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DARFUR WAR “War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good.” -Former US president, Jimmy Carter.

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  • 1. War may sometimes be a necessary evil. Butno matter how necessary, it is always anevil, never a good. -Former USpresident, Jimmy Carter.

2. The conflict in Sudans western Darfur regionflared in 2003 when two rebel groups rose upagainst the government, accusing it of neglect.The government of Sudan moved swiftly tocrush the revolt by the Justice and EqualityMovement (JEM) and the Sudan LiberationArmy (SLA). 3. Analysts estimate that up to 400,000 civilianshave been killed through war-related violence,disease and starvation. 4. The United Nations says more than 2.7 millionpeople have fled their homes and now live incamps near Darfurs main towns. 5. 4.7 million conflict-affected people live indesperate need of humanitarian aid for theirdaily survival 6. Women and girls are under particular threat asrape is used as a weapon of war and a tool ofgenocide. 7. The genocide is being carried out by a group ofgovernment-armed and funded Arab militiasknown as the Janjaweed (which looselytranslates to devils on horseback) 8. Who are the Janjaweed? The Janjaweed are the armed militia supportedby the Sudanese Government to carry out thegenocide, alongside and independent of, theSudanese Army. 9. The Janjaweed systematically destroyDarfurians by burning villages, lootingeconomic resources, polluting watersources, and murdering, raping, and torturingcivilians. 10. Attacks onDarfurivillagescommonlybegin withSudanese AirForcebombings. Aircampaigns areoften followedby Janjaweedmilitia raids. 11. The Janjaweed have also been accused ofincursions and attacks in neighboring Chad. 12. The international community lays much of theblame on Mr Bashir. On March 4, 2009, theInternational Criminal Court issued an arrestwarrant for Sudanese President Omar Bashirfor crimes against humanity and, in July 2010, awarrant for arrest on charges of genocide. 13. Yes. There are thousands of peacekeepers in theregion under the auspices of a joint AfricanUnion-UN peacekeeping mission, Unamid. 14. The 2011 Darfur Peace Agreement, also knownas the Doha Agreement, was signed in July2011 between the government of Sudan and theLiberation and Justice Movement. 15. Although The Doha Agreement was a bigmilestone in the peace process but the peopleof Darfur are yet to really enjoy peace.