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How does The Music video “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea represent our world/a new world and the individuals in it?. Danielle Wilkinson. Stereotypes/counter-stereotypes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How does The MUV Carried Away by Passion Pit represent our world/a new world and the individuals in it?

How does The Music video Fancy by Iggy Azalea represent our world/a new world and the individuals in it?

Danielle WilkinsonStereotypes/counter-stereotypes This video uses typical stereotypes of rich blonde girls being popular and pretty and feeling as though they are above everyone else. The girl is shown as popular and smart as well being at the head of the class doing a debate and surrounded by friends. Shes always the one looking the best and is meant to be the most desirable girl being pretty and blonde and flawless and having girls jealous of her and girls following her and copying her, when she starts dancing they all follow.Shes a stereotypically upper class young girl by having the best things, buying the best clothes etc. When shes walking through the corridor shes looking down her nose to people as though she doesnt belong there.The singer Iggy Azalea is a counter stereotype of the character she plays in this video as she is more down to earth and not a girly and pristine, making is seem like the video is more of a mockery of the rich life.


This video isnt mean to be realistic, its meant to be a farce of the rich world, as though the main protagonist is in a world of her own. The video for this song is based on a film called Clueless, where the actor does exactly the same. This video is a copy of the film but done in a more amusing way; making it really unrealistic and far fetched that people would live like this. Its a fake world and the people in it are fake because theyre stereotypically rich.The driving scene could be realistic of new drivers panicking when theyre put in a dangerous situation and the editing of that scene is both fast and slow which is realistic of how we would feel in that situation.The camera work is realistic too because it uses Mulvey's gaze to make the camera seem as though its from the point of view of a guy, so the guys can relate to it.

SongFilmIdeologyThe ideology behind this video is to show the life of rich girls. The director of this video Director X wanted the video to be an exact replica of the 90s film Clueless to show the stereotype of rich people that we all know and to relate it to the lyrics of the song. In doing this they most likely promoted the film unintentionally as well as Iggy Azaleas image and personality.They wanted the video to be funny and didnt have any bad intentions in making it. The lyrics are opposite to the rich lifestyle and to the film Clueless so thats the reasoning behind copying the film.Their aim was probably to show how ridiculous rich people can be; how they always get the best and what they want., how easy their life is in comparison to ours. The video is so unrealistic it shows their life as a fantasy and fake and completely different to our real life.

InstitutionAustralian rapper Iggy Azalea has signed to Mercury, following on from two years of her ascent from mixtape queen to collaborator with the likes of Steve Aoki, B.O.B., T.I. and Pusha T. Her debut EP for Mercury, 'Work', will be released on April 8.Mercury Records is an American-based record label owned by Universal Music Group. In the United States, it operates through Island Records; in the UK, it is distributed by Virgin EMI Records.