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    Wessam hamza

    Personal Information:

    Name : Wessam Hassan Hamza

    Address : 22 Ibrahim Al Attar Street – Raslan Building


    Phone Number :02 03/5750992 002/ 01010750707

    00971 588293809 / 00971 563036562

    E-Mail :


    Place of Birth : Alexandria

    Date Of Birth : 21/02/1976

    Marital Status : Married

    Nationality : Egyptian Available in Dubai


     Graduated from Faculty of Arts ( May 2001 ) Arabic Department

     A general Diploma in Education – Alexandria University Grade (Good)

    Language Skills:

     Arabic : Mother Tongue

     English : Fluent

     French : Fair

    Computer Skills: `

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     ICDL ( From Alexandria University )


     Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom (PYP, Category 1), Dubai, UAE, 3/13/2015 .

    * Approval for the teaching of the Knowledge and Human Development

    .A) from GR 7 to GR13 Arabic7/12/2015 ( on from Dubai issued

    ) from GR 1 to Gr 7B (Arabicfrom Dubai on 7/9/2016Issued

     I attended a workshops in Thailand presenting how to teach the curriculum in Arabic by using modern methods and new curricula

     I attended workshops in Alexandria University contributing with “flagship programme”

     The Commission on international and trans-Regional Accreditation “Five Star

    professional development “

    November 2008

     Diploma in Special needs – Caritas Setia Center ( B+ ) With total working hours 270 hour (Oral / Written )

     Initiative Diploma in Special needs – Alexandria University

     Diploma in Teaching Arabic ( career certificate in teaching Arabic as foreign language ) ( cctafl) from American University of Cairo (AUC )

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    Working Experience :

     Teacher ARABIC B & A in Victoria International School of Sharjah from September 2018 until Now.

     Teacher Arabic B & A in kings Dubai from September 2016

    August 2018. Tel : +971 4 348 3939 P.O Box : 38199 Dubai UAE | http://kings-edu.com/dubai

    * Teacher in Arabic A & B from September 2015 to August 2016. Emirates international school (Meadows)

    Job Description: - Ensure the arrival of the education sector technical guidance to school

    and study it and ,analysis ,discuss, write notes of it & converting the provisions of these guidelines to an action plans and follow up the implementation of this plans with my staff members over the school year

    - analysis the curriculum for different classes to see the trends and needs in implementation

    - follow the curriculum with teachers and discussed with them to link curriculum topics with environment & society

    - Following the actual needs of modern teaching approach ,which serves ,both the means of sensory ,audio visual equipment and develop an action plan to take advantage of technological development and the provision of resources for the IBO curriculum and As i check the use of teachers for laboratories , and train students to use the modern technologies and activated.

    - Prepare the statement of books and references that serve the Arabic language & follow up on their availability in the school library and ask the officials provided the library, including lack of books &references.

    - Put a vision of educational activities that serve the curriculum

    &prepared an action plan to teachers to activate the activities to learn students and enjoying them and discuss with the teachers the teacher guide and help them how to use it and benefit from it.

    - - following the teachers in the classroom and ensuring the positive

    participation of the students and their interaction with the teacher.


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    - Follow up the teachers in the treatment of academically weak students as well as take care of the outstanding students to maintain their academic level.

    - Organizing workshops between teachers as well as the exchange of

    visits between the classes according to a specific table in order to exchange experiences.

    - Organize a different activities to the students through the year &follow

    up the teachers in the activation of these students (action plan).

    - - Follow up the new teachers and provide them with the necessary

    experience and the new strategy of teaching. - Prepare monthly &annual reports for teachers.

    - weekly meeting with teachers to follow the progress of work and plan

    curriculum Organize periodic seminars for students aiming to improve their behavioral, ethical through cultural programs prepared by the teachers with the participation of outstanding students


     TEACHER IN: Uptown School

     PO Box 78181 Dubai United Arab Emirates T +971 (4) 251 5001 www.uptownschool.ae


    Arabic & Islamic B Team Leader.

    GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis


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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

     Teaching in ALEXANDRIA university2010

     Teaching in Utah university program Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language summer 2010

     Teaching in program ( AFS) summer 2010

    Job Description: In my that position, I have written several Arabic curriculums for non –native speakers as an original language and preparing a curriculum for both middle and high grades allowing students to scaffold their ideas and ultimately to direct their own learning. Teaching Arabic Culture and civilization. I worked in the processing of curriculum for non- native Arabic speakers students of Georgetown & Utah University and also processing of special curriculum for students of the exchange program for American schools (AFS) under the supervision of the American Ministry of Education in collaboration with the University of Alexandria

     Schutz American school from 2008 until 2010 Position: Teaching classic Arabic and Colloquial Arabic

    Job Description: It has been a rewarding challenge for me to create inquiry based units, especially planning differentiated lessons. As a result of my rigorous lessons, my students have developed a strong sense of responsibility, effective interpersonal skills and the ability to contribute to teamwork.

    - Preparing for the lesson plan

    - Teaching the lesson (including Reading, Listening,

    Critical thinking, Grammar)

    - Assigning weekly Quizzes and monthly exams

    - Correcting Quizzes and exams

    - Making monthly evaluation for each students using “OPI”


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     International American School of Alexandria

    Position: Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language: Teaching

    Arabic & Religion ( A.S.A )

    From 2004 until 2008

    Job Description:

    -Making the yearly curriculum

    -Teaching the lesson (including Reading,

    Listening, Critical thinking, Grammar , Writing)

    -Teaching Arabic for non-speaker (Colloquial and

    Modern standard Arabic)

    -Making revision Paper and worksheet

    -Correcting exams

    -Making weekly evaluation reports

    -Making Visuals

     Alexandria Language School ( A.L.S ) From September 2004 until September 2006

    Position: Teaching Arabic & Religion

    - Preparing for the lesson plan

    - Teaching the lesson (including Reading, Listening,

    Critical thinking, Grammar)

    - Assigning weekly Quizzes and monthly exams

    - Correcting Quizzes and exams

    - Making monthly reports for each students

     Working in the Governorate o In Managing Environment Department

    From March 2004 to September 2004

    Position: Team Leader

     Caritas – Egypt Seti Center

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    Support Education Training for Integration

    Position: First Specialist


     Surfing internet, listening to English and Arabic music,

     Coach Participating in training Shutz American School Basketball team in “ Isac Varsity Basketball competition”

    2009 Tournament “ABA” Muscat ,Oman

     Coach Participating in training Shutz American School Basketball team in “ Isac Varsity Basketball competition”

    2010 Tournament Abu Dhabi.


    I am seeking a challenging position with a leading organization,

    In order to fulfill my ambitions, utilizing my practical, leadership

    & acquired skills, and applying them in the work place in a way

    That enables me to improve my self, fill higher positions,

    And merit every