data: friend or foe? bob bardwell monson high school monson, ma

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Data: Friend or Foe? Bob Bardwell Monson High School Monson, MA Thanks to Trish Hatch & Sheila Deam for slide sharing. Who Is Here?. Secondary school counselors Guidance directors Graduate students Community Based Organizations Independent counselors College Admission Counselors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Critical Components 2013 PowerPoint Slide

Data: Friend or Foe?

Bob BardwellMonson High SchoolMonson, MA

Thanks to Trish Hatch & Sheila Deam for slide sharingWho Is Here?Secondary school counselorsGuidance directors Graduate students Community Based OrganizationsIndependent counselorsCollege Admission CounselorsOther

Why Are You Here?Professional developmentYour school made you comeNothing else to doDidnt like the other sessions during this time slot

What Can I Offer?20 year School Counselor and K-12 Director of School CounselingLeader local, state, regional & nationalAdvocate for students, school counselors and our professionNot a data geek but I know enough that data is the key to the continuation of school counseling as we know it

Why is Data ImportantIt improves our programs and the services for students and familiesStudents benefit from itAchievement & Opportunity GapsYou probably already have itOthers are using itWe are accountableWhy not?

Turn to a neighborWhat kinds of data are important to school/independent counselors in 2013?How are you using that data in your school/college counseling program?

Challenges of using dataMost school counselors are not comfortable using datado not have the training or resources to collect and analyze dataThink that working with data is too time consuming considering everything else they have to do; not important enough Are uncomfortable reporting data to and advocating with policy makers

Types of College Admission DataStudent-Achievement Data Standardized Test DataSAT/ACT, PLAN/PSAT, AP ScoresGrade Point AveragesWeighed/unweighedRecalculatedCompletion of College Preparation Requirements (Graduating college eligible)

Types of College Admission Data (continued)Achievement Related DataCourse enrollment patternsNumber of students taking PSAT/SAT/PLAN/ACT/AP Discipline referralsExtracurricular activities

Types of College Admission Data (continued)Standards and Competency-Related Data Percentage of students who demonstrate: Belief (attitude) in importance of taking rigorous coursesSkill to set goalsKnowledge of college requirements

Collecting dataCommercial programsNaviance www.naviance.com Connecteduwww.connectedu.netPrepHQwww.myfootpath.comState portalsMA- OR -

Data From Other SourcesCollege Board/ACTSAT/ACTPSAT/PLAN AP PotentialAP Exam ScoresState testing resultsColleges & UniversitiesRegional Higher Education ConsortiaWICHE

Other Options to Organize College Admission dataAccessExcelCreate your own method of record keeping

Access Database fields

Analyzing DataEZ-Analyzewww.ezanalyze.comUsing Access or ExcelState education departmentLocally developed program

Reporting of DataScattergramsGrade Point Average (x axis) vs. SATs (y axis)Other reportsAccess ReportPlacement percentages

Scattergram Example

Placement Report Example

Evaluation of your College Admission Counseling ProgramSurveys, questionnairesOnline vs. paperGoogle Drive - www.suverymonkey.comwww.counselingtechnology.netPre & post surveysGives immediate feedback about the need or impact of your program/intervention

Program Evaluation Data Three typesProcess dataPerception dataResults data

Process dataWhat you did for whom Evidence that event occurred

Example: Counselors taught students how to fill out a college application

Students Know Language Requirements

Perception Data Attitudes or Beliefs32% believe they will succeed in college 42 % believe they have enough money to attend collegeCompetency Achievement (Skills) Every student in grades 9-12 completed a 4 year plan Every 10th grade student completed an interest inventoryKnowledge Gained89% of students demonstrate knowledge of college entrance requirements

What type of question?I believe is an Attitude so use a scaleApplication/Demonstration = SkillInformation or answer = Knowledge (clear answer not scale)

What Do Students Believe (Attitude)?

I believe that understanding the college preparation requirements will help me be successful in schoolWhat Can Students Demonstrate? (Skills)

What is your GPA based on a 4.0 weighted scale?Students Understand Options After High School (Knowledge)

Results DataSo WHAT dataHard data application dataHave your activities contributed to students ability to utilize the knowledge, attitudes and skills to effect behavior?AttendanceBehaviorAcademic achievement (graduating college eligible: College going rate improved 14% over three years)

# of AP Exams Has Increased!

4 Year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rates are UP!

Increased College Post Secondary Plans!

Results ReportHow are students different as a RESULT of what you do? What does the data tell you?Was the program successful?What worked?What did NOT work? What needs to be changed?

Data Over TimeImmediateChange course offeringsIntermediateChange course selection patternLong range (Impact Over Time) Improve college placement rates

Sharing Your DataCelebrate what you findSchool ProfileAccountability Report CardMARC of Excellence Press release, faculty meeting or school board presentation, parent programs, etc.NCLB Report CardData bulletin board

Cautions About Using DataData doesnt always give you the information you wantCollege admissions is not an exact scienceData shouldnt take the place of human connection/intervention

Important Questions..What is the purpose of the college admission counseling program at your school?What are the desired outcomes or results?What is being done to achieve results?What evidence is there that the objectives have been met?Is the program making a difference?

Resources to assist you with dataEvidence-Based School Counseling: Making a Difference With Data-Driven PracticesDimmitt, Carey & HatchMaking Data Work: An ASCA National Model PublicationKaffenberger & YoungUsing Data to Close the Achievement Gap: How to Measure Equity in Our Schools JohnsonUsing Data To Focus Instructional ImprovementJames-Ward, Fisher, Frey & Lapp

Resources to assist you with data (continued)Center for Excellence in School Counseling & Leadershipwww.cescal.orgRonald Frederickson Center for School Counseling Outcome Research &

Next stepsCreate an action planPick one item to do upon your return to schoolEducate your colleagues about what you learnedGet other stakeholders on boardAttend further training about using dataCelebrate your accomplishment(s)Use your results to improve your program!

Questions & conversationsWhat is not clear?What more do you need?How can we help each other?Who wants to share a success with data?

Contact infoBob BardwellSchool Counselor & Director of School CounselingMonson Innovation High School55 Margaret StreetMonson, MA


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