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A look at cybersecurity salaries in the Washington, D.C. Metro requiring security clearance.


<ul><li> 1. CLEARED CYBERSECURITY PAY IN WASHINGTON D.C. METRO tion ompensa ge total c Avera BY LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE Average total compensation $135,727 $117,663 $94,564 A security clearance is a determi nation by the Un ited States Government that a pe rson or company is eligible for access to classified information . The term eligibi lity for access means the same thing as security clearance and appears in some Government rec ord systems. Th ere are two types of clearances : Personnel Security Clearances 10,936 $1 BY CLEARANCE LEVE A security clearanceLis a determ ination by the United States Gove rnment that a Department of Defense person or company is eligtible fo Secre r access to$86,313formatio classified in n. The term Department of Defense eligibility for access meacret th Top Se ns e same thing as secu$1cl rity 0ea,93e and appears in 5 ranc8 Depa Gove of Defense some rtmentrnment recordSecret/SCI Top systems. There are two types of clearanc $108,48es: Personnel 7 Securitynceearances (PCLs) and Intellige Cl Agency Facility Security Clearances (FCL s).$136,246 Average total compensation Senior-level career 10+ years (manager/ director of staff) GENDER Satisfied 62% 55% Lifestyle or Full-Scope polygraph I don't have a current polygraph EDUCATION AGE FEMALE $106,496 A LOOK AT THE AGENCIES Top five agencies for cybersecurity: Average total compensation 25-34 $94,024 84% % Survey respondents who say theyre willing to relocate 20% Counterintelligence polygraph BY GENDER, AGE AND EDUCATION $111,773 % 60 Survey respondents who expect to change jobs (and/or) employers within the next year $114,953 25% MALE Dissatisfied 53% $102,274 Workforce makeup 5+ years 26% Neutral $129,957 Mid-level career Are cybersecurity workers satisfied with their pay? 14 BY POLYGRAPH LEVEL Management STAY OR GO? 35-44 $112,593 45-54 55+ $94,102 $128,170 $133,334 27% 16% 35% SOME COLLEGE (2-YEAR) 13% 22% 43% MASTERS DEGREE (NOT MBA) $126,525 National Security Agency 19% COLLEGE GRADUATE (4-YEAR) $109,476 Department of Defense 25% Central Intelligence Agency Department of Homeland Security Department of Justice *Survey respondents were compiled from the 2013 ClearanceJobs Compensation Survey. The survey was administered online by from October 30, 2012 to January 21, 2013. CLEARANCEJOBS.COM/SALARY FACEBOOK.COM/CLEARANCEJOBS TWITTER.COM/CLEARANCEJOBS </li> </ul>