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  • Procrastinate Much? Yeah, Us Too! Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. These words from author William James ring true for most of us in so many respects. When we know there are tasks that need completedno matter how large or how smallit weights on our minds and bodies. Procrastination takes over, and its often so hard to escape that we just give in and take a nap! Not that we recommend missing sufficient sleep, but you cant let procrastination get the best of you. Theres no magic formula to overcoming procrastination, but the answer for doing so is really simplemost of the time, you just need to face the music and get working on the tasks at hand. This is easier said than done, in the majority of cases. Although there isnt a magic bullet for beating procrastination, there are a few secret weapons that can help you win the battle. Heres how:

    Work your schedule and be flexible. Nothing says you have to get these tasks done at a single timework them in as your schedule permits and as opportunities arise. However, being flexible does NOT mean you dont still have deadlines to meet. Deadlines are a necessity for beating procrastination.

    Carry out versus dining in. This has nothing to do with lunch, but rather keeping the information and tools you need to complete your task with you, even when you leave your desk or office. You never know when a pocket of time will open up, so best be prepared, wherever you are.

    Why so serious? While its easyand even sometimes necessaryto loosen up or even goof off a little during the day, keep those deadlines in mind. Instead of playing a game of Angry Birds, try knocking out one or two of those tasks you keep putting off.

    When schedules get tight and your time is stretched thin, its easy for procrastination to take over. However, if followed properly, these simple steps can be an easy fix for even the worst procrastinator. Dont give in and keep up the fightat the end of the battle, youll find yourself more efficient and productive than ever! About Day Runner At Day Runner, our mission is to assist people in designing their day with a touch of fashion and function. Many products can be configured for individual planning needs. Our loose-leaf day planners allow users the flexibility to easily select the page formats and style that they like and put them where they need those most. Our products are available from many office product retailers and dealers nationwide and can also be found in office supply catalogs. For more information or to order your planning and organizing tools, visit

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