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  • Diane


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    Hume Kennerly

    Pulitzer Prize


    White House




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    K E Y N O T E S P E A K E R S

  • ROBERT FENNER Former General Counsel NCUA Mr. Fenner served as General Counsel for the NCUA from 1985 2011.

    As chief legal advisor to the NCUA board he was responsible for rule-

    making, litigation and enforcement programs. During his tenure, he es-

    tablished new standards for financial literacy and fiduciary duty for CU

    officials and initiated the multi-billion dollar lawsuits against investment

    banks for their role in the corporate CU crisis.

    TOM GLATT CEO St. Paul Federal Credit Union Tom is currently CEO of St. Paul FCU and previously served as CEO

    of Realtors FCU, the first internet-based credit union in the US. Prior

    to that, he was President of a full-service consulting, training, and

    development firm, providing services to individual credit unions,

    trade associations, and regulatory agencies, nationwide.

    Mr. Glatt is recognized as an industry expert in corporate strategic

    and tactical planning; operational analyses and improvement;

    and leadership and management development.

    ANN BUTERA - President, The Whole Person Project Inc. Ann is a frequent speaker at internal audit conferences and has

    worked with audit departments of all sizes to provide auditors with

    the tools and techniques needed to improve risk management

    practices within their organizations. She is a member of the IIA, the

    American Society for Training and Development, the Association of

    Government Accountants, and the National Association of Corpo-

    rate Directors. She served as Supervisory Committee Chair for a

    financial services firm.

    Game Show Night...is Back!

    Back by popular demand, Tuesday evenings High

    Roller Welcome Reception will once again feature

    Emmy Award winning entertainer Todd Newton as

    he opens our conference with another exciting, fun

    filled and memorable game show evening.

    Todds contagious humor is certain to lift your

    spirits and bring a smile to your face as we

    convene for our 26th annual conference.

    Catch-up with old friends and meet some

    new ones as we roll Reno style.


    This years esteemed, keynote speakers represent a cross-section of

    the credit union industry and beyond. They will offer insight and un-

    derstanding to help you create greater value, clarity, and focus in

    your audit efforts for the coming year.

    DAVID HUME KENNERLY - Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Mr. Kennerly has been shooting on the front lines of history for more

    than 45 years. He has photographed eight wars, as many U.S. presi-

    dents, and has traveled to dozens of countries along the way.

    At 25, the Roseburg, Oregon native won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for Fea-

    ture Photography for his previous years work that included photos of

    the Vietnam, Cambodia, and India-Pakistan Wars, and the Ali-Frazier

    fight in Madison Square Garden. He has been presented with numerous

    other honors, including the Overseas Press Clubs Olivier Rebbot Award

    for, Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad, for his coverage of

    Reagan and Gorbachevs historic first summit meeting in Geneva.

    Most recently he produced Barack Obama: The Official Barack

    Obama Inaugural Book, with Bob McNeely, who was President Clintons

    official White House photographer. He provided many exclusive behind

    -the-scenes photographs of President and Mrs. Obama for the project.

    A major exhibition of photographs from the book was mounted in the

    Smithsonians National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

    in 2009, and attracted more than a million visitors.

    TODD NEWTON - Emmy Award Winning Entertainer and Speaker Daytime Emmy Award winning TV personality Todd Newton is often

    referred to by industry insiders as "The Host with the Most," Newton's

    amiable persona on E! Entertainment Television brought viewers in more

    than thirty countries face to face with Hollywood's elite for over a decade.

    Todd entered the world of game shows in 1999 on GSN's Hollywood

    Showdown. Since that time, he has awarded contestants over thirty

    million dollars in cash and prizes on Whammy, Instant Millionaire, Made

    in the USA, Monopoly Millionaire's Club and Family Game Night. Todd

    also serves as host of The Price Is Right Live!-a live stage version of the

    iconic game show classic currently touring the US. When not working

    in front of the camera, Todd speaks to corporations, universities, and

    organizations on personal achievement and success with his entertain-

    ing and inspiring presentations.

  • ACUIA is headed west to the biggest little city in the world

    for the 26th Annual Conference & One Day Seminar.

    By design this years conference is more interactive than

    ever before with hands-on and round table sessions to

    further immerse participants in the latest advances,

    techniques and updates.

    Join us for four days filled with educational sessions daily

    networking and entertainment in one of the most di-

    verse and entertaining towns in the West.

    Acclaimed as one of the best teaching tools in the

    credit union system, the ACUIA OneDay Seminar is an

    outstanding way for both new and seasoned auditors, risk

    managers, compliance officers and supervisory commit-

    tee members to learn about the latest audit, risk and

    compliance issues. As a conference attendee you can

    attend the One-Day Seminar, the Annual Conference,

    or both. There is a separate fee for each.

    This year you can select from any two of the

    Half-Day sessions being offered - 1 am and 1 pm.

    Incident Response Tabletop

    IT Security Hands On Exercise (class size limit 30)

    Auditing ERM

    Focus on Fraud

    CECL is Coming! Are You Ready?

    New f




  • The Annual Conference is the most comprehensive and

    beneficial professional development opportunity offered

    by the ACUIA. Featuring speakers presenting timely and

    in-depth topics pertinent to the profession, the conference is the

    ideal opportunity to network with your peers.

    Designed for professionals who want to keep pace with

    the diverse and dynamic field of internal auditing, risk manage-

    ment and compliance, the annual conference agenda is created

    specifically for you; whether you are a member of your credit un-

    ion's internal audit, risk management, compliance department or

    a member of the Supervisory/Audit Committee.

    Gain timely, insightful and indispensable information from

    the roster of nationally recognized, keynote, general and breakout

    session speakers who are experts in their field.

    With an average attendee rating of 4.3 out of 5 from this past

    years sessions, the ACUIA Annual Conference has timely

    topics that will put any audit, risk or compliance professional and

    Supervisory Committee member at the top of their game.

    Come join us in Reno for four very valuable days of education,

    exploration, and networking with your peers.

    Timely, Relevant Breakout Sessions There will be a wealth of learning in our breakout sessions for audi-

    tors, risk managers, Supervisory Committee Members and CFOs.

    Audit / Accounting Integrated Audit Best Practices - Panel Discussion

    Auditing the Business/Capital Plan

    IA Hot Topics Roundtable Discussion

    Is Your CU Getting Ripped Off On Services

    Delivering Bad News But Not Engendering Bad Feelings

    Third Party Vendor Management

    Continuous Auditing and Use of Analytics - Panel

    COSO Implementation

    IA Alignment with Management/SC/External Auditors

    Auditing the Entity Level Control Enviroment (Ethics, Code of Conduct, Governance, etc)


    Fraud Trends

    Interest Rate Risk Management

    Performing Physical Security Risk Assessments

    ERM/IA Relationship - Panel Discussion

    BSA Compliance

    Fair Lending Review - Case Study

    Compliance Issues for 2016

    IT Audit

    Security Breach Readiness and Response

    Ethical Hacker Perspective, 10 things that make a hacker's job easy


    Supervisory Committee

    Ten Ways to Improve Skills as a Supervisory Committee

    ...and more!


  • THURSDAY JUNE 23, 2016

    7 - 8A Breakfast

    Tuscany Ballroom

    8A - 12P General Sessions

    12 - 1P Lunch - Networking By Region

    Tuscany Ballroom

    1:30 - 3P Breakout Sessions #3

    Tuscany Ballrooms

    3:30 - 5P Breakout Sessions #4

    Tuscany Ballrooms

    6 - ?? Opening Evening on the Town

    FRIDAY JUNE 24, 2016

    7 - 8A Breakfast

    Tuscany Ballroom

    8A - 11:30A General S