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Damla KAAN. Job Idea. “ We should offer a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. ” Ingvar KAMPRAD . I: Ingvar ( name ) K: Kamprad ( surname ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Damla KAAN

Job Idea I: Ingvar (name)

K: Kamprad (surname)

E: Elmtaryd (birth farm)

A: Almhut (town of birth)

We should offer a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Ingvar KAMPRAD

VisionA better daily life.. Being in the side of the majority

Offering thousands of well-designed and functional furniture and home accessories at low prices that many people can buy

Retrenching in every field that comes to mind, except ideas!

Not receiving money on workings that customer can make

Retrenching together for a better daily lifeIKEA Concept Based on offering a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products atprices so low that many people will be able to afford them.

Rather than selling expensive home furnishings that only a few can buy, the IKEA Concept makes it possible to serve the many by providing low-priced products that contribute to helping more people live a better life at home.

Guides the way IKEA products are designed, manufactured, transported, sold and assembled. History


Ingvar Kemorad was born.1943

He registered his firm in 28 July,IKEA.


Wholeslale ballpoints pens. The very first IKEA ad. Written by the founder himself.1948

Stylish , modern furniture is introduced into The IKEA product range.



The first IKEA catalogue was distributed.Then, as now, free of charge.1953

Albin Lagerblads furniture in Almhultwas bought and converted into the firstshow-room of IKEA.


IKEA started to design its own furniture.


Partnerships were up to 100.



The very first IKEA store opened in Almhult,Sweden.


Designer Gillis Lundgren created TORE series. These products were considered forchildrens rooms.


Disassembled furniture idea was created.Flat packages= Lower transportsCosts = Lower prices1961

Quality tests, which were accordance with Sweden Test Standarts , were started.



First agreement was signed with the none-Scandinavian partner(Poland). Their first delivery was 20.000 furnitures.


First store outside of Sweden was opened inOslo- Norway.


Cafe chair from bending beech tree wasre-designed for fitting to IKEA concept.


Is expensive furniture better than cheap?was the headline in Swedens leading home furnishing magazine. The result was sensational.History1965

The first store in Stockholm was opened. At that time, it was the largest home furnishing store in Europe.1965

Kitchen part was opened in StockholmsStore.1973

The first store outside of Scandinavia wasopened. 1975

Plastic chair, called SKOPA, started to produced.


IKEAs shelves was moved to living roomsat first time. 1980

LACK came out. This stand was build from a sound and light material uses in room door building.1980

KLIPPAN Sofa with a replaceable and washable sheath came out.1982

PATRULL child security product serie, shows IKEA's commitment to safety, cameout.


A fabric, which produces supermarketCars, started to produce frame of MOMENT sofa. This design won an award.1985

STOCKHOLM series came out. This serie won a Sweden Perfect Design award. 1996

IKEA created a new designer which wasinspired by 18. century Scandinavianfurniture. 1997

The child serie came out.


www.ikea.com went into operation.1999

Ingvar Bengrad started a millenium award campain / Big Thank You Event for his employee.2002

A historical Sweden souvenir has turned toa stylish design.2003

Kamprad Building in the Sweden Hospitalhas been founded by IKEAs donation. This building has a cancer research fixture and a Radio-physic fixture.




First IKEA store in Portugal has opened.2005

First IKEA store in Turkey/Umraniye has opened. 2006

First IKEA store in Japan has opened. On that year employee of IKEA group is over 100.000 people.


IKEA has opened the most international store in Haparanda. Because this store is on the borderland of Sweden and Finland. This area is on the reservoir area of Russia and Norway.

Store StyliesIkea stores are generally like blue boxes which have lots of windows. On that stores a natural long-way has designed for the customers. Purpose of this way is encourging customer to see every part of store. Besides this way there were short cuts for the special part that customers want to see especially. Inner store designs are generally like this; furniture section, kitchen section and on the last part buying section and cash desk section. In spite of the original designs shopping part is on the lower floor and exhibiting part is on the higher floor, in the most of Canada, Spain,American stores and all of German stores exhibiting part is on the lower floor. And some of stores have one floor and build like a bugalow. In the most of IKEA stores sell generally Swedish foods and next of these there are some restaurants which sell local foods. These restaurants are mostly on the parts have big windows. Except Sweden some of these restaurants sell Sweden food products.

In the most of Ikea stores there are a discount section before before cah desk part. There are products have little/high damages on the discount part. But you cant return these products. On America and Australian these parts launch as a market place.Despite in Hong Kong IKEA store products prices are high and products scales is so limited, they opened 3 OUTLET stores. These stores are too small but they have one way road as well.But Telford store doesnt have this template. There are 3 floor s which are independent from each other.

PRODUCTSTV UnitesSofas and Armchairsgfhf

Bookshelves Beds Wardrobes Baths and Buffets and Mattress


Tables and Chairs




Textile and Carpets

Food Accessories

Home Organizations


Home Decorations

BoKlokPrefabric Home*** IKEAs social commitment policy effect company especially in designs.Koltuklar

IKEA SERVICES Transport Service

Montage Service

Kitchen Planning

Children Services

Kitchen Montage

Free Park Space

Gift Vouchers


1)Wiebke Braasch 19)Annie Hulden2)Monika Mulder 20)Saana Dahlman3)Mia Gammelgard 21)Carina Bengs4)Noboru Nakamura 22)Eva Lilja Lwenhielm5)Ehln Johansson 23)Nicholas Cortolezzis6)Tord Bjrklund 24)Jon Karlson 7)Niels Gammelgaard 25)Gillis Lungreen8)Kazuyo Nomura 26)Hakan Olsson9)Linda Svennson 27)Morten Kjelstrup10)Anna Efverlund 28)Sigga Heimis11)Knut - Marianne Hagberg 29)Mikael Warnhammar12)Maria Vinka 30)Nicholai Wiig Hansen13)Magnus Eleback 31)Richard Clack14)Asa Grey 32)Allan stgaard15)Thomas Sandell 33)Karl MALMVALL16)Chris Martin 34)Anne Nilsson17)Henrik Preutz 35)Tomas Jelinek18)Annika Grottell 36)Nike Kassrolf.

*** And they are working with lots of designers.

*** IKEA always want its own designers to be infront of peopless eyes(Designers pictures in stores). Thanks to this situation IKEA can show to other people its designers are so important to them.CATALOGUE Ikeas most powerful part is its catalogs. On that catalogs you can find IKEAs philosophy with funny, clever, inspirational words and you can find informations about how to make a kitchen, how to design an office, products visuals with full accesories, kids products with lovely children, designers with their products , remember us how much trendy IKEA is, besides this these you can also find intercommunication info , details about social commitments of and answer of why IKEA.

IKEA ORGANIZATIONIKEA Group Management Board:Anders Dahlvig (CEO), Hans Gydell (CFO), JosephineRydberg- Dumont, Mikael Ohlsson, Thomas Blomquist, Pernille Spiers- Lopez and Lars Gejrot.


In the world Inter Ikea System s,which has IKEAs intellectual property and has authorization to give frachesing, target is redoubling IKEAs attainablity with IKEAs stores that has IKEA style. Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is constantly evaluating new countries and following a long-term strategic expansion plan, which sets our priorities of future growth navigates where to put focus and when.Decision to enter a new country is made after a thorough market study and a franchisee will be carefully evaluated and approved. When selecting franchisees, Inter IKEA Systems B.V., among other things, evaluates the following: thorough retail experienceextensive local market knowledge and presence corporate culture and values financial strength and ability to carry through the investment penetrating acountry in full and in a large-scale retail environment format