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<ol><li> 1. Building Faculty CV: A Model for Faculty enriched CV mm bagali HRM and Management Head- Research Program in Management, Jain University, Bangalore </li><li> 2. [re]Building Faculty Credentials: A Model for Faculty enriched [CV] mm bagali Professor of HRM and Management Head- Research Program in Management, Jain University, Bangalore / 123 </li><li> 3. Academic Requirements First Class / Dn NET-SET M.Phil / PhD Conference attendance Paper publication in ISBN / ISSN Any Foreign visits Any Collaborations et al 23 1 </li><li> 4. Great CV brand you market you tell what you are should get invitation great career achievements 123 </li><li> 5. [re]build CV. How Focus on academic parameters Identify the KPA contributions to knowledge, consulting, teaching and research / training </li><li> 6. Teachers time spent !! </li><li> 7. 75% 5% 10% 5% 5% Teachers Time Spent Teaching Consultancy Admin Research Others Teachers time spent </li><li> 8. Teaching Consultancy Admin Research Others Time to be spent </li><li> 9. Spending Money </li><li> 10. Barriers for all this !!! Attitude [ nature ] We our self Organisation Idea Up and dawn Our Learning journey style Significant Challenges !! How to Go about in branding YOU </li><li> 11. Reflecting CV on these parameters ?? </li><li> 12. Reflecting CV on these parameters Administration and positions Intellectual Contribution Intellectual Contribution MOU/Collaboration, and Consultancy MOU/Collaboration, and Consultancy International Assignment and Network International Assignment and Network Social Responsibility towards Nation Academic Development Academic Development </li><li> 13. Academic Development Teaching Best Practices adopted Course Development/Design Case development Monographs Text books Executive Education [ FDP, MDP, Talks] 123 </li><li> 14. Administration and positions Responsibility held Position held Committees Board Member Support in Instituting a Chair of Excellence 123 </li><li> 15. Intellectual Contribution Research Publication Projects PhD guidance PhD awarded Advisory Board on Journals / Editor Reviewer of papers Patents and copyrights Working papers 123 </li><li> 16. MOU/Collaboration, and Consultancy Consultancy Corporate network Training held in academics Training held for corporate Industry based projects 123 </li><li> 17. International Assignment and Network Visiting Assignments Collaboration Post-Doctoral Fellowship Scholarship Conference / Workshops organized 123 </li><li> 18. Social Responsibility Association with NGOs/ Red Cross Social impact projects Work at School level Economic Development Activity Teach India program 123 </li><li> 19. Other Academic Excellence areas Associates National / State Awards Certifications/ Exams Membership to Professional Bodies Positions in any Organization/Governing body Cultural/ Sports promotion 123 </li><li> 20. Other Areas !! Corporate Connect Industry- Yourself interface Student development activity Coaching / mentoring On line course development/ uploaded Developed games and Videos Develop Syllabus and Course Impact factor papers / ISSN-ISBN MOUs / International Linkages 123 </li><li> 21. Reflect on these areas !! Creation of Jobs Lead an Organization/ Department/ Centre Organisation / Industrial visits initiatives Employability Mapping exercise Summer Internship initiatives Alumina responsibility 123 Career Guidance committee CSR Activity member Profile writing / prepared Business Plan development Workshops and Seminars </li><li> 22. Fellowship /Fellowship / ScholarshipScholarship ICSSRICSSR AIUAIU UGCUGC ICSSRICSSR AICTEAICTE IIASIIAS NGONGO Applied ManpowerApplied Manpower </li><li> 23. Grading Scale and Stars State Level STAR Category Points Final certification State A Star Best in Class 91-100 High Honors State A Star Excellent 80-90 A-Distension State A Star Above Average 60-79 B- Distension State B Star Average 40-59 A-Merit State B Star Poor 20-39 B-Merit State B Star Zero based 00-19 C-Merit 123 </li><li> 24. mm bagali, phd 123 P r e p a r e f o r t h e f u t u r e </li></ol>