course, our Tropical Salvage chocolates, co ee, tea and snack collection. furniture o erings The possibilities are endless - and ever changing. The wood is hundreds of years old. Time and history have om Endless possibilities, always changing ... scarred it. The e ects of nails, seasoning cracks, bore holes Gift wrapping and cards for all occasions available. y and other stresses are clearly evident in each furniture piece. We regard these irregularities as a wonderful testament to the wood's historical richness and revived use. Due to the use of multiple salvaged woods in each handcrafted item, each piece varies in appearance from one to another. In this instance, a picture can only tell the rst 100 words of the story. We welcome you to visit BDLP to see the Tropical Salvage di erence for yourself. Always &amp; Earth-wise </li> <li> 12. Logo Development THE THE THE GREEN GREEN GREEN ROOM ROOM NYC ROOM NYC THE THE THE GREEN GREEN ROOM ROOM NYC GREEN ROOM NYC THE THE THE GREEN GREEN GREEN ROOM NYC ROOM NYC ROOM NYC The The The Green Room NYC Green Room NYC Green Room NYC </li> <li> 13. Web Buttons FW 2009 FW09 FW09 OW WATCH N watch now watch now WATCH NO W FW09 FW W 2009 H NO WATCH NOW WATC WATCH NOW watch now FALL/WINTER 2009 </li> <li> 14. Web Design </li> <li> 15. Desktop Publihing 3 E 7 G L O ST. TRANSIT So are we connected yet? ?? by Katherine Sullivan When your waiting on the platform do often think to yourself. When will the train get here? Living in New York I have discovered almost every corner of this great city via the subway or occasional bus. I have also discovered that attempting to get from one end to the other on the weekends or at night is a rediculous challenge and border line torcher I am like everyone else I love my subway line. The F has yet to fall me yet. But there are far to many lines out there that move the speed of mud and often leave their passangers oatinig forever in a purpetual state of miss trust....</li></ul>