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DataOne Suzie Allard, Ph.D. University of Tennessee Presentation at Research Data Access & Preservation Summit 21 March 2012


  • 1. DataONEResearch Data Access & Preservation21 March 2012Suzie Allard, Ph.D.University of Tennessee

2. DataONE vision and approachEnable new science and knowledge creation throughuniversal access to data about life on earth and theenvironment that sustains it.1. Build on existing cyberinfrastructure 2. Create newcyberinfrastructure 3. Support communities of practice 2 2 3. DataONE CyberinfrastructureThree major components for aMember Nodesflexible, scalable, sustainable diverse institutionsCoordinating Nodesnetwork serve local community retain complete metadataInvestigator Toolkit provide resources forcatalogmanaging their data indexing for search retain copies of data network-wide services ensure contentavailability (preservation) replication services3 4. Training in all elements of the data life cyclePlan Analyze CollectKepler Integrate Assure DiscoverDescribePreserve4 5. DataONE Education and TrainingSummer InternshipsTraining at Conferences and Workshops Supercomputing 2011 DataONE Implementation Workshop: Publishing data as aMember Node Ecological Society of America (ESA) American Geophysical Union (AGU)Educational ModulesGraduate-level course Summer Institute for Environmental Informatics5 6. On-line Education Modules6 7. Environmental Information Management (EIM) InstituteGraduate students biology, geology, ecology, or otherenvironmental sciences, environmental engineering, geographyor science librarianshipConceptual and practical hands-ontraining to effectivelydesign, manage, analyze, visualize, andpreserve data and information: Managing data files Creating databases and web portals Data analysis and visualization Techniques for managing, analyzing, and visualizing geospatial data 7 8. DataONE Team and Sponsors Amber Budden, Roger Dahl, Rebecca Ewa Deelman Koskela, Bill Michener, Robert Nahf, Mark Servilla Dave Vieglais Peter Honeyman Suzie Allard, Carol Tenopir, Maribeth Jeff Horsburgh Manoff, Kimberley Douglass, Robert Waltz, Bruce Wilson Giri John Cobb, Bob Cook, Robert SanduskyPalanismy, Line Pouchard Patricia Cruse, John Kunze Bertram Ludaescher Sky Bristol, Mike Frame, Richard Huffine, Viv Peter Buneman Hutchison, Jeff Morisette, Jake Weltzin, Lisa Zolly Chris Jones, Stephanie Hampton, Matt Cliff Duke Jones Paul Allen, Rick Bonney, Steve Kelling Carole Goble Ryan Scherle, Todd Vision Donald Hobern Randy Butler David DeRoureLEON LEVYFOUNDATION8 9. DataONE Team Year 1Year 2Year 3 9 10. Questions10 11. A Science Use Case Diverse bird observations and Model results environmental data from 300,00 locations in the USOccurrence of Indigo Bunting (2008) integrated and analyzed using High Performance Computing ResourcesLand Cover Jan Ap Jun SepDec rMeteorology Examine patterns of migrationMODIS Spatio-Temporal Exploratory Infer how climateRemote Model identifies factorschange may affectsensing data affecting patterns of bird migration migration 11