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Dallas County Condition of the County. ROWLETT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE February 8, 2012. County Tax Rates. Dallas County Tax Rates FY1997 FY2012. Current Large Urban County Tax Rates. FY97 21.00 FY9820.10 FY9919.72 FY0019.60 FY0119.60 FY0219.60 FY0319.60 FY0420.39 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>*Dallas County Condition of the CountyROWLETT CHAMBER OF COMMERCEFebruary 8, 2012</p></li><li><p>*</p><p>Kaufman .56650 N/A .56650Ellis .39359 N/A .39359Rockwall .38640 N/A .38640Denton .27390 N/A .27390Collin .24000 N/A .24000 *******Bexar .32600 .27600 .60200 Harris .38805 .19216 .58021 El Paso .36340 .18212 .54552 Travis .46580 .07190 .53770 Dallas .24310 .27100 .51410 Tarrant .26400 .22789 .49189 </p><p>County Tax RatesDallas County Tax Rates FY1997 FY201216-year period = +3.31 cents</p><p>FY97 21.00FY9820.10FY9919.72FY0019.60FY0119.60FY0219.60FY0319.60FY0420.39FY0520.39FY0621.39FY07 21.39FY0822.81FY0922.81FY1022.81FY1124.31FY12 24.31CountyHospital TaxTotal Current Large Urban County Tax RatesCounty Rate</p></li><li><p>*Major Capital Development Fund Major BuildingsRoads and Transportation</p><p>Trail &amp; Preserve Program </p><p>DEBT FREE BY 2021</p></li><li><p>*</p></li><li><p>*</p></li><li><p>*</p></li><li><p>*</p></li><li><p>*</p></li><li><p>*South Tower $66,900,72West Tower Smoke Evacuation $5,250,000West Tower Intercom $1,823,099Central Intake Improvements $1,650,000North Tower Fire Alarm Panel $575,000North Tower Shower Overlay/painting $738,298 North Tower Intercom $1,572,030North Tower EMS $1,726,579North Tower TAB $240,000West Tower Feeder Ports $137,718North Tower Smoke Evacuation $1,568,840North Tower 2nd Floor Single Cells $531,2553MW Smoke Evacuation $737,285George Allen Smoke Evacuation $2,000,000George Allen Showers and Bulkheads $1,063,393Additional Smoke Evacuation Improvements $4,200,000George Allen Doors/Controls $400,000North Tower Stainless Steel Showers $1,094,000Sterrett Building Control Panel/Intercoms $4,518,500Phase I - Increased Medical Space $1,800,000Phase II - Infirmary/Clinic Construction $45,000,000TOTAL COSTS $143,526,725 New Facilities/Facility System Upgrades Cost Parkland Improved Health Care Cost</p><p>Parkland Improved Health Care $18,000,000Additional EMS Transports $300,000 Dallas County Health Care Equipment $800,895 TOTAL COSTS $19,100,895</p><p>Sanitation CostLaundry Equipment Upgrades $1,200,000Additional Clothing $1,000,000New Cleaning Chemicals "ZEP" $100,000Pest Control/ Disposable Razors $95,000Inspection Team $186,000TOTAL COSTS $2,581,000</p><p>OtherJail Consultants $950,000TOTAL COSTS $192,893,408</p></li><li><p>*Parkland Hospital PARKLANDS ROLE IN OUR COMMUNITY </p><p>Proactive Public Health Service</p><p>Public Health System</p><p>Safety-Net Provider</p><p>Academic Medical Center</p><p>Regional Provider of Care</p></li><li><p>*Parkland Hospital TAX RATE</p><p>Past &amp; CurrentFY960.1996FY000.1960FY970.1941FY01 FY090.2540FY980.1855FY100.2740FY990.1799FY11 FY120.2710</p><p>FutureFY2014 - 1 increase for operational support = .281</p></li><li><p>*Parkland Hospital WISH ClinicTrauma TowerAcute TowerMed/Surg ClinicParkingPodiumWISH TowerNew Campus FundingCost$1,271 billion</p><p>FinancingTax &amp; Revenue Bond $747 mParklands Cash$350 m Philanthropy$150 m Interest &amp; Other $ 24 m Parking</p></li><li><p>*Parkland Hospital DALLAS COUNTY WITHOUT PARKLAND</p><p>Parkland provides annually: </p><p> over 177,000 emergency room visits</p><p> over 315,00 specialty outpatient service visits</p><p> over 406,000 COPC visits</p><p> over 13,500 deliveries</p><p> over 5 million prescription filled</p></li><li><p>**Courtesy of Dallas Morning News, WFAA, and FoxDFW</p></li><li><p>*Dr. Elba GarciaDistrict 4John Wiley PriceDistrict 3Mike CantrellDistrict 2Maurine DickeyDistrict 1</p></li><li><p>*</p></li><li><p>*DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT 2 Contact InformationAdministration Office: 411 Elm Street Dallas, TX 75202 214.653.6100 District Office: 1701 N. Collins Suite 1000 Richardson Tx 75080 214.589.7060Website: WWW.DALLASCOUNTY.ORG/district2Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.Kristi PadonTraci EnnaCommissioner CantrellAmy MuellerMitch Lay</p></li><li><p>*Dallas County Condition of the CountyROWLETT CHAMBER OF COMMERCEFebruary 8, 2012</p><p>*Thank you for having me today </p><p>Im very proud to be here today Rowlett is still in my District and Ill explain a little about the Redistricting in just a minute. </p><p>*DALLAS COUNTY has a lot to be proud of!</p><p>Not only does Dallas County continues to be have one of the lowest tax rates in Texas (the cap is 80 cents) We also continue to do some amazing things even with a low rate</p><p> 1. No Sales Tax 2. Cut $119m in past 3 yrs. &amp; 367 employees 3. Spent or obligated $200m for Jail 4. Exemptions: $20k Homestead (no other county in region) $69k Over 65 (most generous in region) 5. 42% to operate County 6. Because of our financial policies Triple AAA Rating by both rating agencies*</p><p> 2000 Implemented Pay-As-You-Go </p><p> 4.5 - Now 3.12 to MCDF 1.38 Deb Interest &amp; Principle</p><p> For Parks/Trails, Building/Infrastructure, Roads/Transportation Needs</p><p> No increase in Tax Rate for Debit (would have been 1.7)</p><p> 2021 Debt Free</p><p> National Level *We in Dallas County try to be very mindful of our expenditures.</p><p>Take our recent courthouse expansion project.</p><p>In other counties, Collin and Rockwall shown as examples,They bought land, and built brand new complexes.</p><p>*Expanded existing Buildings</p><p> Worked with Attorneys Dallas Bar</p><p> Went to Legislature User Fee to help offset building costs</p><p> 2002 2016 $15 Civil Court filing fee dedicated to building </p><p> Remainder from MCDF 50/50 split - $45 m</p><p> Past 10 years - $190m * Key for Economic Development Retention &amp; Attract</p><p> We saw what was coming at Fed &amp; State level Fund 6 only maintenance no new capacity projects 18.4Fed Hwy Trust Fund - B/R 20 = 38 Total per Gal.Transportation Funding Crisis Unsustainable State Wont index or increase gas tax Does Borrow $s Texas Transportation Commission (Dye Report VMT) 2030 Funding needs for Region $129.5B - Short $58.6B</p><p>Because of Toll Roads NTTA This Region has 10.5B in projects in state of design/construction </p><p> Dallas County positioned itself - MCDF, past 11 yrs. / Partnered w/ Cities to build much needed roads- Completed 32 projects, 100 + projects in motions- Contributed to $450m towards $1.07B value</p><p>6. Debt Free 2012 will have $90-100M each year to leverage infrastructure / transportation projects (compared to $30-40m)*</p><p> Major Focus for 20 years</p><p> Spent $25m to leverage State &amp; Federal $s, cash donations &amp; land donations</p><p> Have 21 preserves totaling 3244 acres</p><p> 1997 Adopted our 1st trail plan - Network of 335 linear miles of hard surface &amp; 145 miles of soft surface</p><p> Working with cities to link parks with trails </p><p>*You know, everywhere I go, people want to know about our dirty laundry! so, here you go!Actually, the Sheriffs Laundry unit washes an average of 10,000 pounds of laundry per day or 3.6 million pounds a year.Our trustees are utilized to wash 7 days a week. </p><p>But more seriously, about public safety in the County:</p><p>We spend 60% of our budget</p><p>We spend $9.3 million per year on inmate meals (.59 per meal)</p><p>6,400 Inmates average daily</p><p>*Dallas County has spent nearly $200 million on improvements in our jails just in the past 5 years.</p><p>MANDATED</p><p>2004 Failed after 7 years</p><p>2006 Federal Court Order</p><p>2010 Passed</p><p>2011 Passed *Parkland Hospital plays a vital role in our community. </p><p>In addition to the those on the slide, Parkland is also a Level 1 Trauma Center; </p><p> the Regions Only Burn Unit;</p><p> a Regional Resource for Disaster Preparedness; </p><p> and the Health Service Provider for the Dallas County Jail &amp; Juvenile Detention Center. </p><p>*Parklands Revenue Projection for FY2012 is $1,262,000,000. </p><p>Of that, 31% is generated from property tax revenue</p><p> 42% from patient revenue</p><p> 14% from government subsidies</p><p> and the remainder from interest income, debt services, and other sources</p><p>GOAL Debt Free before the Bond Election *Philanthropy - to date $103,323,659 has been received </p><p>Construction Currently in Progress is the Parking garage to be completed by Jan. 2012; &amp; </p><p> Acute Care Hospital, WISH Clinic Core &amp; Shell, West Site Work to be completed by Aug. 2014</p><p>Future Construction Includes Demolition of Lofland Garage &amp; Skybridge with an estimated completion of Aug. 2012</p><p> Logistics Building to begin Aug. 2012 with completion by 8/2013; and</p><p> Medical-Surgical Clinic &amp; Administration Building to begin Jan. 2013 with completion by 8/2014</p><p>Only hospital State-wide with Triple AAA RatingNov. 2008 by 82% voters passed bond* Payer of Last Resort, mandated by Fed law to treat those in need whether Indigent; Uninsured, or Legal Citizen </p><p> EMTALA, Fed Emergency Medical Treatment Act if they present, must stabilize &amp; treat</p><p> Dallas County residents w/out insurance 829k</p><p>NON COMPLIANCE Concerned for Patient Safety CMS (Centers for Medicaid &amp; Medicare Services) Found Parkland: - Non-Compliant - Removed deemed status to received federal funds - Issued a termination letter for being a Medicare providerRequired a Systems Improvement Agreement - Provided fro training new policies &amp; procedures - Must have Independent Consultant Reviews - Engage full-time Compliance Office - Develop &amp; Implement a Quality Assessment &amp; Performance Improvement Team </p><p> - New Leadership - Will exit Stronger &amp; better positioned w/ regard to patient care - Better management of Dr. contract w/ UT Southwestern</p><p>*And lastly, Id like to talk about Redistricting.</p><p>Youve seen some of these headlines no doubt.</p><p>Discussions began in April 2011, and when the first maps were presented, there was a 4-1 support to create a minority opportunity district out of my district. </p><p>*</p><p>On June 6, 2011, after the boundary lines had been drawn, and after Commissioner Dickey announced that she would not run for reelection, Commissioner Price presented this map that switched the District numbers 1 and 2.</p><p>The thought was that District 1s seat would be available for filing in December 2011, and since it was drawn to be a new minority opportunity district, the Democrats should take full advantage of the opportunity and seek to have a Democrat elected as soon as possible.</p><p>Then there would be no doubt the Democrats would have the majority on the Court with room to spare. </p><p>The Court voted for this map, 3-1 (I voted No, and Commissioner Dickey had left the courtroom).</p><p>On September 16, 2011, we received word from the U.S. Department of Justice that our map was pre-cleared and to be effective immediately. </p><p>*Although I am honored to represent the cities in my new district, you can see from the old lines that there was a more cohesive look to the districts, and there were no cities that were split between Commissioners. </p><p>Now, we have several cities that are split, including Garland, Mesquite, Irving, Richardson to name a few. </p><p>This was no doubt a political move and the Democrats prevailed. </p><p>*</p><p>You can see here my staff and contact information and I look forward to serving you at any opportunity.</p><p>Please visit my website and facebook.</p><p>*</p></li></ul>


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