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<ul><li><p> Singer sewing machines (Assistant Sales Manager 1994-1996) </p><p> Sales Rep Ritco (food and beverage Company 1991-1994) </p><p>EXPERIENCE </p><p> Qatrana Cement Company (2011 to present) </p><p>Senior Marketing &amp; Sales Coordinator &amp; Analyst </p><p> Responsible for managing the supplying, logistics and sales process from </p><p>initial opportunity through to the securing of the client purchase orders and </p><p>working with operations and supply chain to achieve successful delivery of </p><p>key accounts, on the domestic and external market level. </p><p> Follow-up to the financial account client so that they are compatible with </p><p>the company's financial policies, and knowledge of the financial risk limits </p><p>for each client. </p><p> Negotiations with clients through market knowledge and competitive </p><p>pricing in the market, build confidence with clients through the quality of </p><p>the product and services that we offer him, more over the Knowledge of </p><p>technological and technical quality of the products quality. </p><p> Introduced a system that analyzed, developed and implemented specific </p><p>integration plans for each supply chain work stream. </p><p> Ensuring the achievement of a high standard of customer service. </p><p> Ensuring deadlines and targets are achieved whilst maintaining a high </p><p>quality of service. </p><p> Manage the setup, service and daily operations of sales domestic and </p><p>export Market. </p><p> Knowledge in the ERP and presenting the requirements and developing </p><p>the business. </p><p> Al Rajhi Cement Company (2010 to 2011) </p><p>Sales Coordinator </p><p> Responsible for managing the sales process from initial opportunity </p><p>through to the securing of the client purchase orders. </p><p> Knowledge in the ERP and presenting the requirements and developing </p><p>the business. </p><p> Analysis all the activities in the sales, logistics and supply chain in solid </p><p>and reliable reports that could make decisions for the top management on </p><p>time. </p><p> Controlling all finances issues of the clients. </p><p> Working to solve the problems and difficulties facing the clients so as not </p><p>conflict with the interests of the company. </p><p> Planning delivery timetables. </p><p> Use associated information systems to coordinate and control the order </p><p>cycle. </p><p> </p><p>+962 - 796 - 720227 </p><p>WALEED Al TAMIMI </p><p>A dynamic creative administrator and coordinator and a proven leader with a track </p><p>record of managing on supply chains, logistics and sales who has successfully managing </p><p>and growing accounts as well as achieving targets, strategic tactical and goals. </p><p>Now looking forward to a making a significant contribution into a company that offers </p><p>genuine opportunities for progression. </p><p>University of PETRA </p><p>Amman-Jordan </p><p>BCS Computer Science GPA: 2.2/4.00 </p><p>College of KHAWARIZMI </p><p>Amman-Jordan </p><p>Programing Language GPA: 2.5/4.00 </p><p>Arabic (Fluent) </p><p> English (Very Good) </p><p>Awareness Session ISO9001 </p><p>Analysis and derive requirements for ERP systems </p><p>Expert MS-Excel &amp; interactive </p><p>Dashboard &amp; Reports </p><p>Advanced skills in data analysis </p><p>Professional M-Office </p><p>Planning delivery timetables </p><p>Trouble shooting skills A strong, confident negotiator </p><p>Time management </p><p>Strong customer service skills </p><p> Managing the supplying, logistics and sales process </p><p>Objectives </p></li></ul>