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<ul><li><p>C.V. DETAILS </p><p>NAME : Walid Saeed Yassin </p><p>PERSONAL INFORMATION </p><p>Nationality : Palestinian </p><p>Place &amp; Date of Birth : UAE 18th September 1985 </p><p>Marital Status : married </p><p>Mobile No. : 050-3997886 </p><p>E-mail Address : </p><p> </p><p>OBJECTIVE: </p><p> Seeking a challenging career where I can put my education, experience and skills to the benefit of the organization. </p><p>PROFILE </p><p> Experienced and goal oriented professional with (8) years of general civil construction experience in the UAE covering various fields. </p><p> Well established track record of completing projects on time and on budget through effective project controls and site supervision activities. </p><p> Adaptable and adept at working in very challenging and demanding environments. Recognized for ability to work under pressure. </p><p> Capable of prioritizing and multi-tasking and of effectively managing efforts/resources to meet competing deadlines. </p><p> EDUCATION </p><p> B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering obtained from University of Sharjah, Sharjah UAE, in 2008. </p><p>On-Job Training </p><p> Employer : Consolidated Contractors International Co. (CCC) </p><p> Period : 2nd June 2007 26th July 2007 </p><p> Job title : Civil Engineer EXPERIECNE I. </p><p> Employer : Ghantoot Group (Building Division) </p><p> Period : May 2015 Present </p><p> Job title : Construction Manager </p><p> Projects Handled : </p></li><li><p> (PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT SHEIKH SUROOR PROJECTS Dpt.) ABU DHABI TRADE CENTER PHASE III (975,000,000 DHS) </p><p> Consultant: KHATIB &amp; ALAMI. PMC: ARENCO. Work as: Construction Manager. </p><p> EXPERIECNE I. </p><p> Employer : AMANA CONTRACTING AND STEEL BUILDINGS </p><p> Period : 3RD June 2008 May 2015 </p><p> Job title : Construction Manager </p><p> Projects Handled : </p><p> (ADNOC) EXPLOSIVE STORAGE FACILITIES WESTERN REGION ABU DHABI (155,000,000 DHS) Consultant: JACOBS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS INC. PMC: HILL INTERNATIONAL. Work as: Construction Manager. </p><p> (MUSANADA) Abu-Dhabi Future Schools Program (Phase2)/Package1 (Kindergarten) (110,000,000 DHS) </p><p> Consultant: DEWAN PMC: KEO Work as:SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER </p><p> Grandstand remedial works (ADNEC) (10,000,000 DHS) Consultant:Capita Bobrowski (london WC1V 6DW) Work as: SITE MANAGER </p><p> Kanoo (Phase III Development Project Esnaad) (50,000,000 DHS) Consultant: Tebodin Middle East Work as: SENIOR SITE ENGINEER </p><p> Residential Office Building (Goma Ahmad El Bawardee) (90,000,000 DHS) Consultant: Al Ramahi Consultancy PMC: Mubadala Work as: SITE ENGINEER </p><p> Plaster Board Factory (Saint-Gobain) (150,000,000 DHS) Consultant: Jacob PMC: Bovis Lend Lease Work as: SITE ENGINEER </p><p> Main Duties </p><p> Supervises and controls the quality and progress of work. Ensures policies for technical, safety, quality and environment are correctly addressed and </p></li><li><p>implemented. Ensures smooth and timely completion of each project at optimum cost. Ensures the preparation and implementation of detailed plans for the assigned project. </p><p> Follow up, review &amp; revise drawings and follow the plan up to handing over stage and issuing two week lock ahead report, monthly &amp; progress report. </p><p> Monitor and prepare as necessary the scope of work including all technical requirements for work where construction is to be carried out in house. Review the updated technical drawings for the installations and ensure conformity of the as-built status with the design and technical requirements. </p><p> Ensure full implementation of the project quality/Safety system on site by strict adherence to specification, documentation and ensuring all safety precautions are planned and taken before construction. </p><p> Co-ordinate with other discipline engineers on all aspects during the development of the works to ensure conformity of engineering with users requirements. Provide as required technical support on all engineering aspects and problems arising in civil engineering during the construction phase of the work. </p><p> Coordinates various activities relating to site hand over and mobilization of contractors following contract award. Includes coordinating the placement of the contractor's site office, material storage area and camp as applicable, location of mobile equipment, arranging for access to stores and any other matters required to assist contractor in the orderly mobilization of facilities, equipment and manpower to site. </p><p> Manages and coordinate all vendors, suppliers contracts and ensures fulfillment of contractual obligations, prepares scope of work and specifications, and evaluates bidders. </p><p> Supervises and controls fabrication, construction and installation activities on site. Includes approving work schedules and monitoring actual construction activities &amp; attending site meetings. </p><p> Review monthly activity reports. Includes highlighting activities/areas for improvement and making recommendations to management regarding overall condition of construction, utilities and structure. </p><p> Ensure the efficient coordination of all site activities and sub-contractors on site. Coordination and interfacing between various contractors and subcontractors on site. Interaction with specialty engineers and safety officers for completion of work as per construction program and look-ahead schedule. Ensures proper coordination between Company and other parties involved in the projects to ensure quality, safety, cost and progress are maintained. </p><p> Ensure all work activities are planned in good manner, all method statements are submitted in advance and approved materials are requisitioned and are available on site timely manner. Ensures the quality of material/equipment and the ultimate product as per contract requirements and specifications. Assists materials and </p></li><li><p>stores function in the planning for requirements of stock and non-stock items and ensures timely availability of such items and proper consumption. </p><p> Receives written/verbal instructions from Supervisor on the nature of works to be performed. If required, makes personal inspections to ensure that complaints are promptly and satisfactorily attended to. </p><p> Inspects workmanship and received materials to ensure that they meet acceptable engineering standards, specifications and complainants satisfaction. Includes discussing variations to requests and providing necessary technical instructions to personnel. Locate and define problems which require consideration and review and report on the results of the corrective actions. </p><p> Ensuring the work is executed on time and according to the contract specifications and drawings. </p><p> Participates in hand over of completed facilities to end user and final acceptance of facilities from contractor. Includes arranging for pre acceptance inspection tours by specialists. </p><p> Performs other related duties, such as observing fire and safety regulations, maintains records of all work performed. Checks invoices submitted to determine accuracy and fairness of charges, submit subcontractors payment to the Manager for approval. Understanding of rules and regulations governing site accessibility and related administrative matters. </p><p>Engineering Skills, Short courses &amp; certificates. </p><p> PMP certificate. </p><p> Incident &amp; Injury Free CEMEA. </p><p> Graduate Development Program. </p><p> Formwork &amp; False work certificate. </p><p> Primavera </p><p> Autocad 2007 </p><p> Staad Pro 2007 </p><p> Microsoft Office Suite </p><p>SKILLS </p><p> Strong organization and interpersonal skills. </p><p> Strong communication and team work skills. </p><p> Hard working and reliable. </p><p> Willing to do and learn new skills. </p><p> Get easy along with others. </p><p>LANGUAGES </p><p> Fluent in Arabic &amp; English </p><p>DRIVING LICENSE </p><p> Valid UAE Driving License. </p></li><li><p>Manager, </p><p>Dear Sir, </p><p>Subject: Application for Employment Civil Engineer </p><p>I am pleased to submit my application for a suitable post in your </p><p>organization. </p><p>I have obtained a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering obtained from The </p><p>University of Sharjah in June 2008, and (8) years of experience in the same </p><p>field. </p><p>I hope that my qualifications and experience meet your requirements, and </p><p>look forward for your favorable response. </p><p>Thank you. </p><p>Waleed S. Yassin </p><p>Mobile No. : 050-3997886 </p><p>E-mail Address : </p></li></ul>