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<ol><li> 1. British people made it into a colony in the year of 1627 Than began beginning its own colony on November 20th . 1966 </li><li> 2. Historical Facts . </li><li> 3. More Historical Facts The 1780 hurricane that hit Barbados it killed 4,000 people. In 1854 cholera killed 20,000 People. </li><li> 4. Geography </li><li> 5. Barbados!!!!! </li><li> 6. Cities And Population </li><li> 7. Function 2 </li><li> 8. The Religion in Barbados is All Christian , As in They Know God. </li><li> 9. FOOOOOOOOD!!!!! The foods that they eat is mostly beans and squash, tomato . </li><li> 10. FOOOOOOOD!!!! The mostly vegetables they use in there foods are squash , beans, tomatos , sugar cane , cassava. </li><li> 11. Cultural Things ! Something's they do is have carnival . Carnival where people dress up in colorful suits and people dance and there's loud music. </li><li> 12. Cultural Things ! This is a famous person with a carnival suit on. There clothes are usually really big as in the head piece has a bunch of feathers on it. </li><li> 13. 1 Major Attraction Place One is The Flower Forest. </li><li> 14. 2nd Major Attraction 2nd The St. Nicholas Abbey. </li><li> 15. 3rd Major Attraction 3rd Attraction is The Bottom Bay. </li><li> 16. 4th Major Attraction 4th Attraction Is The Animal Flower Forest. </li><li> 17. 5th Major Attraction 5th Attraction Is The Harrison Cave. </li><li> 18. WEBSITES ! www.factmonster.com www.barbados.org www.wikipedia.com </li></ol>