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New Media & Internet as an alternative to DTT broadcasting Daniel Tarasov [email protected] Mobile: +44.783.631.6973 Sales Manager Digital Media SoluBons www.irdeto.com

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  • New Media & Internet as an alternative to DTT broadcasting

    [email protected]:+44.783.631.6973


  • Agenda

    What is New Media Internets role in New Media Web Television & Internet Enabled Television Web TV why is it interesting?

    YouTube vs. Hulu MediaZone Viasat on Demand

    Internet Enabled Television new concepts Sky Maxdome Fetch TV


  • What is NEW MEDIA?

    one to one one to many many to many


    Mass Media Publishing Radio Television

  • What role Internet plays in this change?

    Internet does not exist by itself it is the services that attract the users

    * www.internetworldstats.com

    1.6 billion internet users in the World* (24% of population)

    6.7 million internet users in Ukraine* (15% of population)

  • Web TV & Internet enabled Television

    User experience

    Web TV


    Internet enabled


    not IPTV

  • Web TV why is it interesting?

  • Why are people watching TV on the Web?

    U.S. Market, Integrated Media Measurement Inc., 2008

  • Who are the players on US market?

    Top 10 US online properties*. April 2009

    * Source: comScore Video Metrix

    Property Videos (000) Share (%) of Videos 1 Google Sites 6,831,957 40.7 2 Fox Interactive Media 512,872 3.1 3 Hulu 396,953 2.4 4 Yahoo! Sites 355,231 2.1 5 Viacom Digital 315,177 1.9 6 Microsoft Sites 288,301 1.7 7 Turner Network 272,709 1.6 8 CBS Interactive 202,810 1.2 9 Disney Online 132,212 0.8

    10 AOL LLC 121,431 0.7 Total Internet 16,785,432 100

    16.7 billion videos watched in US in April 2009

  • What is at stake in US?

    Online video advertising market to reach $1.3 Billion by 2010


  • What is at stake in Ukraine?


    2007 2008 2009 2010 Ukraine online Ad spending $(m) $ 12 $ 21 $ 32.6 $ 45.6

    Growth (%) 75% 55% 40%

    Ukraine online video Ad spending $(m) $1.11 $1.96

    * www.gemius.com/pl/news/2008-10-03/02 2009-2010 entries are projections: Irdeto

    Online video advertising market to reach $1.2 million by 2010

    Substantially under-develop market Massive potential Growing Broadband penetration (6.7 million people) Decline of TV advertising revenue Reshaping of Advertising budgets

  • What is popular online?

    FREE content UGC

    Catch-up TV


    Paid Content Sports



  • YouTube vs. Hulu


    Number video streams

    Ads sold against video

    Estimated Ads revenue

    6.8 billion* 396 million*

    4 - 6% 100%

    $200 mln** $90 mln**

    User generated Professional

    *source: comScore video Metrix **source: estimation Michael Learmonth, www.businessinsider.com

  • Premium Content Sports

    Business models

    Pay-per-View Subscription (recurring: monthly; yearly; Season pass)


    Live (sport events) On-demand (massive VOD library)

  • Premium Content TV Shows, Series, etc

    Business models

    FREE with Advertising (video-ads; banners; rich-media)

    DTR (Download to Rent; 24/48 hours; 14 days)



  • Premium Content TV Shows, Series, etc

  • 2008 ENTRIQ | This document contains information that is privileged or confidential

    VIASAT on Demand

    Business models FREE with Advertising Pay-per-View SVOD (Subscription VOD) Film Packages (per genre/ per actor/ etc)

    Content Live sports On-demand

    Films TV Series Erotic

    Sweden Norway Denmark Finland

  • Web TV why is it interesting?

    Everything on one screen: TV Emails, Social Networks Gaming, shopping, etc

    Everything on-Demand no schedule What you want When you want

    Big variety Free or paid Hollywood content or User generated content World News or Local news, etc

  • Internet Enabled Television new concepts

  • What drives the industry?

    Change in consumer content consumption Alternative video content sources are becoming mainstream for consumers

    Operators are directly affected by this change

    Rise of new concepts: multi-platform multi-device Hybrid networks

  • Everything Is A Video Platform


    UKs largest pay-media provider 9m+ subscribers Brands include:


  • BSKYB what was the problem?

    Many outlets for content.online, mobile, digital signs .but the workflow was broken and inefficient Production was slow, complex, labour intensive, prone to human

    error.which made it very expensive! High overheads limited opportunities: content processing cost more

    than the revenue earned from syndication


  • BSKYB today: multi-platform & multi-device

    Sky on Satellite

    Sky on the Web

    Sky Podcasting

    Sky on the train stations

    Sky on Mobile Orange Vodafone Three T-Mobile



  • Maxdome VOD platform on PC & STB

    Business models DTR (Download to Rent) Pay-per-View SVOD (Subscription VOD/ packages)

    Content Films TV Series Sports Adult

  • Maxdome on PC

  • Maxdome on STB

    Internet Set-top-Box (over-the-top environment)

    Standard definition (SD) High Definition (HD)

    One user account for PC & STB

  • Fetch TV hybrid networks (DVB-T & Internet)

    A digital video recorder offering a combination of broadcast and broadband programmes Live TV via DVB-T VOD via Internet

    It can be connected to any broadband service provider.

    There are also movies and programming available on a pay-per-view basis.

    Enabled service

  • Internet Enabled Television

    The market for Internet Enabled Television to be properly shaped in the coming years

    Stand-alone services are pushing the industry towards standardization

    Positive experience of implementations in Western Europe shows the huge potential for other markets

  • Summary

    Think Global, Act Local

    Monetize each step

    No limits except for content territorial rights