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  • DANIEL CASSIDYportfolio

  • ARTISAN HIGHCambridge, MA45

    MADRID SPINE Madrid, Spain23

    POROUS CITY Elizabeth, NJ05


    CENOSPA Bowery, NYC 87

    DUNESTOPDraa Valley, Morocco61


  • The right to have access to every building in the city by private motorcar in an age when everyone pos-sesses such a vehicle is the right to destroy the city. - Lewis Mumford

    Elizabeth, NJ is seemingly well positioned for success. Linked by quick transit to the largest and wealthiest city in the country, home to the busiest port on the East Coast, and adjacent to an international airport. Yet much of downtown Elizabeth is vacant, consisting primarily of paved parking lots clustered around the Elizabeth river, now channelized to mitigate flooding from excessive run-off.

    Despite its small size, Elizabeths streets are choked with traffic, enabled by excessive parking and a zoning that encouraged to the Bayonne box, detatched multifamily homes with four car garages on the ground level. Yet its downtown commerce is depressed, with consumers favoring the megamall on the outskirts. Elizabeth is an edge city.

    The Porous_city masterplan and housing proposal calls for light rail/BRT transit options and restoration of the riv-er basin, simultaneously reducing runoff and curbing auto dependency. Focused on walkable, car-restricted com-munities, both high and mid-rise homes cluster around a shared yards that both manage rainwater and nurture community. Sprawl is thwarted and the city center revital-ized with the river once again its central asset.

    POROUS CITYElizabeth, NJMasterplan and Housing DevelopmentAcademic (Spring Studio 2013)Professor Julio Salcedo

  • Zoning proposal

  • Conceptual Section through development proposal

    Neighborhood development and watershed restoration objectives

  • Development plan

  • Housing unit typologies

  • Stacked housing schematic

    Neighborhood schematic

  • Porous stacked housing elevation

  • Typical plan

  • South elevation

    North elevation

  • Street view in Porous City


  • The landscape itself is a medium through which all ecological transactions must pass, it is the infrasturc-ture of the future and therefore of structural rather than (or as well as) scenic significance.

    - Richard Weller

    The Madrid Spine is a response to a crisis, both econom-ic and ecological. In the early aughts the Spanish gov-ernment ploughed money into reckless housing develop-ment schemes, building vast highway networks encircling new districts centered on mega malls. The government embraced generic and dated planning models complete-ly out of sync with Spanish culture and lifestyle. Clustered on the southern side of the city, these zones now sit emp-ty, grids of wide avenues surrounding empty lots.

    Meanwhile the southern branch of the Manzanares River, upon whose waters Madrid was established, languishes, cut off from public use, trapped between highways and rail lines, and fouled by a series of inadequate waste-water treatment plants. Development plans neglected this critical riparian zone entirely.

    The Madrid Spine attempts ameliorate these conditions with an infrastructural megaproject. Combining transit, wastewater management, soil enrichment, food produc-tion, conservation, and recreation, the Spine seeks to transform service systems into a spectacular network, a habitat to grow community and seed development or-ganically.

    Madrid, SpainInfrastructure InterventionAcademic (Etsam Proyecto) 8Professor: Manuel Ocaa


  • Beneath the Spine


  • In an era where high school curriculum is increas-ingly standardized and formulaic, Artisan High of-fers an alternative education based on creative pro-duction. Built upon the artisan tradition, from the legacy of the Arts and Crafts Movement to the Bau-haus, the school instills students with design sensibili-ties and empowers them with critical fabrication skills.

    The core organizing principal for the schools program is to foster the community that forms around creative pro-duction. To encourage this, the design studios are orga-nized as small independent units framing a courtyard.

    As an alternative school, it aims to provide a lifestyle for students, nurturing their talents beyond final bell. Studio practice is not only incorporated into the curric-ulum, but the focus of the afterschool program, where students are given the freedom to create in open studios. Set on a plinth and anchored by a gallery, the court-yard functions as a small campus, providing adolescent students a critical sense of agency and independence.

    Cambridge, MAMagnet High School | 50,000 Sq. Ft.Academic (Spring 2014 Architecture Studio)Professor Brian Healy


  • Site Analysis

  • Artisan High materials









  • Program illustration

    Workshop finishing loft

  • Elevations

  • Workshops plan

  • Main entrance view

    Aerial courtyard view

  • Bauhaus curriculum based in material exploration

  • Model East view

    Model South view

  • Courtyard view


  • DUNE STOPDraa Valley, MoroccoHolistic Environmental RegnerationETSAM Basic HabitationProfessor: Felipe Colavidas

    Ksar Bounou is a subsistence farming community located in the southern oases of Morrocco. The community lives in a traditional fortified village built of rammed earth, which is currently under threat from sand incursion. In an effort to stem wind erosion and provide greater eco-nomic opportunity for the community, this project offers a holistic approach that incorportates physical interventions with social practice. Thus traditional agricultural and con-struction methods are deployed in a two-pronged ap-proach to tackle the deteriorating ksar and empower the community.

    The agricultural component aims to reclaim former pro-ductive fields, enclosing them with a green wall, thus an-choring the soil agianst wind erosion. The development component is a community-run hotel and cultural visit built with tradional construction methods, reclaiming currently damaged areas of the ksar. To support both strategies, and improve the health, dignity, and quality of life for Ksar Bounou residents, composting toilets are built be-tween the two components. These move human waste streams outside of the habitation, and process waste to both prevent groundwater contamination and exploit its nutrient-rich properties.


  • Tribeca, NYCCooperative work space Academic (Fall Studio 2013)Professor: Ali Hocek


    The highest reward for a persons toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.

    - John Ruskin

    Digital technology has fragmented the traditional work-place, giving workers greater agency over their produc-tion while freeing them from the tedium of the hierarchi-cal office. However, the tradeoff for this new flexibility is isolation and thus limited access to critical resources. Cathedral co-working spaces offer necessary amenities as well as a physical social network.

    As John Ruskin critiques the industrial division of labor in The Stones of Venice, the Cathedral recalls Gothic idealism which resonates at both the community and entrepreneurial levels. The building serves a force of creators who benefit by collaboration and expand their potential through networking. By creating a dynamic space that encourages interaction and chance encoun-ters among thinker-workers, the Cathedral re-imagines the experience and ultimate purpose of working.

  • Site plan

  • East Elevation

    Floor Plans

  • West Elevation

  • Balcony details

  • Model balcony view

  • Elevator details

  • Model elevator view

  • Sixth Ave view


  • CENOSPABowery, NYCPublic BathouseAcademic (Spring Studio 2012)Professor: Brad Horn

    Cenospa is a bathhouse, public pool, and spa design inspired by the Cenotes of Veracruz, and whose pro-gram of leisure and relaxation sits in stark juxtaposition with the grit of the Bowery. The bathing program is thrust against the faade, pressing bodies floating in space against the determined linear trajectories of a tur-bulent artery. A dynamic staircase curls along the edge of the central chasm, cirulating people upwards around falling water. The solarium towers over the fracas, a warm oasis permeated with sunlight filtering through tree branches and the sound of cool cascading water.

    The bathhouse is a zoo, where twisting pathways, sur-prising perspectives, and miniature worlds collide with delightful results. Beyond pleasure and spectacle, the structure functions as an independent ecosystem. De-signed to capture all rooftop rainwater runoff from the block in a vast subterannean cistern, the building incor-porates various bio-filter systems, cleaning and aerat-ing the water it as it spills through the building.

  • POOLSWATERFALLSSTAIRSElements of spectacle

  • Cross section

  • Floor plans

  • Floor plans

  • Street elevation

  • Longitudinal section

  • Model street view

    Model detail view

  • Bowery night view

  • The City College Stu