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  • Darfur Madison Pecnik
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  • BACKGROUND OF DARFUR Name of country: Darfur Location of country: Northeastern Africa Size of population: 6,000,000 before Form of government: Is a Federal republic ruled by the National Congress Party, which came to power by military coup in 1989. Official language: Arabic (Darfur Genocide, 2010).
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  • TIME PERIOD It began in February 2003 until present (Darfur conflict timeline, 2014).
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  • INVOLVEMENT Khartoum declared a state of emergency and arrested African rebels. Janjaweed did the majority of the fighting. The Africans in Darfur were the victims of the genocide. (Levy, 2009).
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  • CONTINUED Khartoum became the new capital of Sudan Violence started when the Arab dominated government declared their goal which was to get rid of Africans in Darfur African groups rebelled against Sudans government Government armed militias known as Janjaweed (devils on horseback) Khartoum provided weapons, communications, military advisors, and training for the Janjaweed. (Levy, 2009)
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  • PLANNING THE GENOCIDE Khartoum had the Janjaweed which allowed the government to claim that the fighting in Darfur was tribal conflict. The government promised Janjaweed cash and development of their tribes. Only Arabs were accepted into the Janjaweed. (Levy, 2009)
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  • HOW THE GENOCIDE WAS CARRIED OUT/TACTICS Soldiers bombed towns and Janjaweed moved in. They tortured, shot, and stabbed civilians. They called victims slaves Lined up males and shot them in the back of the head. Tossed kids in burning houses. Chained school kids together and burned them alive. Females were raped and either killed or branded saying they were raped. (Levy, 2009).
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  • CONTINUED Threw dead bodies in wells to poison water. Anyone left alive would be captured. The Khartoum issued orders not to interfere with the Janjaweed. The rare survivor lost everything : Clinics, schools, mosques, villages, food and animals were stolen or destroyed. (Levy, 2009).
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  • TACTICS CONTINUED Police and government officials left Darfur When word came out, Khartoum denied it claiming lies and propaganda used to trash Arabs and the Islam culture. They finally agreed to work with aid agencies to send food and supplies to refugees and internally displaced persons but delayed delivery. They arranged fake handovers of Janjaweed weapons for reporters to witness. They took convicts from prison, made them confess to being part of the Janjaweed, and executing them. (Levy, 2009).
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  • RESULTS Government and soldiers forced more than 2 million Africans from their homes. It is hard to know for sure how many were killed because they often burned bodies, threw them into wells, or buried them in mass graves. But, it is approximately 500,000 killed. Chad Sheltered 200,000 refugees. In Darfur there were 2 million IDPs. (Levy, 2009).
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  • INTERVENTIONS In 2003, the president of Chad got both sides to agree to a 45 day cease fire. Neither side honored this agreement. In 2004, the African union also called for cease fire, deweaponing, monitors, peace keepers. Again, disagreement failed. In 2006, the African union called for the UN to take over. Khartoum feared losing control but signed Darfur peace agreement. They were required to disarm Janjaweed but only one unit of the Sudan Liberation Army signed so the agreement also failed. (Levy, 2009).
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  • REACTIONS Aid workers and journalists learned of the genocide from refugees in Chad. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and Bono have raised awareness. African Union troops have been deployed to Darfur to help keep the peace (Summary of the Crisis in Darfur, Sudan, 2014) (Levy, 2009).
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  • CLASSIFICATION The African Darfur farmers against the Janjaweed, A group of local Arab tribes. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • SYMBOLIZATION The color of their skin and how they dress determines what group they are from. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • DEHUMANIZATION In Darfur, the farmers are treated very poorly and sometimes referred to and treated like slaves. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • ORGANIZATION Janjaweed Militia was organized to murder, rape, and destroy by the Sudanese government. Khartoum made it look like they were helping the targeted civilians. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • POLARIZATION In Darfur, the farmers were displaced and not allowed to practice their religious ceremonies and were demanded to be silent. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • PREPARATION The Janjaweed took the farmers, removed them from their homes, and put them in camps or in ghettos. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • EXTERMINATION During this time period, 500,000 people have been killed and more than 2,000,000 people have been displaced in camps or ghettos. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • DENIAL The Sudanese government tried to deny anything that happened trying to get people to believe that they had nothing to do with it, burning bodies, claiming it was a tribal conflict, and not allowing reporters to come in but they have been found guilty and charged with genocide. (Genocide in Darfur, 2014)
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  • CITE PAGE http://www.unitedhumanrights.org/genocide/genocide-in- sudan.htm http://www.unitedhumanrights.org/genocide/genocide-in- sudan.htm http://www.worldwithoutgenocide.org http://www.worldwithoutgenocide.org http://www.darfurdreamteam.orghttp://www.darfurdreamteam.org Levy, Janey. Genocide in Darfur. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. Book. www.sudan-parliament.org www.sudan-parliament.org