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  • 8/12/2019 Date a Live Afterword


    Date A Live:Volume 6 Afterword[edit]Afterword

    Long time no see, its Tachibana Koushi.

    Its Tachibana Koushi who is somehow feeling he starts the afterword [Long time no see, its Tachibana

    Koushi.] a lot recently.

    I present to you [Date A Live 6 Miku lily]. The Spirit this time is Izayoi Miku. The Spirit that follows the sub-title

    lily. How was it. It would be fortunate if you enjoyed it.

    Its a series that has been decided to release new character and new designs every volume but, unlike the

    previous volumes, this volume has many fresh designed characters. Miku, that character, a character that is

    not a new character but is a new character (contradiction) and that character..

    Im going to say this even though the frontispiece already has spoilers on it but, there is a certain character

    revived this time after a long time.

    Well strictly speaking she was already revived in the last volume but, I was especially moved since it has been

    around 3 volumes since she returned to battle.

    Whats more, she holds new equipment and appears. Married ladies, its new equipment you know, a new


    Its like shinning had god, Arbalest had laevatein, and pretty cure had princess form. These should no longer be

    active anymore. A Musou might start!

    Now then, its the original work [Date A live], at this time, it has been decided short stories will be serialized in

    Dragon magazine.

    On the topic with new heroines appearing in every new volume, the original work has made the previous

    characters appearance become less.

    In the short stories, there a new page with a heroine that couldnt be drawn on the original books, or unfolded

    back story events and my thoughts on completing the characters roles. It would be fortunate if you enjoyed all

    of this.

    And one more. The [Date A Live] game version has been decided!

    It will be release by Compile Heart that has their hands in the [Neptune] series. Please wait for the follow-up!
  • 8/12/2019 Date a Live Afterword


    Adding on, the season for the Anime broadcast has been decided!

    The TV Anime broadcast has been planned to start from April 2013! The staffs are doing their best so, please

    by all means be anticipated!

    That would be the customary special thanks in every volume but, there were many people saving me while

    creating the original books.

    Tsunako-san, supervisor-san, designer Kusano-san, those who were involved in the publishing, bookshop-san,

    I have been in your care every time. I am really thankful!

    Also, ringo-san who is serializing the comic version [Date A Live] in the Shounen Ace.

    Oniyazu Kakashi-san who is serializing the spin-off comic version of [Date A Strike] in the Dragon Age.

    Mizuki Maya-san who is serializing the 4-coma [Date A Origami] in Dragon magazine, and Age premium.

    Thank you for the wonderful manga every time!

    And, I think all of the people that read the originals should know about this but; this times attraction was kind of

    like, turned into that feeling.

    I think the continuation of this talk; will be confirmed in the next volume [Date A Live 7].

    The next volume has been planned to be published around spring.

    Well then, I pray we will be able meet again.

    October 2012 Tachibana Koushi