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  • DATES TO REMEMBER Friday 16 August Athletics Carnival Monday 19 August P&C Meeting Tuesday 20 August Book Character Parade Wednesday 28 August Father’s Day Stall


    Hello to all,

    Education Week We had a very busy Education Week last week! Our Careers Expo was a highlight, with people here representing different businesses, jobs and training options. We even had a fire engine which proved very popular with the children. Healthy Harold from Life Education pulled up on Monday to a very warm welcome-all classes K-6 have had the opportunity to attend an exciting lesson. On Thursday, the Stage 2 and 3 students participated in Maths Fun Day with a special workshop called World of Maths. On Friday our K-2 students enjoyed morning tea and a show with their grandparents, and the support unit students were swimming every day! I would like to thank the staff, students and families who all worked hard to ensure that each of these events was a success. A big thank you to Lisa Matthews for your organisation of the delicious Morning Tea for our grandparents and also to Katrina Kemp for all your help towards preparing Morning Tea.

    Cooinda AECG Awards Last Tuesday afternoon the Cooinda AECG Awards ceremony was held at Gosford Public School. Congratulations to the following award recipients:

    • Mrs Rhonda Semmler • Mrs Lara Lenton • Azaliah P • Ameliah G • Daviontaye C • Emmaleigh G • Gemma M • William H • Jacinta L

  • Debating Champions!! They have done it again! Our champion debating team defeated the last of our local competition with the topic ‘That teachers should have to participate in all school sport and exercise classes just like students’-what a hideous thought! The Wyoming team argued the affirmative position and was triumphant. Congratulations to Renna, Sharlotte, Clare and Gabriella who now have to wait to see who is brave enough to take them on in the next level of the competition. Thank you to Larny Parkes for her hugely successful coaching. Tuesday 11th June 2019

    Prompt Payment With all the extra activities occurring at school, it is timely to remind our parents about the importance of promptly responding to notes as they occur. It makes our planning very difficult when deadlines are not adhered to. Obviously, there is the occasional unavoidable hiccup, but we are finding that a large number of students are regularly missing out on important school activities because either the note or money didn’t get back on time. Your child’s classroom teacher is always willing and able to answer any questions you may have about a particular activity-please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure about whether or not your child should be participating. We are very choosy about what activities present the best value for money, and the school often contributes to the cost of the activity to decrease the financial burden on our families. For example, the school paid half of the $10 Life Education fee, reducing the amount per child to just $5. Please keep an eye out for notes that require a response from you.

    NSW Health Primary School Dental Program NSW Health is working with public primary schools to offer free dental check-ups and preventive care to students as part of a school-based mobile dental program. Wyoming School has been selected to participate in this program. The program involves a mobile dental team making scheduled visits to your child’s primary school. During the first appointment a dental check-up and preventive care package will be provided, subject to parental consent. The program is scheduled to visit your child’s school from 26/08/2019 to 31/08/2019. Parent Information and Consent Packs will be sent home, including information sheets, consent forms and the program privacy statement. Parents/guardians who want their child to receive care are advised to:

    1. Read all the information provided

    2. Carefully complete the consent forms 3. Return the consent forms to the school

    as soon as possible More information about the program is available on the NSW Health website: hooldental.

    Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea held here at Wyoming School last Thursday. Organised (as it is every year) by Rose Wastell, we raised over $700 for cancer research.

    Attendance We have 32 students who have had 100% attendance so far! Congratulations! Michelle Francis PRINCIPAL (RELIEVING)

    SCHOOL ASSEMBLY K-6 ASSEMBLY This week’s K-6 Assembly will be held Wednesday 14 August from 1.35pm in the School Hall. Class 2R will perform an item.


    Thank you for everyone involved with “Australia’s Biggest Morning

    Tea”. The morning was a great success, we raised over an amazing $702.00! This money will

    go towards cancer research. Thanks to the wonderful staff for providing the yummy cakes etc. Well done to the talented students who did a performance. Congratulations to the very artistic students who entered the colouring competition. They looked fantastic. And a big thanks to all the parents and carers who came along to support this special morning tea. Rose Wastell ORGANISER


    We will be holding our annual school Athletics Carnival on Friday 16 August 2019. The Year 3-6 Carnival will

    commence at 9.15am and conclude at 2.40pm. The day will begin with field and novelty events until recess at 11.15am.

  • The K-2 Carnival will commence at 10am across the road from the school at Maidens Brush Oval. The K-2 students will be participating in field and novelty activities. They will return to school for recess at 11.15am. All students K-6 will compete in the 100m sprint races commencing around 11.30am and will finish in time for lunch at 1pm. Lunch will be held from 1pm – 1.45pm. After lunch Years 3-6 will hold age race finals and relays. K-2 students return to class and continue with normal lessons. Parents and carers are welcome to attend the day. In supporting the NSW Department of Education’s attendance policy, no High School students are permitted on school grounds during the carnival. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Larny Parkes ATHLETICS CARNIVAL COORDINATOR


    This year Book Week is from the Monday 19 to Friday 23 August. The theme for this year is ‘Reading is my Secret Power’.

    Students will be allowed to dress up as their favourite literary character (a

    character who possesses a secret or magical power) on Tuesday 20 August between 2.00pm and 2.45pm. This could include characters such as those from The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Willy Wonka, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Rowan of Rin. Other appropriate characters will be discussed in class and during library lessons. The following guidelines must be adhered to:

    • Ensure your child is dressed according to themes suitable for a primary school book

    • All students must have covered shoes • No midriff tops or singlets as part of their

    costume • Students MUST NOT bring swords, guns or

    any other weapons as part of their costume •

    Looking forward to seeing some brilliant costumes! Parents welcome to attend. Greg Shaw TEACHER/LIBRARIAN

    P&C NEWS Collect your Pie Drive orders on Tuesday 13 August from 1.45pm. Athletics Carnival Friday 16 August. Return your special Meal Deal orders to the canteen. Tea, coffee, cake and hot food available for spectators. Celebration Day Saturday 7 September. 10am - 2pm. BBQ, Jumping Castle, Face Painting, Special visit from an astronaut, craft activities and lots more. Anyone able to help on Father’s Day or Celebration day would be greatly appreciated. Please register your availability to Kate via email [email protected] or via our drop box. Kate Cochrane P&C PRESIDENT

    WEEKLY AWARDS HONOUR CERTIFICATE An Honour Certificate is awarded when a student has earned ten Certificates of Merit, ten Reading Awards of Excellence, ten Principal’s Awards or a combination. Students may collect their Certificates of Merit, Reading Awards of Excellence and Principal’s Awards over a number of years to earn their Honour Certificate.

    I have presented an Honour Certificate to the following student.

    Caleb A (x2) Heidi B Zander G-J Ivy S Congratulations!! Keep up the great work. PRINCIPAL’S AWARDS Just a reminder that the class awards collected for the Principal’s Award must be collected within the one school year. As each class award is used towards a Principal’s Award it is marked on the back. This means that a class award can only be used once towards a Principal’s Award.

    The following students have been presented with a Principal’s Award.

    Jayden A Benjamin A Maggie B Liam B Karimah B Sarah B A Jet B Xanthe B Xavier B Chloe B Lachlan B Jorja-Rose B Charlie B Kyewaune C Bella C Ty C Marissa D Renna G

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Riley H-W Ava H Ra H Lily-Rose H Noah H Heath J Cooper J Hayden K Kevin M Renae M Charlie M-H Helena P Danny P Taliah