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Data, Measurement and Information System Workgroup. Meeting #2 April 21, 2009. Woo Hoo!. Purpose of this Group. Create a unified vision and roadmap for building an integrated data and technology infrastructure for - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Data, Measurement and Information System Workgroup Meeting #2April 21, 2009

  • Purpose of this GroupCreate a unified vision androadmap for building anintegrated data andtechnology infrastructure forSFUSD that will support school site goals and enable continuous improvement inteaching and learning.

  • What to ExpectCross-functional/internal-external groupFour meetings this springGive input and provide expertise to create the roadmap and grant proposal for our integrated data system. First focus end user is the school site leadership team (principal, assistant principal, IRF)

  • Todays OutcomesPrioritization of scope of work for first phase of data dashboarding projectAnalysis of strengths and gaps of current tools and modelsPreliminary analysis of site-based training/support needs

  • Todays AgendaWelcome and introductionsFirst Meeting ReflectionSchool site data needs prioritization exerciseExamining the options: thinking through possible modelsIndividual reflection

  • Table RolesFacilitatorNote TakerTimekeeperEngaged ParticipantsEntertainer

  • Table DiscussionWhat was discussed in the first meeting?What were your biggest takeaways?What should we remember and apply for today?

  • Vision ReminderYou envisioned

  • MeaningTimely, accessible, formative, integrated data for use at school sites to inform teaching and learning.

    This data will come from multiple sources and make connections across data sets

  • Prioritization ExerciseWhats missing?Top 15 Must haves for school sitesTop 15 Nice to have for school sitesTop 3 Priorities overall

    (tape your priorities to the budget paper)

  • Priority DiscussionWhat questions would you ask of this data?Who would use this at a school site? When? Why?What are the current sources of this data?

  • Prototype AnalysisThinking back to what you prioritized:Would this dashboard support your data priorities? What do you like?What would you change?What questions do you have?Pick the one you like best, and why (functionalities you prefer and how it would support your data needs)

  • Individual ReflectionPlease fill out the individual reflection and meeting feedback surveys (two pages).

    Thank you and see you next time!



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