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The Communication on Top Forum will be held immediately after the World Economic Forum has ended, the 8-9th february, Switzerland. The Forum was established as a global dialogue for top level professionals and key decision-makers in communications management in business, media and politics. The aim of the Forum is the creation in Davos of an annual world-wide platform for ideas and views on top management, best practices and problems and solutions in communications development. The forum will welcome approx. 250 top managers and managers from the world's largest public communications companies, top-managers in the media business, decision makers in the fields of economics and media politics, representing countries with a developed or fast-developing public sphere. The Forum will bring together leaders of financial and public communications of major public companies, including those in the field of energy, media, consulting, communications, experts interacting with the government and lobbying, software security, community organizations, scientists. More details and programme of the Forum are available on our website: www.forumdavos.com


    • communications
    • contacts
    • opportunities
    • expertise
    Davos Congress, Switzerland
  • 3. Objectives Global Annual Forum COMMUNICATION ON TOP To changetheworld of communications To help shape the future
    • to source ideas and options for overcoming geographical, cultural, religious, corporative and political differences
    • to secure an annual global platform for concepts and views on:
      • top management
      • application of best practices
      • problem-solving in communication developments
    • to establish a mechanism for sharing professional expertise in global communications trends
  • 4.
        • developments in public and corporate communications
        • examples of best practice in communication
        • creative and technological developments
        • new community communication trends to be put forward at the WEF 2010
        • top managers of global companies
        • political & public communication leaders
        • media leaders
        • government lobbying experts
        • community organizations
        • scientists
    COMUNICATION ON TOP forum 8 9 February, 2010 Selected participants Focus on New global event
  • 5.
    • privileged Forum participation alongside with global communications giants
        • business contacts with top managers of leading communication companies
        • 'tool-kit' of practical new ideas, insights and approaches ready to to take away and apply in the workplace
    Unique opportunity
        • maximum opportunity for formal and informal networking
  • 6. forum's major partner Davos - the WEF annual host
    • DAVOS Congress Centre:
    • selection of perfectly organized rooms, equipped with top of the line presentation technology
    • unique combination of idyllic Alpine landscape, urban atmosphere, wide range of service, and leisure activities
    • top place for several large and small conferences, events and seminars
  • 7.
    • promotion via e-media, traditional media, websites
    • professional press release
    • link on Forum website
    • banners exchange
    • info on Forum booklet
    • acknowledged expertise and skills of Davos Congress Centre
    Organized Marketing Strategy
  • 8.
    • To the benefit of each participant
        • > top practices shared
        • > grounds for future dialogues
        • > new approaches to global issues
    • Best contacts potential for your members and associates!
    3-day Program 8th 9th February plenary sessions, speeches, presentations, workshops, Case Study 10th February Master Classes held by experts Contacts potential 10% discount of the stated fee For Associations Only! special discount:
  • 9.
    • There will be two platforms available at the Forum for presenting new ideas and technologies:
      • - Virtual - on our website through application to the administrator
      • - Real - a large exhibition stand in the foyer of the Congress Center.
    • The Coordinating Committee will judge submissions and issue certificates and photographs to those whose work is of merit.
    The Forum should be used as a playground for creative ideas relating to the future of the communications industry. For those unable to participate there will be a chance to propose ideas and broadcast information in this playground. Future desk
  • 10. Forum operator and coordinator: Top Communications GmbH For details on Registration or Program please refer to our contact administrators: Tel: + 41435000 683, ext. 219 Skype: top.communication.gmbh E-mail: [email_address]