data fusion for regionally aligned units cdts caitlin rowe, jed lee, max nugmanov, ruben vargas

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Data Fusion for Regionally Aligned Units CDTs Caitlin Rowe, Jed Lee, Max Nugmanov, Ruben Vargas

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  • Data Fusion for Regionally Aligned Units CDTs Caitlin Rowe, Jed Lee, Max Nugmanov, Ruben Vargas
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  • Agenda for Project Proposal Introduce Regionally Aligned Units Problem Statement Summary of Modules 2
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  • Story: U.S. Forces in Eastern Europe The U.S. military in Europe sent four company-sized infantry units to Eastern Europe in an effort to reassure NATO allies in light of Russian aggression in Ukraine -Army Times American special forces instructors are going to be stationed on the territory of the new NATO members states to train local special forces on various tactical skills -Russia Today 3
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  • The intent is to focus unit or headquarters during its training cycle on specific mission profiles and unique environmental characteristics that make them available to the combatant commander for employment in their area of responsibility. GEN. Raymond Odierno Regional Alignment 4
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  • 5 What do these units need to know? Potential Info needed -CIA Fact book -Culture -Recent History -Important People -Law -Non-state Actors -Military Capacity -Technology -Infrastructure -Geography -Important Days -Finance/Business -International Relations -Sentiment -Government structure
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  • Problem Statement 6 We will fuse open-source data to help tactical leaders of regionally aligned units understand and engage their areas of interest before and during temporary deployments to austere environments. Who? Where? When? Sentiment?
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  • Important Events 7 Nearly 120 feared drowned in Bangladesh ferry disaster Clashes over Bangladesh protest leave 27 dead -The Telegraph 05 August 2014 -BBC News 06 May 2013
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  • Important People Interested in the leaders of our Area of Operations (formal and informal) Understand the role of non-state actors in Area of Operations Use Global Knowledge Graph (GKG) Scrape Wikipedia Data for all individuals of interest 8 2. Atiur Rahman is the Governor of Bangladesh Bank 5. Shabag is a major neighbourhood and a police precinct or thana in Dhaka 6. Ahmed Rajib was an atheist anti-Islamic blogger in Bangladesh 7. Hazrat was a man from Mecca who unified Arabia into a single religious polity
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  • International Relations The GDELT Event Database records over 300 categories of physical activities around the world, from riots and protests to peace appeals and diplomatic exchanges, Geo-referenced to the city or mountaintop, across the entire planet dating back to January 1, 1979 and updated daily. 9 Product: Ordered list of all important partners to the country or region of interest
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  • Sentiment Analysis Inform military leaders and personnel of an areas sentiment. Data collected through: GDELT Tone Measurement Social Media Sources 10 Figure 2: Iran loses Iran Iraq War and forces Syria to reintegrate with Arab World.
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  • Important Terrain Key infrastructure by region Dhaka, Bangladesh Data centers Capital/government buildings Dams/bridges Airfields Transportation/freight hubs Key roads/highways (paved/unpaved) Hospitals Energy (nuclear, oil, solar, coal) plants 11
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  • 12 Webtool Framework StaticDynamic
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  • Questions? 13