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<ol><li> 1. DAD From: Well Everyone! </li><li> 2. We hope you enjoy your special day! </li><li> 3. Youre always there for us! </li><li> 4. And always reminding us to be good and loving people! </li><li> 5. We worry about you sometimes but.. </li><li> 6. We just wanted you to know we love you! </li><li> 7. I mean you are a pretty cool dad! </li><li> 8. THANKS FOR BEING THE WORLDS GREATEST DAD! </li><li> 9. fin Dear dad, We will love you forever always! You are the best dad anyone could ask for. Your always there to put a smile on someone's face. Happy Birthday dad! -Your Family To God I thank for being my father. By your reproaches and advice. By the good that you taught to me and of my being always you took care of. For being kind father, plenty of peace and wisdom. Because mistresses the truth. Justice and uprightness too much. For being my loved father and to teach the charity to me. Noble feelings cover to you. You do not know the badness. Noble and sparing horseman, you taught to me to fight. Aspiring always at the most high and to my dreams not to resign. To detest all the bad one. By your celestial values. To guide to me of the hand in full footpaths of flowers. By your words of breath at my sadder moments. By your eloquent silences that they calm to me sweetly. By your wise and deep glance. By your so calm expression. By your patience and tenacity. Eddy of good things. </li></ol>