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2. This Continent was covered many years ago by great destructionOverwhelming waves and thunderous earthquakes sank this cityunderwater There it stands became an unsolved mystery and to this day people still wonder whereit 3. The Minoans were the people who lived inthe Atlantis EmpireAfter the continent collapsed, vanishedand became a mysteryJust the Minoan Mystery itself is unsolvedand surprisingly ties in with Atlantis 4. Out of the remainderof the debris, itcontained no writtendocuments.There was art though.Many clay symbolsand other designswere found also.Hand writing stylescan be discerned fromstudying the Minoantablets. 5. vThis giantexplosion iswidely attested inall sorts of mythsand traditionssuch as thoseconcerningAtlantis andParadise, indeedlocated in thisregion of theworld.vIt is universallyremembered asthe explosion ofthe Mountain ofParadise (= Mt.Krakatoa, Atlas,Sinai, Zion,Alborj, Qaf,Golgotha, Meru,etc.) 6. Platos teory There were manydebates againstAtlantis and its lostcivilization Platos believed andspoke out to peoplethat Atlantis wasnon-fictional. He said it wasdestroyed around1500 BC with manyexplosions and halfof the island sunkinto the sea 7. Plato described Atlantis as a vast island-continentwest of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by theAtlantic Ocean 8. Assumption that soared 9. contemporary myth of Atlantis