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<ol><li> 1. Pg. 1 of 6 PIR KHURRAM RASHDI MSDYNAMICSAXTECHNO-FUNCTIONALCONSULTANT Contact (KSA): +966-54-5147270 Email : Skype : pkrashdi Web : View MS Certifications Transcript As an experienced, and qualified ERP and IT professional, have ability to drive any ERP Project and contribute in right direction in short time within a team or independently while using blended skills of Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, CRM, SharePoint, Agile Project Methodology, Financial Accounting, and Software Engineering and 14 years of diversified industrial experience in various countries. It is far better, to hire a QUALITY resource who has got a NECESSARY and RELEVANT EXPERIENCE, QUALIFICATIONS and SKILLS driving an organization in right path by providing VISION and SAVING a lot of money in long-term, than hiring a CHEAPER resource with less experience to cost more in long-term. SUMMARY Have overall 14 years diverse industry and multi-tier business software development, implementation and training experience, on both managerial and team player level Comprising more than 7 years mainly on MS Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012 as MS Dynamics AX Project Manager, IT/ERP Manager, Techno-Functional consultant, and developer with Microsoft vendor and partner (Mazik Global), and end-users (Arabian Machinery &amp; Heavy Equipment Co., Al-Khaldi Holding Co., Supreme Group and LSH Holding) MNC companies AX 2012 R3 Re-Implementation, Customizations, Upgrades of Saudi Payroll solution from Feature pack and R2 to R3, SSRS, Data migration, and training to the end-users for Arabian Machinery, and Al-Khaldi Holding, KSA. AX 2012 Implementation, code, data upgrades from AX 4.0, customizations for third-party solution Dynamics Anywhere, SSRS, and Enterprise Portal development for Supreme Group. Implemented AX 2009 (Mani Foods, Dubai) with basic production process and migration from GP 10.0, Critical ERP issues resolutions, e.g. weighted avg. cost correction for large retail inventory for realistic income statement, Retail Sales and reports customizations and financial processes implementation (GTH, KSA) Actively developed and delivered eight (8) financials features on schedule latest MS Dynamics AX 2012 release for Microsoft with implemented with quality and delivered on schedule to Microsoft Around 5 customization/configuration projects involving product builder, production and inventory modules for Dynamics AX 2009 implementation to a large Steel manufacturer client in South Africa (BSI Steels) Intranet portal implementation using SharePoint (Arabian Machinery, Al-Khaldi Holding, LSH Holding, Kuwait) Dynamics GP 2010 Business Alerts, Workflow and Business Portal implementation and training (Gum Corp) 05 years of Oracle Developer Suite (with 2 projects), Web Development and Design (with 4 projects), and Software development (02 projects) and successful deployment experience (Pakistan Air Force) Have knowledge and skills to map business processes to ERP products in line with industry standards, knowledge of financial accounting and technical challenges during software implementation, and ability to ensure project delivery in stressful situations. Have ability to lead, coordinate and motivate the project team </li><li> 2. Pg. 2 of 6 WORK EXPERIENCE Arabian Machinery and Heavy Equipment Co. (AMHEC), Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Apr15 - Present Manager IT/ERP Additional roles assumed: Sr. ERP Techno-Functional Consultant Upgraded the custom code and SSRS reports for Regional Saudi Payroll, Rental and maintenance modules from AX 2012 R2 to R3 CU9 Collected the issues from each department in existing AX 2012 R2 system, and organized on priority/significance basis into Open Project server on the basis of Sprints of agile method Implemented open source Open-Project with Scrum plugin for managing AX 2012 R3 project using agile method Prepared Training server along with relevant portions of AX 2012 R3 training material, videos, e-learning for end- users to increase confidence and understanding of various ERP process Technical and functional training to IT department and end-users of AX 2012 R3 SharePoint 2010 Implementation for Intranet portal for various divisions and departments, especially for AX Training documents Managing IT staff for extending IT support AD, E-mails, Server availability, SQL backups and Anti-virus. Al Khaldi Holding Co., Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia Apr14 Apr15 ERP Project Manager Additional roles assumed: Sr. ERP Techno-Functional Consultant, Information System Analyst Implementation of AX 2012 R3 after MS Partner failed the implementation for building material, fuel, transportation, rent-a-car legal subsidiaries under the group with Finance, Trade &amp; Logistics and Saudi Payroll modules along with end-user training, data migration, Role and task security, configuration/basic setup of modules, customization of various reports Successful code/data upgrade from AX 2012 FP to AX 2012 R3 Configuration and development of financial reports in Management Reporter according to audit firm Deloittes standards Trained HR staff for better use of custom regional Payroll / HR module in AX Upgraded Payroll customizations, Custom SSRS reports AX 2012 R3 Re-Implementation for all subsidiaries Implemented procedures and technology for issues resolutions mechanism on the basis of Priority/Importance matrix Technical and functional training to IT department and end-users of AX 2012 R3 SharePoint 2010 Implementation for Intranet portal for various divisions and departments under the group of companies, especially for AX Training documents Implemented open source Helpdesk system (osTicket) for AX issues tracking Prepared weekly project status reports, training material for end-users and management for better use of reports from the system Supreme Group, Dubai, UAE July13 Nov13 MS Dynamics AX Technical Consultant Upgraded/Implemented AX 2012 from AX 4.0/2009 and saved very high costs of ISV/MS partners involvement by developing complex customizations in-house. Re-developed all existing X++ custom reports to AX 2012 SSRS reports, was a challenging task keeping in view 30 legal entities for the large group and variety of different reports for large customers such as United Nations, Ministry of Defence - UK and Department of Defence - US Re-developed all custom solutions in AX 2012 from AX 4.0. Includes new feature development in Enterprise Portal, customized workflows and Data Migration Framework (DMF) Developed existing AX 4.0 customizations on Dynamics Anywhere framework (DAW) in AX 2012 R2 i.e. for logistics and warehousing support (Supply chain management) Implemented SharePoint 2013, developed SP workflows using SP Designer, and forms using MS InfoPath. </li><li> 3. Pg. 3 of 6 Gulf Trading Holding Company (Al-Rifai), Riyadh, KSA Sep12 - Jan13 IT Manager (MS Dynamics AX) Additional roles assumed: AX Developer, SharePoint Consultant (for LSH Holding, Kuwait and Mani Foods, Dubai in same MNC group) Selected Project Experiences: AX 2009 Implementation (Mani Foods, Dubai, UAE) Implemented AX 2009 from scratch and migrated data e.g. inventory and ledger, customer, vendor opening balances from GP 10.0, saved cost more than US$ 50k by performing implementation internally, convinced and increased confidence level of end-users by providing live hands-on training on the new AX system and by providing solutions to their existing financials and productions issues. Customized mission critical AX Reports and provided after Go Live support. AX 2009 Inventory re-valuation, Weighted Avg. Costing Correction (Gulf Trading Holding Co., KSA) Corrected challenging weighted avg. costing issues, which was bottleneck from one year (SR 20 million difference identified) and saved cost by resolving internally, for very large inventory of 130 retail stores/warehouses for recognizing realistic revenue in short notice before fiscal year closing. Moreover, identified and corrected wrong ERP practices, implemented basic production process, inter-company and provided recommended training to end-users to avoid inventory costing issues in future. AX 2009 Significant Improvements in Business Processes (Gulf Trading Holding Co., KSA) Resolved fixed assets depreciations/disposal issues pending for months, provided training, support and streamlined existing fixed assets in the system. Implemented estimated based landed costs as Misc. charges for more realistic expenses before late recording of third-party invoices. Developed important AX reports such as monthly sales, non-moving inventory, slow moving and excess inventory, inventory summary, and inventory matrix for controlling supply chain, sales, finance, operations and warehouses in better way. MS SharePoint 2010 Implementation (LSH Holding, KWT) Implemented SharePoint intranet portal for all departments, e.g. HR leaves management, intra-departmental communication and co-ordination which was very slow and complex before. Integrated currency converted with real-time exchange rates, IT reported issues tracking, and IT projects task management. MazikGlobal, Pakistan (Tyler Technologies, US) Mar08 - Aug12 MS Dynamics AX Technical Consultant, Sr. Software Engineer in Microsoft Core Team Assumed additional roles as MS Dynamics GP, SharePoint Consultant, Mentor, Technical Recruiter, Trainer Selected Project Experiences: AX 2012 - AP Prepayment invoicing and settlement (Client: Microsoft) Prepayment amount paid to vendors, were streamlined by additional functionality of prepayment invoicing, payment and settlement of paid prepayment invoices against actual standard invoices were designed and developed while directly working in Microsoft core team for AX 2012 and Tyler Technologies, US. AX 2012 Retrieve purchase order form (Client: Microsoft) Summary update functionality for merging invoices for different Purchase orders, was enhanced and made flexible while contributing in Microsoft core team to develop and design the Retrieve Purchase order form where an end-user can see multiple Purchase orders headers and lines to make selection more easily. AX 2012 Vendor / Invoice payment holds (Client: Microsoft) Payment holds for particular vendor or particular vendor invoices was designed and developed while working in Microsoft core team and Tyler Technologies, US, to control the disputed vendor payment transactions till unlimited time or until a release date is reached. </li><li> 4. Pg. 4 of 6 AX 2009 AX Project and Financials Reports, Exchange rate adjustments (Client: GBL Energy, UAE) For facilitating clients audit, developed new Financial and Project module based X++ reports, such as Project- wise aging w.r.t. customers, bank accounts balances reports, and modified existing reports to bring cumulative balances on detailed financial reports, Posting profile filtration criteria for customer, vendor aging reports and modifications to existing forms, such as totals amount on invoice posting form to avoid opening Totals form multiple times. AX 2009 Inventory Counting Journal Customizations for Steel inventory counting (Client: BSI Steel, Africa) Improved the steel inventory counting process by developing customizations for posting multiple capture journals against a single counting journal for supporting simultaneous postings from various site/warehouses for bringing accuracy, efficiency and user-friendliness in stock count process by reducing time and effort and introducing two-stage stock count process with simple form interfaces. Dynamics GP 2010 Business Alerts Implementation &amp; Training (Client: GumCorp) Developed business critical alerts need by higher management about important information for bringing efficiency, productivity, and controlling daily business tasks e.g. controlling past packing slip posting, big change in freight charges included in invoice amount than PO amount, past transfer order posting, control variance in manufacturing order, actual consumption of raw material than defined in standard Bill of material by alerting on big change in scrap percentage. Configured 9 business critical alerts, documented, tested and trained IT staff for developing more of such alerts. Dynamics GP 2010 Workflow Implementation &amp; Training (Client: GumCorp) Implemented seven OOTB GP Workflows e.g. purchase order approval, vendor approval, customer credit-limit override approval, and sales quote approval to automate approval process and improve intra-departmental co-ordination and efficiency. This included SharePoint installation, GP configuration, documentation and training. Intranet SharePoint Portal Implementation &amp; Training (Client: GumCorp) Implemented and configured SharePoint 2010 portal, and trained end-users and IT staff for using local intranet site for collaboration, documents repository, issues tracking, tasks management and project management. Misc. Projects/Accomplishments: AX 2012 Health Industry Solution - Mazik Healthcare Solution, performed data migration and sample data importing, and walk through all in-patient and out-patient scenarios. AX 2009 Product Builder Models Configuration and Customizations for Steel Roofing product (Client: BSI Steel, Africa), product models were designed and developed based upon existing variation of steel products, customized various calculations and measurements while creating Purchase order or Sales order, for the specific roofing product. AX 2009 Development of Enterprise Portal Purchase Receipting Reports for Steel Procurements (Client: BSI Steel, Africa), AX 2009 Developed Inquiry Forms for Customers COM and Virtual Stock items (Client: BSI Steel, Africa), COM and Virtual stock being customers inventory on steel manufacturers premise for subcontracting manufacturing tasks, need to handle separately for charging only for subcontracting services rendered. Needed to check how many such items for subcontracting are in customers inventory on premise. Dynamics GP 2010 Business Portal Implementation &amp; Training (Client: GumCorp) Implemented Business Portal of GP 2010 on top of SharePoint after GP Web Services installation. Peer reviews, Technical Hiring, Co-ordination and Mentoring Mentored, motivated and trained junior developers and guided them to achieve business requirements to achieve in line with Dynamics AX ERP. Conducted quality technical interviews for hiring new resources for Dynamics AX. Conducted design and code reviews of junior developers' artifacts in line with best practices recommended by Microsoft and Tyler. </li><li> 5. Pg. 5 of 6 Project Management Activities, Self-Learning, Financial Accounting and Business Domain Knowledge Looked after the technical team for ongoing projects for expediting and training for latest technologies for preparation for coming projects. Grasped the financial accounting and business domain knowledge in line with Dynamics AX with Production, Product Builder, Financials and Trade &amp; Logistics certi...</li></ol>