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  • Mahy Elsebaee

    Al-Safa, Jizan, Saudi Arabia

    Jizan 82721

    Cellular 00966545275183

    MD "Pediatric Intensive Care" Resident, SCFHS Exam Eligibility Number: G160042429


    Medical Resident in Pediatric Intensive Care with extensive knowledge of community medical diagnostic andpatient care services in various settings, including in-patient and outpatient clinics, and government/privatehospitals and clinics. Strong understanding of current principles, methods and procedures for the delivery ofmedical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in family medicine, including one year experience in a familymedicine center. Outstanding interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills: fluent in English whileArabic is the mother tongue.

    Professional References

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    Rotating Intern, 2012 - 2013Training as a rotating intern for one year from 1/3/2012 to 28/2/2013 in the following departments:1- General medicine (2 months)2- General Surgery (2months)3-Pardiatrics (2months)4-Gynaecology & Obstetrics (2months)5-Emergency & Anaethesia (2months)6-Cardiovascular + Urology (2months)h Provide and manage direct patient care, including physical examinations, evaluations,

    assessments and vital

    h signs

    h Training in specialty activities and procedures, including emergency room on call duties, inpatient area,

    h outpatient clinic, nursing home/rehabilitation and long term care/hospice unit, and off-site outpatient clinics

    h Training on basic medical & surgical procedures

    h Directing and coordinating the patient care activities of nursing and support staff.


    MD "General Practitioner" (Health Inspector & Office manager), 2013 - 2013 Managing medical statistics about diseases &epidemics. Management of health office composed of more than 8 writers, 10 health technicians & 150 nurses.

    h Managing & supervising vaccination campaigns & supervising essential vaccinations to all newborn babies

    h plus signing birth certificates

    h Diagnosis of death & determining weither normal or not & giving burying permit

    h Communicable disease investigations and outbreak control

    h Environmental health consulting and education

  • h Management of birth control services in the community


    MD, General Practitioner, 2013 - 2014Managing all cases of pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery plus Obs. & Gyn.Registering all cases in the familymedicine files.*Training on Integrated Management Of Child Illness (IMCI) managed via WHO/CHD + EgyptianMOHP +UNICEF + USAID* Managing Emergency Cases* Performing minor surgeries* Leading Vaccination Campaigns * Fetal monitoring for pregnant women* presenting health lectures in schools* Diagnosis of death* Managing common pediatric problems* Monthly follow up of diabetic and hypertensive patients* referral of cases that need tertiary level of care to more specialized centers.MABARET Al-MAHALLAH INSURANCE HOSPITAL, Al-Mahallah, Gharbia

    Pediatric Intensive Care Resident, 2014 - Presentperformance of a history and physical examination, start intravenous lines, draw blood, order medication anddiagnostic tests, collect and analyze test results and communicate those to the other members of the team, obtaininformed consent, place urinary catheters and nasogastric tubes, and perform other invasive procedures underthe supervision of senior residents. Exhibit a dedication to the principles of professional preparation thatemphasizes primacy of the patient as the focus for care. Develop and implement a plan for self-directed learning,reading and researching of selected topics that promote personal and professional growth and be able todemonstrate successful use of the literature in dealing with patients. Ability to communicate with patients andfamilies about the disease process and the plan of care as outlined by the attending.Demonstrate anunderstanding of the socioeconomic, cultural, and managerial factors inherent in providing cost effective care.h Experience of Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care


    MB BCh, 2011

    Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura - Egypt

    Class Rank: 77.5% Very Good


    h Healthcare: Pediatric Intensive Care, Medical Education, Clinical Research, Surgery, Medicine, Neonatal Intensive Care, Hospitals, Internal Medicine

    h Public Relations: Public Speaking, Customer Service, Communication Skills

    h Computer Skills: Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet

    h Management & Leadership skills: Quality Management, Strategic Planning


    International Computer Driving License (ICDL), 2011

    Integrated Management of Child Health ( IMCI ), 2014

    Basic Life Support (BLS) Saudi Heart Association, 2015


  • Diagnosing, Prescribing, Transferring cases in charity medical convoys