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  • 1. Introducing An ICT Homework Challenge!

2. Mobile is taking over! 3. In 2012, the UK mobile app industry was valued at500,000,000 (thats half a billion pounds if youre still counting the zeros!) 4. Theres an app for thatApp Design Challenge 5. Your challenge EduTek, a leading educational publisher, has asked you to develop an interactive app that will help children learn the alphabet. Your line manager has asked you to produce a design for an interactive app that contains at least six letters of the alphabet to demonstrate how the app will work. Your design should include how the app will look and some way of showing what it will do, including flow-charts. App Design Challenge 6. Your Tasks There are 7 tasks for you to complete to succeed in this challenge 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.Researching Educational Apps User Requirements Design Ideas Choosing a final idea Final Design Advertising Project Review App Design Challenge 7. Using Your Time Wisely! Week Beginning: 04 November 11 November 18 November 25 November 02 December 09 December 16 DecemberHomework Task Project set Task 1 (research) Task 2 (User requirements) & start Task 3 (Design ideas) Finish Task 3 (Design ideas) & Task 4 (Choose a final idea) Task 5 (Final design) Task 6 (Advertisement) Task 7 (Project review) Hand project in last week of term! Dont leave this project until the last week of term! You will need to spend about 2 hours per week to complete everything successfully App Design Challenge 8. Success and Rewards Every student who completes the project will get a certificate Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum! The best project in each ICT teaching group will get a prize! There will be a grand prize for the app design most likely to succeed (as decided by Mr Rogers) App Design Challenge 9. What Next? Your ICT teacher will give you the information pack in your next lesson You will need to start working straight away! Plan your time wisely remember, 2 hours per week! Your ICT teacher will be checking progress every weekApp Design Challenge 10. How do I get help? Ask your ICT teacher if you dont understand any of the tasks Look on the VLE for extra information and resources Come on a Wednesday after school to room 27 every week for extra support Room 32 & 33 are available for homework before school and at lunch times App Design Challenge