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  • Computer HistoryCreated by: Dash Cameron

  • Beginning of ComputersThe computer process begin in 1969 with Arpanet It connected 4 western universities Allowed researchers to use mainframes for any of the networked institutions

  • Computer HistoryDo you have any idea where, who , or what created the computer system that we use today!!We will talk about the early computational devices, the early computers, inventor/developers, Internet, and the Generation of computersSummary of the whole presentation

  • Early Computational DevicesSome would be ARAPANET, Abacus, and Punched CardsARAPANET was the 1st operational packet switching networkPunched cards contains digital information

  • The InternetThe very First Browser was Mosiac

  • Early ComputersHeres some early computer that were created ENIAC, Mark1, EDVAC, UNIVAC, the 1st microcomputer, Microsoft, and Apple

  • The Inventors/DevelopersSteven Jobs and Steven Wozniak created AppleBill gates created MicrosoftTim Berners-Lee created wwwMarc Andresson created NetscapeCharles Babbage created mechanical computing machine Department of Defense used the Internet 1stHere are some more inventors/developers

  • Early Computers Cont.ENIAC was the 1st computer to be builtMark1 was the 1st stored-program computerEDSAC was a British computer

  • Generation of ComputersFirst Generation of computersIt was Made of vacuum tubesSecond Generation of computersIt was made of transistorsThird Generation of computersIt was made of integrated circuits Fourth Generation of computersIt was made of millions of transistors on one chipFifth Generation of computers It was made for voice recognition

  • Inventors/DevelopersHerman Hollerith created the punch card deviceBlaine Pascal created a digital calculatorJohn Von Neuman made major contributions to a vast number of fieldsEckert and Mauchly were founders of the computer corporationPaul Allen was the founder of Microsoft

  • Early Computers Cont.EDVAC was one of the earliest electronic computerUNIVAC was the 1st commercial computer created in the U.S.The very first microcomputer was the AltairThe formation of Microsoft was created by Bill GatesThe formation of Apple began April 1, 1976

  • Computer HistoryIve talked plenty over the early computational devices, early computers, inventors/developers, and InternetThe presentation should give you some fun facts to tell people!

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