daryn.kst-goo.?  web viewmy dad, pete, and my mum, lisa, are divorced. dad is single, bur mum...

Download daryn.kst-goo.?  Web viewMy dad, Pete, and my mum, Lisa, are divorced. Dad is single, bur Mum married again. Her husband – my (0) ... Write a letter to your pen friend in another

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Grammar zone

1. Choose the correct answer, A, B or C:

Ex. 0. I like your jeans. _________A_________ new?

A. Are they B. Is it C. Is they

1) How many ________________ do you have?

A. child B. childs C. children

2) George likes me, but I dont like ______________.

A. him B. he C. his

3) Is the supermarket open ______ Sunday?

A. at B. on C. in

4) I think beach holidays are _______________ than skiing holidays.

A. better B. the best C. more good

5) The women in my family ______________ very tall.

A. is B. am C. are

6) Dont look at ____________. It can hurt your eyes.

A. a sun B. the sun C. sun

6 points

2. Describe the pictures using Present Continuous:

Ex. 0.

1) 2)


4 points

3. Complete the sentences using the correct tense Past Simple or Present Perfect:

Ex. 0. Alison __came__ to see me last night. (come)

They __have opened__ a new clothes shop in town. (open)

1) Nobody ________________ at the party on Sunday. (dance)

2) I __________________ this book yet. (not read)

3) I __________________ so well last night. (sleep)

4) _______________ you ever _____________ to England? (be)

5) Yesterday we __________________ to the cinema with my friends. (go)

5 points

Vocabulary zone

1. Family. Complete the text about Simon and his family with the words from the box:

brother-in-law daughter half-brother half-sister

nephew niece stepfather stepmother uncle

Hi, Im Simon, and this is my family. My dad, Pete, and my mum, Lisa, are divorced. Dad is single, bur Mum married again. Her husband my (0) __stepfather__ is called Sam. Mum and Sam have two children, Jack and Cathy my (1) ________________ and my (2) _____________________ . Sam and his ex-wife, Eva, have a (3) ______________________, Debra. My mum is Debras (4) ___________________. My sisters name is Ann. Shes married to Ted my (5) ________________ . They have two children. Julia is my (6) __________________ and Harry is my (7) ________________, and, of course, Im their favourite (8) ___________________. They are lovely children.

8 points

2. House. In which room do people usually do these things?

Ex.0. We usually work or do homework in this room. __study__

1) We usually sleep in this room. - ___________________

2) We usually sit on the sofa and watch TV with the family in this room. - _________________

3) We usually cook in this room. - ______________________

4) We usually take a bath or shower in this room. - _______________________

5) We usually keep footwear and outdoor clothes in this room. - ______________________

5 points

3. Food. What are the foods on the shopping list? Write the letters in the correct order and match them to the pictures:

Ex. 0. - topato __potato__ picture 1

- plpae

- prages

- ryrstwaber

- niono

- nabnaa

- rotrac

6 points

Writing Zone

Write a letter to your pen friend in another country. You should write about the following:

Your name, age and where you are from

Where you study, about your favourite subjects

Your family

What you like to do in your free time, about your hobbies and interests

Dont forget to ask him or her some questions to learn more about him or her.

6 points

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Grammar zone (12points)

Task 1. Choose the correct variant. (6 points)

1. What great adventures they will be/will they be!.

2. Its/Its easy to find Finland on the map: its/its in the north of Europe.

3. The girl talking/talked to Tom is his sister.

4. The teacher was surprised at Tims mistakes making/made in the test.

5. What a/the beautiful river! 6. It is so/such exciting news.

Task 2.Open the brackets and complete the sentences. (6 points)

1. I watched Betty (to put) a white dress on her doll.

2. When we got up the sun already (to rise).

3. Mike will be out at 8 oclock: he (to walk) his dog.

4. He (to make) to solve the problem immediately.

5. Jane wanted to know where they (to dump) all that waste.

6. Nelly asked me if I (to help) her to solve that problem.

Cultural Awareness(6 points)

Task 3. Match the words in columns to say what these places are famous for. (6 points)

1. London

2. the Lake District

3. Oxford

4. Hadrians Wall

5. Heathrow

6. the Fens

a. the biggest airport in England

b. the fact that it was built by Romans

c. its places of interest

d. the fact that Oliver Cromwell was born there

e. its 12th century university

f. its lakes and beautiful scenery

Vocabulary zone (17 points)

Task 4. In this dialogue the replies are mixed up. Put them in the right order. (3 points)

- Can I have a hamburger and a cup of coffee, please?

- Thanks. How much is that?

- Good morning.

- OK. Here you are.

- Morning. Can I help you?

- Thank you. Three pounds twenty.

1. _______________________________________________






Task 5. Spell the words. (3 points)

[r'mand],[ren], [kraun], ['riz()n], ['mnk], ['vn(j)u]

Task 6. Match the definitions and the words they describe. (6 points)

1. a king or a queen a. mighty

2. strong, powerful b. prosperous

3. the place where one lives c. a monarch

4. a very high building d. a crown

5. the sign of royal power worn on the head. e. skyscraper

6. successful, wealthy, flourishing f. a residence

Task 7. Write for, up, after, through, at after the verb in each sentence. (5 points)

1. People like to look animals in the zoo.

2. She took the pencil out of her pocket and looked for some paper.

3. Will you look my garden when Im away?

4. They will look the projects and choose the best.

5. If you dont know the word you should look it in the dictionary.

Reading zone (5 points)

Reading: Read the text and do the task.

It may sound funny to you, but man needs protection and care as much as animals do. Peoples habitats their homes, towns and cities must be kept ecologically clean. In the places where people drink dirty water, eat bad food and breathe polluted air they suffer from serious diseases and die early; their children are born weak. No medicines prescribed by the doctors can save them. This problem becomes more and more serious with every passing day. The modern way of life, when people do little physical activity, use cars instead of walking, watch television for many hours and work on computers is turning them into legless creatures.

Tasks 8-12. Now choose the best answer.

8. Thistextisabout...

A) animal protection

B) health problems because of bad food

C) the necessity to take care of human habitat

D) careless people who pollute peoples habitats

9. Legless creatures are the result of

A) bad food

B) bad medicine

C) todays style of life

D) pollution

10. Which sentence is wrong?

A)Modern medicine will help to save the ill people even in the worst environment.

B) Instead of spending hours watching TV and computers it is healthier to go in for sports.

C) Both men and animals need to be taken care of.

D) Modern life style is becoming more and more dangerous for health.

11. Choose a title.

A) Serious diseases

B) Bad food

C) Animals and people

D) Ecology of Man

12. Where can you read this text?

A)In a fiction book

B) In a book about nature

C) In kids book

D) In a book about sports.

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People are describing different kinds of food. What ingredients do the people mention? Listen and write the correct letter.

1. Borscht _____ a. potatoes and water

2. Pizza burger _____ b. potatoes, onions, garlic, beets

3. Smazenysyr _____ c. tomato sauce and cheese

4. Potato soup _____ d. lettuce, tomatoes, spices

5. Burritos _____ e. cheese and oil

__/ 5 points

Grammar Zone

1. Circle the correct answ