Day 5 Become Your Own Superhero

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6 Days To Core Confidence Worksheets. Day 5 Become Your Own Superhero. Listen to the audio Day 5 and come back to this worksheet after the audio is complete. SUMMARY:. Become a person that you respect Its all about INTEGRITY, self-respect and self-love - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Day 5 </p> <p>Become Your Own Superhero6 Days To Core Confidence WorksheetsListen to the audio Day 5 and come back to this worksheet after the audio is complete</p> <p>SUMMARY:</p> <p>Become a person that you respectIts all about INTEGRITY, self-respect and self-loveShowing up in life as a person you respectThe importance of following your own heart. Not doing anything to please others. Pretend your life is a videogame that revolves around you. Become the hero of your videogame.All the problems of your life are tests to test your character that strengthen your character.</p> <p>TODAYS EXERCISEFuneral ExerciseLook at yourself living your entire life as the ideal person that you want to be. You lived the best life possible. At your funeral, what would someone give a speech about you? About your character &amp; the type of person you were. What impact did you have on the world &amp; how much love and happiness did you share between you and your friends.Write down what you would want someone to say about you for a funeral speech about yourselfObjective:</p> <p> This exercise should have you focus on the truly important things in life and think bigger.</p> <p>Step into the role of being the superhero best version of yourselfTODAYS EXERCISEExercise 2Write down the action steps you can take to become more like the dream person that you want to be Watch the video on how to get out of the victim mentality.Lead your life. Grab the steering wheel of your life. Do things that you respect and look up to.Take action on becoming that dream character. It is ok not to be perfect.</p> <p>TODAYS EXERCISEExercise 3Go out and find someone who needs help and help them.</p> <p>Ex:Buy food for a homeless personHelp your neighbor rake some leaves.Find some good deed to give.Call a family relative like your grandma and cheer her up.Give Value. Become a value-giving person.When you shoot out love, people respect you and you will respect yourself more by making this world a better place.PS. Remember Journaling, Fitness &amp;Health, Visualization</p>